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[Locked] Looking for MCC Legendary Campaign Co-op partner

OP ZumedXD

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So im looking for partner to play the campaigns together or atleast some of them, post ur gamertag or send me message here :)
bump just incase
bump bump
I can help BLunTSaFiDDy
Bump, anyone from EU? :D
I'll be home in a few days and would gladly help.
If you are in or near Australia I will. Gt: HappyJoey976137
Mark582 I'm from UK
DeflatedDolphin Canada
My gamertag is LifeLikePlants. Anyone can add me!I need to beat halo 2 and halo 3. Also looking to try and get all achievements in the game. Any dude looking to get all achievements hit me up!you gotta have a mic.
vSYK, i need to do just CE and 2
I'm also looking for someone to run through legendary with. I'm on every night
GT is ChinChinLord69

Need help for the missions The Library on Halo MCC and onwards. I will help you as much as humanly possible in return, if you agree to help me. THX!!!!!!! Msg me on xbox. im offline but im on pc with the app so I should get your message.
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