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Master Chief's Health Gauge/Halo C.E.

OP gunsmithfox1979

I recently purchased Halo: The Master Chief Collection for my X Box One. I'm probably not the only one who thinks this, But after The first Halo why did they get rid of Master Chief's health gauge? The Health bars feature displayed on the main H.U.D. increased the unrgency to find first-aid kits and keep the Master Chief healthy. I think removing this removed some of the fun and challenge from the sequals.
Nah worrying about health kits was honestly pretty annoying in my opinion and I’m sure many others. While yeah it does make it more challenging in a way, I don’t want to even imagine Halo 2 Legendary if I had to also worry about a health bar too lol... since ya know... your shield is made of loose leaf paper in that game on Legendary
I agree that health bars are definitely a good thing for multipayer.

However, I assume the decision to remove them was based around campaign. When designing a single-player game, the goal is to craft a compelling experience for the player. That's easier to do when you know exactly how much health the player will have at any given time. By removing the health bars, they know that the player will have full health and shields at the start of any new encounter. Thus, they can design the encounter accordingly.
It's due to a shift in focus. Halo CE is a stepping stone between the old-school shooters and the new ones and the difference is pretty stark if you think about it.
In most 90s shooters, if you stopped moving and hid behind cover, you would be killed very quickly by enemies that were honing in on your location. The primary means of combat was called circle strafing, which is where you moved at high speed around your opponent to dodge projectiles and make hitscanners miss more frequently. Most enemies had projectile weapons.

Starting in the early 2000s, AI got more advanced, which allowed game designers to have AI that would both be aggressive, but also keep their distance. They also started giving the enemies more guns. This made sense as military shooters became more popular, and it made sense for enemies to be carrying their own firearms. This is the modern cover-based shooter.

Halo CE was a mix between the two. Most enemies had projectile-based weapons, so circle strafing was very effective, especially against The Covanent. It seems to be the intended way of dealing with Hunters, and closing in on elites. It's not hard to weave in between plasma bolts. In H2, they ramped up the velocity of the projectiles, making circle strafing obsolete. You couldn't dodge them, which mean no matter how skilled you were, you were going to take a lot of damage.
It bothers me because I feel like it artificially enforces the 30 second combat loop. In H2 on legendary, you're not going to be able to just run by an elite and you're almost certainly not enduring 90 seconds of straight combat the way you could when you had a health buffer. You know that room in The Library where you're locked for 90 seconds? Or the belly fight in T&R? They're pretty brutal as is, but they'd be much much harder if you died the instant your shields came down. In CE, the majority of the damage you can take is in your health. In H2, once your shield is down, you'd be lucky to endure one blood-shot.

Personally, I prefer the health packs. I find the gameplay much more interesting and more engaging. However, I understand why they removed it. The other day I was speedrunning The Library and I died four times in a row on the first underground part because I got a checkpoint in the tunnel with one red.
i missed the health bar to, after they got rid of it. i overall prefer health bars over regenerative health without explaination. i loved having recharging shields, but still having to look out for my health.
I like the health bar in Halo: CE, but I don't miss it terribly in the other games.
Little known fact but in halo 3, you have a health bar, you just can't see it. Just because your shields are full doesn't mean that your health is full. In halo 3 your health replenishes over time, much slower than your shields. You can test this pretty easy in a custom game.
The health bar in CE was good, shame they didn't put it in for other Halo games.
WGID wrote:
The health bar in CE was good, shame they didn't put it in for other Halo games.
Reach does , can't remember if odst hud does but it certainly has a health pack system
so that's 3 out of 7 titles or 3 out of the 5 bungie titles