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[Locked] Matchmaking takes forever to find games

OP Marlo S138

I can find games faster on the original Reach, and there are less than 2,000 people in the world playing that game...
Yeah that can happen especially in the morning (EST) until around 5pm when people get off work... My theory is most people playing this are older so 1) A lot have jobs/kids/other responsibilities
2) All the kids off school are playing other stuff probably fortnite/COD

If you play in the evening (again, EST USA) games are usually easier to find.

P.s. EST= Eastern Standard Time
If matchmaking is a bit to slow for me I just add selections to the match composer. For example I usually search FFA, H2A, all game types except swat. If it happens to be slow I will add H2... Then if it is still a bit slow I will add HCE... Usually by then matchmaking is pretty quick. But I have had to fall all the way back to adding other titles H3, H4 or Reach as well.
Super slow and dead for me too... same players over and over... Lame
MCC, The bans and idle... makes the population super low and Halo MCC DEAD.

Simple tweaks can bring halo alive.... Less bans and no idle.
Also, Origonal Reach was perfect... MCC is dead in general... It's sad.
They can bring it back but 343 is clueless.

You can't ban players in a dead game.
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