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[Locked] MCC - Playlist Preview Feedback Thread

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MCC Playlists
Halo CE: Ranked 2v2, Social 4v4, Social BTB
Halo 2: Ranked TS, Ranked Team Hardcore, Social BTB
H2A: Ranked 4v4 Arena
H3: Ranked TS, Ranked Team Hardcore, Ranked FFA, Social BTB
H4: Social BTB

This is based on surveys, social feedback, and science. Give feedback!postums posted this on twitter this is what the new playlist line up is looking like i still say we can fit doubles into halo 2/3.
CE is good.
Halo 2, replace Ranked TS with Ranked 2v2. Social FFA (Rumble Pit) would be nice too.
The rest, I'm not big enough of a fan of them to say, though in general, I suspect that more than a few people would miss SWAT and Infection.
Yes please add a FFA playlist ranked or not for h2c.
Why is there only one Halo 4 playlist? Could a Ranked slayer be added to that
Okay, can I start by saying that this is not a great playlist spec. You're alienating a huge amount of your player base by making BTB Halo 3 only, for starters, and then you're cutting out SWAT and Snipers, which have been staple playlists for years.

Here would be my selection if I were limited to 9:

- BTB (Cross-game Playlist)
- SWAT (Cross-game Playlist)
- Snipers (Cross-game Playlist)
- Hardcore (Cross-game Playlist)
- Halo CE Slayer
- Halo 2 Slayer
- Halo 3 Slayer
- Halo 4 Slayer
- Halo 2 Anniversary Slayer

If the voting system is fixed to rotate all maps evenly, and not to always guarantee Halo 3 as a playable map in every selection (as it currently does), that will fix the issue of people only voting in the one game over and over again. It's a simple fix, it doesn't need all the cross-game playlists scrapped.
Halo 3 Ranked Doubles. Seriously going to bring the game back to life.
I'm happy with the playlist changes. I just want to make sure, can we vote on different gametypes within these playlist?
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