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[Locked] MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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I would really like an option to adjust or mute the music volume while in menus and searching for a game.
Returning armor mix & match to Halo 3 and 4 would be nice. I don't care if we can't preview the armor before going in. I know my setup. Emblems working again would also be nice. A big feature I want to see return is Join in Progress for custom games. Nothing kills a game night like needed to stop a game for one person to join or waiting for a game to finish before you can join.

So, yeah. Top wish list:

1. Expanded armor customization for 3 and 4
2. Emblems
3. JiP for customs
if you could add dedicated servers for online coop games of the campaign that would be awesome. Because with the peer to peer system setup even with great connections the person playing with the host always has a delay in controler input and sometimes massive lag spikes. best way to fix that is to allow coop made games for the campaign to relay on the servers rather then p2p, and if the servers are full you could have it fall back on p2p. or maybe you could just fix the input delay and optimize the p2p or maybe do all of the above.
Please bring ODST firefight to mcc!
Remove/Revise cross play,

remove vote system and add veto system like halo 3,

fix online coop lag problem,

Id loveeeeee more H2A maps!

But probably so do you guys,


I dont know if its a bug or what but when I play H2 co-op on the the highest difficulty its like when one person dies it respawns us both at the check point??
On the MCC, there’s a problem concerning the fact that a majority of players make it so that they only want to play one game in the BTB playlist and only that game. For example, I’m very stressed that when I just want to play CE or H2(A), people will just keep voting for Halo 3 maps only such as Avalanche, Standoff, or Last Resort. I want to make a proposition for a new matchmaking layout that will not only make fans of Halo 3 happy, but also fans of the other Halo games happy as well.

first of all, replace the Reach/Halo 4 styled voting system and then replace it with the Halo 3 veto system.

And now secondly, make a new matchmaking layout where we can select whichever Halo game someone wants to play and they can select any playlists that’ll belong to each game respectively. This is just like campaign and custom games where we pick whichever game we want and it comes with all the missions, maps, and game types.

Here’s an example:

Once you boot up the MCC, say you want to play some BTB matchmaking, but you don’t want to play crossplay, instead you only want to play Halo 2 (Anniversary), you’ll have to select the following; Multiplayer > Find Game (this menu grants you the option to select whichever Halo game between Halo CE, 2(A), 3, and 4) > Select Playlist (if someone picks Halo 2 or the Anniversary version for example, they’ll get to select many playlists such as 4v4, Doubles, Objective, BTB, Infection, etc and no other Halo games will interfere your desire to play Halo 2 (Anniversary) by itself.

I hope you implement this, and also in general, I hope for you all to release a successful update to the Master Chief Collection!

EDIT: We also need that file browser immediately please and thank you
Armor customization consisting of LEFT SHOULDER, RIGHT SHOULDER, CHEST, and HELMET. And for Halo 4, VISOR as well.

Show user's emblems on their armor (in whichever applicable games), as well as by their name in the lobby and and in-game scoreboard menus

A veto system instead of the voting system, if thats a possibility this far along.
My work computer isnt lettig me edit my original post, but:

Some more Halo 2 Anniversary maps would be really cool!

or maybe a few Halo CE maps remade for the CEA engine!! That would also be pretty awesome!
Original Halo CE sounds.
Make visible the population of each playlist.
Mixtape matchmaking that eliminates the idea of playlists and just allows us to focus on the games we want to play. Detailed explanation on my Reddit post.
I would love ODST firefight.
Armor Customization
Custom Games Browser
The original title screens for each game in the background while selecting a title. Loved me some metropolis floating in blue!
Please do a PC version... That uses Steam! And with a 144 instead of the 60 FPS lock like in Halo 5 Forge Edition! Please don't let it use UWP and strangle it at birth like Halo 5 Forge
Add the Play Anywhere feature. Thanks
The custom browser would be by far the most effective at boosting population.
Halo 5 level of forge for all the classic halo games.
So many forgers would love you guys.
Hey guys!

First of all, I'd just like to thank you for having the guts to attempt something like this so late after launch. I have to admit, my faith has been shaken a lot ober the years but this update, and the request of user feedback so early in the process, makes me and everyone else feel a lot better about our beloved Halo.

I've been a fan since I was about 12 back in 2001. Halo was my Star Wars as a kid. It opened my mind up to space and all the fantastic possibilites out there and sparked that yearning for the future success of mankind. The stories and character fueled my sense of honor and responsibility. Not a bad path to be set on by a video game at 12, aye? I will cherish every experience I've had with Halo and will probably buy every main entry that has my boy Chief, Cortana, or Buck in it.

Now, with each iteration that's come out, I've felt in the minority with the issues I had, and they never bothered me a whole lot until we got to Reach. Halo 2 had the campaign in the Covenant perspective and had them all speaking English. A big gamble. It ended up working great, but I still thought if the campaign were presented strictly from the human side but had the exact same story, it would have been amazing; particularly moments like Johnson teaming up with Arby or when they Chief meets Arby. Trusting the player to fill the gaps would have lead to a lot of discussion. Halo 3 added the AR/beat down strategy and was the first time I was reminded of Call of Duty. It also had a very disappointing end boss fight. We could have taken on the Gravemind or, at the very least, had a less scripted battle with the Monitor. Disappointing compared to the previous title's Tartarus fight. It more than made up for it with the ending driving sequence, though!! We all shared the gripes with Reach and 4 and I don't have time to get into all that. With 5, all I'll say is this: stop amending the game with a very boring "hold forward and press X". That's becoming a bit of a meme for 343.

Now, the reason I've given a brief history of my experience and opinions with the game is to show that I've been there since the beginning. I remember what made each game great. From map design in MP to the famous "30 seconds of fun" in single player. It's important to me that I habe a platform like this to directly address two MAJOR issues in Halo right now: Map design and defending points in campaign. The campaign of the first Halos would present you with an area and you would figure out how to approach it. You could use stealth, vehicles, go in swinging. It was up to you. Stealth has disappeared and everything feels more forced now. The amount of times I've been fired to defend A and move on to defend B is absurd. With multiplayer, the biggest issue is map design. If you go back to Halo 2 and 3 and look at each map, they almost all have something about them that makes it unique. They are interactive. Whether it be a teleporter to activate, gate to open, or bombs everywhere, they each had something that was different about the map. All the maps now are just rooms and doors with different shapes. It's not memorable and doesn't bring anything to the table that creates new strategic play as the games goes on. On piece of advise moving forward to new Halos is to cash in on the nostalgia train while it's here. If you removed sprint and boosters, made maps with classic Halo design, and marketed the game in a back to roots kind of way, you'd have more business than you've had for a while. Then, if you throw in a hunt mode and a battle royale mode in a hush hush manor to surprise everyone, you'd be right back on top. Development and marketing strategies based on the current market while still appealing to older fans would bring in some big numners. Just saying.

Now to MCC. This game is about having the classic Halo experience, but you've got the game modes littered with new age crap. My list is smaller than the rest of my post, but i needed to say all that in the hopes that someone will find it. Here you go:

-Remove voting altogether. I paid for 60 odd maps and I want to play them all, not just Valhalla and Ragnorak. If this was to circumvent quitters, it didn't work. I'm okay with a veto button, but even modern games are going away from the voting and it's working great.

-Add ALL the maps to matchmaking. You left some out for popularity reasons. That was silly.

-Remove whatever algorithm you have in place that makes certain "more popular" maps show up. I don't give a -blam!- if Valhalla is more popular than Gyrophobia. If I wanted to play the same map a thousand times, I would start a customer game.

-Add more variety to playlists. Again, I don't care if people just want to exclusively run around with a BR or pistol in Halo CE. Variety is the key to longevity. Add a no pistol start gametype to Halo CE. And again, remove whatever program caters to the more popular playlists.

-Rotating special playlists are something Fortnite is nailing right now and Halo used to do well. We need a slayer, a big team, an FFA mode. But have rotating modes like Action Sack, Rocket Race, multi team, etc. Be creative. And slap us in the face with the new mode when we log on so the majority of people will try it.

-ADD A 1V1 HEAD TO HEAD PLAYLIST!!!!! The last time I could play this was in Halo 2. It was by far my favorite game mode. A true test of skill and map knowledge. If people hid, I'd find them. If they camped, I'd beat them. If they go the power weapon, I'd get the other power weapon. If they super bounced, I'd super bounce. People who complained about the unfair advantages of these things just didn't know how to circumvent them. That was part of the experience. 1v1 wasn't just a test of pure skill, it was a test of ingenuity, adaptation, and mental fortitude. Do it lile Halo 2. No markers showing the leader and don't just have it always be BRs. Have variety. Like covenant weapons only or swords even.

That's it! I can't think of anything else right now and my arms are falling asleep.

Thank you guys so much again and remember that you can't make everyone happy, but if you do the best you can, you did the right thing and you did right by us too!

Love you!

-Typed on phone. Spelling bad. Use context lol-
The entirety of Reach in 1080p/60fps, a customs browser, and in-game music volume sliders.
Volume controls!, I want to turn the main menu music off and have spotify in the background
Zeddikins wrote:
Would it be cheating if I said "Halo 3 Anniversary"?
i would want this too
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