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MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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Any one feature? My greatest wish would be: Reach campaign + Multiplayer

Close follow ups:
ODST Fire Fight
Make the main menu a "halo hub", that you can launch halo 5, halo wars, halo 3 BC, reach BC, the assault games,
HDR support
Oh, and add Reach. And Reach level customization in Halo 6. Lol thanks again!
Sword flying =(
Dedicated servers for coop will be amazing. The current P2P system creates too much lag on even the best internet setups.
  • Ability to check friends party details while searching.
  • Ability to join custom games while in progress.
  • An option to mute the menu music.
  • Increase the amount of temporary film files that are viewable in theater. Right now it saves the last 12 games you played. Increasing it to 25 or even 50 would be amazing.
  • Ability to save films to watch at a later time.
  • Ability to watch films with two or more people.
  • An option to delay the countdown.
  • Ability to mix and match different armors.
Halo 3's EXP progression system per playlist
Why? Would add something else to go for in each playlist. Give more players another incentive to grind.
Halo Reach.

Also I really want to see a Halo 3 esc progression system. Every time you win a match, +1 exp. You remember how significant it was to see a Halo 3 general with 10000+ exp?

You know they're dedicated like no other.
My MCC wishlist is pretty simple:
Halo 4 version parity with the 360 including:
  • Maps
  • Armor
  • Skins
  • Game tweaks
Armor Customization in Halo 3 and 4.
Custom game browser
Remove the need for Halo Channel to watch terminals OR make the transition smoother.
Bring back 3D support in CE: Anniversary. (That's a long shot but "Exactly as you played them")

Still pumped about this patch though!!!!
The biggest thing you can do for MCC, is give it more spotlight, I get Halo 5 is the newest and shiniest toy that you have to show off, but think about how big Halo was with Halo 2 and 3. It was one of the biggest eSports for it's time, get rid of Halo 5, and go back to 2 or 3 and watch the community instantly grow overnight. If you anyone has doubts on why anyone would ever want to go back to old game, I'll throw a beautiful example at you.

Super Smash Bros. Melee.

This game came out 17 years ago, and is one of the biggest competitive fighters out there, getting thousands of people entering it at every major tournament, Halo 3 doesn't even look that bad, and has aged fairly well, or look at remastering it, the same way Halo 2 was done.

Some people may well the Halo 2 re-master wasn't great because the map pool was lacking a bit. Halo 3 had an amazing selection of competitive maps, and the forge maps that were implemented by MLG such as Onslaught was great.

I love this series, and hate seeing it do so poorly, when it used to be a juggernaut before poor design choices towards multiplayer.
Halo 3's EXP progression system per playlist
Why? Would add something else to go for in each playlist. Give more players another incentive to grind.
Agreed 100%
I think there should be interchangeable armor in Halo MCC. Just like we had in Halo 3 and 4. Halo 5 has it too. There's no ODST variant for Halo 4 in MCC (I don't think there is). I would love to have that.
Halo Reach had individual interchangeable armor parts. You could have a left arm/shoulder variant with a different arm/shoulder variant. Let's also have helmet "upgrades" while we're at it.
Full customization as it originally appeared in each title.
Firefight from ODST so we have that full game.
Reach integration (HUGE longshot, but hey).
Some sort of leveling system outside of rank, like H3/Reach/H4/H5 all had.
Since you've said the sky is the limit ... The completely longshot feature I'd love: Offline bots for all the Halo maps in custom games. I know this would never happen due to the large scope of dev time/cost it would probably take but would be epic indeed. To be able to play any Halo 1-4 map with bots similar to how other shooters like Gears of War and CoD can do would be awesome. Halo has never had bots but would be amazing for these older games as a feature in custom games. Similar to how Modern Warfare Remastered added bots was pretty great to experience all those classic maps with bot support for a game that originally released in 2007 that had no bots support to begin with.

The more realistic feature I'd love: Halo 3 ranks/exp progression. Always been a fan of those rank emblems and earning 1 exp point per win.
Halo 2 clans !!!
Xbox game clip record time that match your halo game length.
LAN support.
Proximity chat.
I would say an xp system like Reach had. One giant grind of xp that went up with literally everything you did. Seems like it would help unify the whole collection IMO
I think bug fixes should be top priority

Then UI rework, maybe in the set-up as the battlefield games

Armor customization needs a rework also (Example: Halo 4's armor customization was far more superior, you could add your visor color, helmets, chest pieces, ect.)
If I could add just one feature to MCC -

Enforced (Default) party and rank matching across unranked and ranked playlists.

Teams of 3+ can only match other teams of 3+. Singles and pairs can match both singles and pairs on the other team.

In BTB, teams with 5+ members can only match other teams with 5+ members. This ensures fairer games, and should apply across both ranked and unranked playlists.

In addition, games should match players based on closeness of rank, especially for ranked. If I'm a 50, the lowest possible player I can match should be a 35. Otherwise, the player search should only match the player with ranks 10 above or below the player's rank. So I'm a 40, I can match players who are 30 on the low end and 50 on the high end. If I'm a 30, I can match 20s on the low end and 40s on the high end.
Fun new campaign options - e.g. shotguns only, every enemy is a hunter, ability to summon any vehicles whenever and wherever. Also scoring and time tracking even when you are goofing around with skulls or one of these fun modes. Additionally time should revert back to what it was when you die and respawn at the last checkpoint. Currently the campaign additions and UI feel geared towards competitive play. Not everyone has to or wants to play competitively, need to cater for those who just want to have fun as well. I believe it will add to the replayability.

But also as lots of others are saying, UI needs to be completely redone as well.
My reasonable top new feature wish for MCC would ultimately have to be the ability to join games in progress.

But my real answer is a custom games browser or an exp. progression system :)
- Reskin/rework the UI
- Party up after a match completes
- Ability to join custom games in progress or custom game Browser
- Custom Emblems working in each game

UI refactoring should be top priority because all other Halo games have been known for their excellence in UI design. The current UI is slow and cumbersome. A refresh would do wonders.
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