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[Locked] MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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- Party-Up system at the end of matches.
- Public File Share
- Mix and match armor customization with Halo 3 & 4 (Scrap presets)
- Firefight for ODST owners
- Custom Games browser
- Fix Legendary co-op for Halo 2 (it’s like there’s a permanent Iron skull on) EDIT: I know this is how it's supposed to be now.
- Add Halo 4’s DLC armor (ODST, Prefect, Mark V, Ricochet)
I couldn't agree more about the customization aspects and file share.
yes halo 4 dlc and customization we need that prefect armor!!!
I will repeat what I've said and yet add more stuff:

Halo CE:
1. Fix the audio for all weapons for MP so they have their old sounds BACK. That or make the MP have remastered graphics, it is so odd to look at old graphics and listen new (yet odd) sounds.
2. Maybe doesn't make sense to have Flamethrower or Fuel Rod Gun in campaign as those weren't meant to be used there in the first place, but adding them would give the game more diversity of weapons.
3. Fix the MP maps to their original iterations, as most (if not all) are the PC versions of the maps rather than the classic Xbox versions.

Halo 2:
1. Fix all dual wielding Elites. In classic Halo 2 (both Xbox and PC Vista), there were certain Elites who dual wielded weapons. But since MCC was released, NONE of those certain Elites dual wield anymore. Not even the jetpack Elites, and this is also true for the Heretic Leader.
2. Fix the Wraith spawns on "The Great Journey". One of the last two Wraiths still appears flipped over.
3. For the Anniversary MP, please add back the following (they're so needed):
-Gold Sentinel Beam.
-Dub for other languages, as only English is available.
Note: H2A MP has many things that did not exist at all in classic Halo 2. That includes Assault Rifle, Infected Sword, Suppressed SMG, Hornet and detachable turrets. And the Sentinel Beam oddly has Reach's (and Halo 4's) Spartan Laser SFX.
4. Bring more armor customization and not limited to a full set of armor rather than parts (Anniversary).

Halo 3:
1. Fix all object spawns. There are many things that spawn off the ground, and this quite affects the Laser Skull on Cortana, as it spawns mid-air now and this makes it fall to the pit and we're unable to grab it.
2. Same as Halo 2 Anniversary, bring more armor customization (or bring it back in this case) and not limit us to select full armor.

Halo 3 ODST:
1. Quite unnecesary as it wasn't there in the first place, but bring back the Battle Rifle for ODST. As well as the Elite Plasma Rifle.
2. Fix the VISR mode, as the lines look a lot thinner than what they used to be.

Halo 4:
1. Same thing as H2A and H3 regarding armor customization. Instead of limiting us to select a full set of armor, let us change every piece like what it used to be.
2. Fix the SFX please. Many SFX randomly go off when sprinting in First Person, most notably the Energy Sword. And there are quite many places in certain maps that make the game fully silent. This never happened in the past games and wasn't as frequent in old Halo 4 before the MCC.

Halo Reach:
1. Please, release it soon already.
My wish for MCC was answered with the announcement of Reach style armor progression, so I guess my next thing is adding old game types and or adding new game modes.
Odst Firefight
Offline mp AI bots.
I can't wait to see what the ranks are for xp. I really pray to God it's not SR1-200. I won't play if it's numbers
ODST firefight for certain, and fixing the graphical problems in halo ce that weren't there in the original xbox version.
I would love to have map vote back instead of getting whatever comes.
Small request, but on the post game scoreboard can we add a Reach style medal highlight pane? I.e. show which players hit big multi kills, long sprees, exterms/perfections etc?

Original Halo CE sound effects
Most of the things I want are probably mentioned so ill stick with one that I doubt many people have brought up. I would love to see a H3 style lobby text box that indicates games found and possible matches. It isn't fun waiting around in a playlist that could have 3 people in it, it's information we need to know while we search.
1) Bring the H3 ODST firefight to the MCC
2) FOV Slider setting
3) Mods (CE Cutstom edition, SPV3)
4) Armor customisation that take inspiration from Halo Online
5) Originals sounds effect for CE and H2A
6) H2A forge : option to turn objects invisible
7) Rewards for the Multiplayer Ranked
8) Campaign Coop browser
9) A description for the nameplates
10) Option for change main menu music (choose the soundtrack via the existing games)
11) More scheme controller options (i.e hell jumper)
I'm still hoping for a better post game stats viewer for CE. I want to be able to see my medals, who I've played against and how each player did when I login to waypoint. Ske7ch hinted that there was an impressive update for TMCC several weeks ago, but nothing as of yet has been mentioned. I wonder if it was scrapped or if it still going to be announced. No idea what it would be but be was surprised by the scope of the update apparently.
Grav hammer for H2A and maybe sword clashes like halo 3
I'm not sure if it's been said before but I would like to see all of the skulls for halo 2 anniversary be put into all other campaigns for example masterblaster, streaking, so...angry..., bonded pair, and yes even scarab and bandanna these skulls bring in a different aspect to gameplay that we would like to enjoy on the other campaigns
An option to turn off bullet magnetism. Maybe this may not be the most famous feature, but to some people who want to challenge themselves . . .

Also a Halo 5 control layout for those who want it.
Campaign-matchmaking would be awesome in the match composer.

Let the people choose:
-Games (Halo 1,2,3,odst,4,Reach)
-difficulties (easy,normal,heroic,legendary,LASO)

and reward people with more xp the higher the difficulty is.

For LASO it would make sence to give the people a „give up“ option, so they get XP depending on how far they got in the mission. And also it would make sence to only let people play LASO if they have completed the game on legendary before, so new players do not get into this playlist as they will not have any chance of getting a single kill...
Additionally I would suggest a „forced game chat“ so people are forced to teamplay.
Object limit increased to 1000 in H2A Forge. Why have 200 in walls alone if you can only place 650 things, spawns included?
1. New nameplates to show in-game accomplishments, such as earning all achievement, reaching rank 50/multiple rank 50s, 100/1,000/10,000 games played, hours played, just nameplates of that nature.
2. Reintroduction of the pregame lobby, or at least the ability to see player nameplates in the pregame lobby (and future global ranks). I feel like the quit ban at this point is enough to deter quitting and we can reintroduce the pregame lobby since nameplates at this point feel almost pointless with how quick people quit out of the postgame.
3. Stats and leaderboards. Give us a way to see previous season ranks in a players service record along with comprehensive stats so we can compare kd/rank/medals. Basically the equivalent of the Halo 5 service record, but for Halo MCC.
Just bring this back in this long running forum thread (I wrote about this many pages back earlier in this thread).

If 343 is looking to do any new big features for Halo CE and 2 now, please listen! I know Halo CE and 2 never supported more than 2 players in the campaign for Co-op, but its 2019 now and I think with all the work they are doing now on the PC version of the MCC (including Xbox) with including Reach now (with working on Halo CE now) is to introduce a 3-4 player Co-op campaign version so this way up to 4 people can experience ALL the Halo Campaigns in the Collection along with Reach, 3, ODST and 4. Plus new players that never have played any Halo before would get confused still as to why they cannot play Halo CE and 2 all together, they would have to look this up online. It would be sort of strange now that chronologically going from Reach to Halo CE (Reach supports 3-4 player Coop already), you would have to break up into two teams of 2 to finish both Halo 1 and 2 separately still, then get back with Halo 3 together to finish the fight and then starting in Halo 4 with the new trilogy. It would be a very disjointed experience still not to be able to experience the same campaign together with 3-4 players in CE and 2. What gives me some hope now is in the recent MCC development update, they got ahold of some of the Xbox Devkits and I wonder if they could somehow improve the netcoding for both Halo CE and 2 Coop to handle 3-4 player Coop (along with improving the 2 player experience)? Obviously with introducing this feature, the netcode was already not that great for both of these games but improvements can be made if the effort could be put in. Obviously this will require changes to adding in more equipment and vehicles to the campaigns to work with 3-4 players on each mission (I think layouts and enemies should be unchanged), grenade explosions might have to be toned down possibly to avoid too much chaos (this is a problem with CE mainly). Achievements like the LASO ones for both Halo CE and 2 in my opinion should be obtainable still with 3-4 players just like the other campaigns, no different. This would make the campaigns super easy on lower difficulties but I think Legendary and LASO will still be just as challenging but still fun for both games regardless!

My second big request is ODST Firefight being added into the MCC. Online Matchmaking support alongside Reach Firefight needs to happen with this. Also the character firefight voice customization needs to be added in also into the new upcoming UE4 Main Menu. Keep in mind 343 that while you are putting this off for now, there is NO OTHER WAY we can experience this mode other than on the Xbox 360, which is a huge shame and WILL be lost forever with the upcoming console generation coming if this never gets added to the collection (because MCC on PC will live hopefully forever, eventually hopefully becoming DRM free like on GOG). Because I can absolutely guaranteed that after a certain amount of time after the MCC is out on PC in full (after Halo 4) and no mention this is happening, say goodbye to this version of firefight forever then going into the future. With Xbox Scarlett coming out (and future upcoming consoles after that), backwards compatibility is NOT in my opinion going to be a guaranteed thing forever going back to the Xbox 360 and not a good excuse to preserving such a mode. I mean come on its only 8 maps and a little bit of armor customization, not a ton of work compared with adding in Reach!

My third request is Armor Customization for Halo 3 and 4 (and H2A), we need to be able to have the same system for both games with Reach upcoming soon to change around parts of your armor for unique customization.

My Fourth and Final Request is more remake maps (from Halo 2's maps) for Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer! While Community made maps in Matchmaking are OK for now, we need new base maps to forge on than just the canvas maps included so there is more variety.
Another thing: A score counter in the bottom right for CE MP, that can be toggled like the enemy name colors and timer, so we don't have to stop to look at the score, only to get killed.
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