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[Locked] MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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Please find a way to limit the number of successive games from a particular title when matchmaking.

For example, I love Swat, but almost constantly end up playing Halo 3/4 due to how the votes fall. If there could be a way to balance voting options between all four titles and /or make more games modes available with restrictions to a specific game (I. E. Swat, but only Halo 1, etc), I would probably spend much more time with MCC.

Thanks for the effort on the update, looking forward to getting back into MCC!
Better menu UI would be excellent. The current UI isn't terribly intuitive.

The ability to either 1: filter out certain games from matchmaking or 2: more specific per-game matchmaking. For example, each game would have it's own team slayer, doubles, BTB ect. playlist. Sometimes I just want to play one game but I don't like the restrictive playlists.

Also fix achievements.
My top Feature Wishlist Item for MCC would probably be seeing title cross-play capabilities; in other words, I’d love to see the matchmaking, custom games -- including accessible customs via the potential browser, campaign, etc. all be accessible and playable between people who are on the original Halo 3, ODST, and Halo 4 disks with those on the MCC; plus, I’d include the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (CEA) title too, but that would also require having its Reach-based matchmaking added to the MCC which I’d very much love to see. This would require the past titles being revisited and having their online inner-workings including playlists retooled which I can't imagine would be an easy process.

The primary reason this is my most desired addition for the MCC is because it would centralize and pool the player base for those who are interested in playing the classic titles -- at least for those that continue receiving operational online support. I think cross-play is a critical aspect of a long-term outlook as it helps ensure the classic titles are positioned to maintain the best experience for the player base as possible. However, if that’s a bit too massive and ambitious of a goal for the immediate future perhaps one of my other items could be seen as a more practical option.

So, if title Cross-Play isn't going to receive consideration for this update then how about…
  1. Social and Big Team matchmaking receiving a Join-in-Progress system that’s fairly identical to Halo 5’s. Of course, customs should receive a JiP system too.
  2. Standardizing a set of top level or "quickplay" playlists that combine multiple titles under a specific theme using Social and Ranked environments, but players could also individually select a que for specific games (a particular title per the playlist) that they were interested in playing too. (see below for an example and further description)
  3. Adding Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary matchmaking to MCC.
  4. Adding more Anniversary maps by introducing purchasable DLC packs.
  5. Adding Halo 3: ODST Firefight with custom browser support.
  6. Full custom control settings or a new Universal option that’s similar to Zoom & Shoot but better aligned with Halo 5’s default setup. I also wouldn't mind seeing the level of control settings from Halo 5 introduced too such as dead-zone adjustments and individual sensitivity settings. (see below for an example)
  7. Add the new TrueSkill system being worked on to the playlists and for the Ranked playlists combine it with a CSR system that's more in line with what Halo 5 uses (seasonal resets) though pair it with a playlist experience progression too (aka experience based military ranks). The Social playlists would simply reference the experience based military ranks instead of any competitive skill ranks.
  8. Matchmaking preference selections that are perhaps similar to Halo 5’s Focused, Balanced, & Expanded options.
EXAMPLE 1: Playlist Concept


Throwdown - (CE, H2, H2A, H3, H4) - The Hardcore/MLG/Pro/HCS stuff from the past.

Slayer - (CE, CEA, H2, H2A, H3, H4)

SWAT - (CE, CEA, H2, H2A, H3, H4)

Doubles - (CE, CEA, H2, H2A, H3, H4)

Lone Wolves FFA (CE, CEA, H2, H2A, H3, H4) - Weekends only?

Grifball (H3, H4) - Weekends only


Skirmish - (CE, CEA, H2, H2A, H3, H4) - Social Slayer combined with non-slayer-based Objectives.

BTB - (CE, CEA, H2, H2A, H3, H4)

Infection - (H2A, H3, H4)

Shotty Snipers - (CE, CEA, H2, H2A, H3, H4)

Action Sack - (H2, H2A, H3, H4) - roll Multi-Team and crazy Rumble Pit modes under the Action Sack banner by not having the playlist defined as a 4v4, but a mix of modes that feature 8 total players.

The offerings above act as a sort of "quickplay" (or a generally themed) option for the general public if they don't wish to select a specific title under one of the playlists. Those that do select a more specific title can match players who are also searching via the same specific request or with players who are searching under the "quickplay" playlists as well as people who are searching from a specific title's (H3, CEA, H4) original disk too and vise versa (if title cross-play is an implemented feature). Players should also have the ability to select and que individual searches for any number of particular titles if they so wished under a type of mix-and-match search system (similar to what Titanfall 2 has in place). The system should be designed to allow individuals and fireteam leaders to search per a specific request or multiple specific requests or per the general "quickplay" playlists. This is simply another type of cross-play concept and I'm sure it also would require a complete reworking of the online inner workings of matchmaking to make it work.

EXAMPLE 2: Universal Control Option

Left Trigger (LT) - Zoom (defaulted to non-toggle)/Use Secondary Weapon (H2 & H3)/Vehicular E-Brake or Power Slide/Vehicular Boost

Righter Trigger (RT) - Use Primary Weapon/Vehicle Horn

Right Bumper (RB) - Melee/Banshee Flip Technique/Vehicular Airbrake or Superglide Technique/H3's Hornet Ascend

Left Bumper (LB) - Throw Grenade/H3's Hornet Descend

Left Thumbstick Click (LS) - Toggle Zoom Level (CE, H2 & H3 - when no secondary weapon)/Reload Secondary Weapon (H3)/Sprint (H4)

Right Thumbstick Click (RS) - Crouch (defaulted to non-toggle)

Y Button - Change Weapon/Duel Wield (H2 & H3)/Swap Secondary Weapon (H2 & H3)

X Button - Actions/Swap Primary Weapon/Reload (for H3 this references the Primary Weapon Reload)

B Button - Use Flashlight (CE - multiplayer & campaign/H2 - campaign only)/Use Arbiter's Active Camo (H2 - campaign only)/Use Equipment (H3)/Use VISR (ODST)/Use Armor Ability (H4)

A Button – Jump

Left & Right D-Pad - Switch Grenades

Up D-Pad - Multiplayer Teamchat (CE, H2, & H3)/H3's (Campaign Only) Flashlight/Campaign Waypoints (ODST)/Toggle Zoom Level (H4)

Down D-Pad - Toggle Zoom Level

Button combo of some type to enact the "Lower Weapon" action for Machinima purposes.
H3: ODST Firefight- Online Matchmaking & Custom Games
Halo Reach added to the MCC
UI Overhaul
Main Menu music slider

I know this game has alot of achievements already but if your going to add ODST FIrefight you might aswell bring over the achievements (Or new achievements for it)
i don't have a feature but instead an idea, as time goes on you should add more halo game's to the mcc i.e halo wars 1&2, halo 5 and reach you don't have to do it now but in the future and continue adding more halo games to it and support the mcc as a hub for all halo games. not only would that add value to it but you can continuely port the mcc to newer generations as time goes on keeping the halo name alive as time goes on. additionaly you can port the mcc to pc when you release the enhancement patch, doing this will open the pc community to halo adding more people to the mcc and breathing life back into it also more profit for you.
Halo Reach
Original title screens and loading screens for each game instead of using the MCC's UI. Or better yet- have the option to do either. Other than that, just fix the various bugs (ESPECIALLY the one in the mission Reclaimer for Halo 4) and I think we're good to go.

Edit: I know this would probably never happen, but I also REALLY want Reach to be added as DLC for the MCC. Hope!
Not to have the same playlist reset when i save and quit. Or to have all progress reset when ny connection drops
It's not just the bugs that make me not want to play the MCC. It's also that the matchmaking experience just doesn't compare to the original Halos. For example, there is only one Halo 3 matchmaking playlist on the MCC. On the original (backwards compatible) Halo 3, there are over a dozen ranked and unranked playlists including team slayer, team objective, rumble pit, big team, etc. We also lost our old ranks, stats, forge files, etc. I feel like I have no reason to play the MCC version of Halo 3 because it feels like a watered down version of the original. The MCC version also lacks a decent ranking system unlike the original. If you want the MCC to succeed this needs to change.I personally think Halo 2 anniversary should be re-released as a stand-alone game, and the other Halo games in the MCC should be separate games too. the backwards compatible versions of Halo CE, 3 and 4 are much more enjoyable than the MCC versions, and that's not just because of the glitches and slow matchmaking time, it's because the original versions offer more variety, have better user interfaces, and they have the original forge files and ranking system.
-Improve UI, especially main menu
-Personal emblems in online games
-Better customization (I want to be able to swap the single pieces of an armor, not just the set)
-Drop in/Drop out players for cooperative campain (if it is possible)
-Re-organize achievements menu, icon menu and matchmaking playlists.
-More playlist for each game (even generic gamemode are ok)
-A way to disable Halo Channel to automatically open everytime I found a terminal
Judging from the overwhelming amount of requests for changing the UI, even though I already requested it, I'd like to know the exact problems of the MCC's UI.
Honestly, I just want MCC to work and I felt it was so important that I have to reiterate it as my top new feature. A working game.

343 was too ambitious the first time around, there should be no R&D this time around - just maintenance and bug fixing. If man hours are spent developing a new feature and not every single defect is fixed, that will be considered a failure and the community will terrorize you for it. I'm already convinced I won't be able to play H2A or H4 after the update because legacy controls won't work - because I have no idea to get the issue visible. I'm almost at peace knowing H1 hit detection will never work - at least H2 feels great and dedicated servers should make it fantastic. Are Halo 2 emblems ever going to work? Probably not, this is such a minor detail at this point that I don't think we can dedicate resources to fixing it.

Please don't screw this up and spend absolutely every last resource you have available to making a solid matchmaking experience that I can remember from 2004.

This post has been hidden.

Have the option to change your emblem in for each game and be able to wear different armour at the same time like for Halo 3 have the Recon helmet with Hayabusa armour.
Custom game browser
Elite In depth customizations with armor's and the scripts on it. The ancient writing in the armor basically. And keep the idle movement's with the elites because it'll be iconic to see an elite scratch it's mandible
Wow, thanks everyone for the massive response! Tons of great wish list items in here - even if almost nobody actually stuck to ONE thing like I asked. (I get it, you're just too excited and it's just too hard to pick ONLY ONE thing)

I've gone through and aggregated everything so far in this thread. I'll continue to monitor this thread and will be passing a ranked list of every single suggestion over to the MCC team for visibility and consideration. No promises, of course, but really appreciate everyone's support. Your passion and desire for MCC to be the best it can be really inspires and drives the team here. Thank you!
Armor customization please for every game. Or if you cant add firefight please miss that mode alot
Picking only one new feature is tough but I'm going to have to go with adding join in progress. Adding join in progress would greatly benefit both matchmaking and custom games. If join in progress falls under "Networking and online improvements" then my next choice would be to add a custom game browser.
Fixing theater mode would be great. Having only temporary saves for any of the clips isn't the best. So being able to also have permanent saves as well as temporary would be really good. Also there's a glitch in Halo Anniversary where if you have the remastered music on then die or reset to the last checkpoint, the music will always switch to the classic music. If that could be fixed as well, that would also be great.
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