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MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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Unlockable armour would be really nice, as well as armour customisation. The armour could be unlocked through a ranking system or by achievements or both, there needs to be progression in the game to keep more people playing.

Potentially add 4 player campaign in Halo 1 and 2.
Bullets do not go where they should in halo1. It seems to be a mix of networking and a lazy overcompensating fix for the slight bullet magnetism in halo1 that happened around may2015. The patch around march/april of 2015 had it pretty good and then it all went nuts after that. All aim assist was removed and then turned on ultra high so that everything goes to the center of mass. Now bullets go out of the reticle or into walls depending on where the person is behind cover. Please make the game work again.
Personal Top 5 for a successful relaunch in order of importance:

1) Fixes to make the ports of each game play 1:1 or as close as possible their original incarnation. (H1 Pistol, H3 Hit Detection, Maps not being the latest version as their previous generation counterpart, etc.). Gameplay should always come first.
2) It's been said a million times, but a new UI. I think it should be in the style of Halo Reach or Halo 3. After all, this is a celebration of previous Halo titles.
3) Bring back the veto system. Or drastically alter the voting system. For a game with hundreds of multi-player maps across 5 games, I sure do play the same maps and gametypes quite often.
4) Expanded Post-Game Lobbies and Carnage Report. Have the option to stay with the current lobby of players and be able to talk to the other team when a match ends. Basic details like which game, map, and gametype need to be included in the post-game carnage report.
5) Each game should have its original set of armors, with fully customizable emblems and armor for each separate game. The game is missing player originality.
More achievements, armor (H2A), maps (H2A)
Have a set list of playlists such as Team Slayer, Snipes, Rumble Pit, your standard Halo playlists etc. and let people choose the games they want to search within those standard playlist.
For example: If someone wanted to search Halo 1 and Halo 3 in Team Snipers, they could select those 2 games in the lobby then search that playlist with those games to try and find others with the same set criteria. This is how many people, myself included, thought MCC was going to be in the first place. Doing this will cut down on quitting, dodging, and create a MUCH less toxic environment within matchmaking.

If population is an issue and fear of people not finding matches with what they have selected, at least let it try to search that criteria for a few minutes and then offer an option to expand the search.
This. I like halo 4 and 2 swat, but 3's just doesn't seem to work right for me. Of course it's all anyone votes for cause "muh helo threh."
In no particular order:

- Individual playlist per game as well as some mixed playlists
- A redesigned UI would be nice. Current one seems to clunky and reminds me of the old 360 UI. It's too tile based and needs a redesign.
- New Achievements? Hey, some of us have put in some time to MCC. Give us another reason to keep playing!
- A photo mode would be nice for single player aside from theater -- with some sort of social features.
- Join in progress multiplayer. There is the potential for too many playlists given the amount of games in the collection. This might help with the frustration of finding a match.
- Matchmaking for ODST firefight
With MCC having so many games and game modes in it, I would love for you guys to take a page from Titanfall 2 with a mixtape type matchmaking system.
Allow players to choose Halo game, Gametype, and possibly Ranked vs Social.
You check the boxes you want to possibly play and uncheck the boxes you don't want to play.
If I want to play Social Halo 3 BTB all day, let me pick just that. If someone else wants to only ever play Halo CE or 2 Objective, let them check those boxes and go for it..

I think this would work way better than having a ton of playlists, and people would enjoy it more than the vote system, as it would narrow it down to only what they actually want to play.
1. ODST Firefight: the game is ported over, adding a menu option for FireFight would be amazing
2. New UI: not much to say here since I'm not a UI/UX guy, but as a user I know a "meh" menu when I use one
3. Player Portraits/icons in-game: I hate seeing everyone with the same symbol, please let us customize this aspect again in Halo 2/3
4. More armor customization: No more sets, I want a full choice in my armor
5. Custom Game Browser: I don't need to explain this one
10000000% a customs browser. This collection makes perfect sense for one.

And ODST Firefight matchmaking :]
Release Dedicated Server software so that we can host our own servers for LAN parties and local tournaments.
ODST Firefight, and original armor customization for Halo 3 and 4 where you can mix and match armor pieces. The presets thing is lame.
  • Allow players to play Rumble pit with local split-screen. We could do this on the original Halo 3.
  • Rocket Race playlist or in rotation on multi-team (Halo 3)
  • Bring back more armor customization instead of presets for all games.
  • A UI overhaul would be nice but I've no issues with it really.
  • Party up after games like we used to be able.
  • Custom Games Browser.
  • Adding Halo: Reach would be sweet but I imagine unrealistic.
ske7ch wrote:
Wow, thanks everyone for the massive response! Tons of great wish list items in here - even if almost nobody actually stuck to ONE thing like I asked. (I get it, you're just too excited and it's just too hard to pick ONLY ONE thing)

I've gone through and aggregated everything so far in this thread. I'll continue to monitor this thread and will be passing a ranked list of every single suggestion over to the MCC team for visibility and consideration. No promises, of course, but really appreciate everyone's support. Your passion and desire for MCC to be the best it can be really inspires and drives the team here. Thank you!
When do you think the flight program will begin so we can start trying out some of the updates?
My biggest want is for the Blind Skull (or an option to remove the HUD) to be added to Halo 1. Without Theatre mode, this is the only way we have to take screenshots but Halo 1 doesn't accommodate that.

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Mixtape matchmaking like Titanfall 2 has! With options to specify what gametype and game you would like to search for. Its frustrating to constantly get Halo 3 right now and that feature was one of the best things they did with Titanfall 2.
I have a few things though only a couple of them would be considered a new feature as the first two were in the original releases....

  1. Classic music option in Halo 2 Anniversary Graphics mode (like in Halo 1 Anniversary)
  2. New UI
  3. Bring back full Avatar and Armour customization in Halo 2, 3 and 4.
  4. Bring back ODST Firefight
  5. Re-add original games end credits.
  6. If possible, port Reach!?
With my first point I love the new graphics but would prefer to have Marty's original score playing instead of the new music. With 2 to 5 they were a part of the original games and I would prefer to have those re-implimented! As for adding Reach? If it is in anyway feasible then why not?

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Halo 5 button layout, that works across all game modes.
Add curated playlists like super fiesta from halo 5 for more fun and games. Add more halo 5 forge features to MCC forge.
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