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MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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- Firefight (ODST & Reach) and Spartan Ops matchmaking.
- Custom matches.
- We need a better progression system, maibe the same as Reach?
- Add Halo Reach to this collection, yes free of no charge for taking this long fixing this game.
- Free to all Xbox one players, no need of Game pass or Games with Gold.

Let people know about this update when is out, you guys at 343i have a second chance, please do not disappoint us again.
A remake of Terminal, Turf, and Waterworks for Halo 2 Anniversary, or at least new forge maps for the game.

Seven maps is not enough, especially since there's only three BTB maps. We need more variety and these three maps strike a perfect balance by adding a new smaller arena map, a new medium map that can be played in arena and BTB, and a new large map for BTB.

If this cannot happen, then get some forge maps in for Halo 2 Anniversary. Remakes of old maps, or entirely brand new maps. Just give this game more maps in the matchmaking.

BTW This place better not become a salt mine when 90% of this stuff doesn't happen. You're setting your expectations way to high and not even keeping to the rule of one feature request
Not sure if it's still like this or not, or if this has even been mentioned. Fix Halo 2 in-game emblems.
I would like to see some changes with Halo: CE. 1) remove the misfire rocket glitch. When you fire the rocket & you’re immediately killed after the rock will not fire for some stupid reason. 2) I want to see the Halo CE 4v4 playlist comeback! Replacing it with Infection was a joke. Halo CE 4’s was a far more popular playlist guarantee you. 3) dying after going through a portal is ridiculous. If I do die, my body shouldn’t make it through. That’ll eliminate the notion that you should have lived. 4) Bring in new maps created by og players featured on a modded version called halo: 1.5 and or nhe. The only ones worth throwing in are Downrush, zero hour, outbound. Thank you, JRep
Fix most of the things on

Get rid of spawning sounds for Halo CE. On the original xbox, the distance you can hear people is roughly half the size you can hear on the 360/xbone. This is very problematic. The people who still lan halo 1 have modded the game with halo1final and one of the prominent features is that when you spawn, taking our your AR/pistol does not make a sound, so people can't hear where you spawn. You can't hear where players spawn in other halo games and it really trivializes the CE meta when you basically have a radar that you can't hide from.

Easy fixes:

- We were promised the game as we remember 10 years ago, please make it so CE uses the original sounds in multiplayer. the anniversary sounds are not how I remember playing CE.

- increase the total kills to 100 in 4v4 slayer for halo ce, and 150 on most ce maps (minus infinity). a 8v8 hang em game to 50 literally ends in 3minutes. Most btb games are around 8-15mins long. I want to aim for that.
Have all of the games in the collection match their original console versions in every respect - visual effects, HUD elements, control schemes, sound effects, and so on.

These games were award-winning, technical masterpieces, key to the formation of the Xbox brand, and should be properly preserved and celebrated.
My personal wishlist for additional features would be:
  • Support for customisation of individual armour pieces in all the games that supported it
  • The missing armour skins from Halo 4
  • The missing DLC content from Halo 2 and Halo 4, namely: everything from the Champions Bundle besides the maps and Ricochet, the post-launch weapon skins, the Recharge and Survivor support packages, the Resistor tactical package and the Halo 2 Zombie Gametype DLC.
  • The Halo: CEA library (with all the entries unlocked by default) and the Kinect and 3DTV support.
  • Halo 3: ODST's Firefight
  • Campaign and Spartan Ops theatre for Halo 4
  • The Halo 2 Vista "Example" map (because why not? lol)
  • The cut Halo 4 weapon skins.
  • An overhaul to the UI, to make it more akin to Reach's UI (which felt way snappier and responsive than MCC's does)
And of course, the obligatory:
  • Halo: Reach
  • Halo Online
(I know these last two are about as unlikely as can be, but I feel it's worth registering my interest in them in any case.)
Better Spartan customization. Examples - Emblem support for each game that has emblems. Armor picker for each game. Have a global emblem and a per game emblem.
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I'd like to see extra controller joystick settings: deadzones, independent horizontal/vertical sensitivities, and acceleration.

Halo 5 added these settings and it's hard going back to MCC with the deadzones being much higher. Also, every Halo title had a different feel to the aiming (for me at least) and I think the aiming could feel somewhat similar across all titles if there were more settings to tweak. This would make the jump between titles easier.
1. I'm not sure if dedicated servers for online Coop is in the works, but the input lag is horrific for anyone but the host. Thats my number one. I know its the same as the original but thatd be great if you could fix that.
2. File browser.
3. Better armor customization.

Love you guys and what 343 has done with Halo so far. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to Halo 6!
Halo Reach at 4K/60 and improved AA.

ODST Firefight with matchmaking.

Seasons that celebrate certain games. Offer rewards for completing challenges in a specific game like completing missions during that season.

Clean up the UI. Drop the H5 beta page. Add Halo 5.

Make MCC my stop shop for all things Halo.
I'd love to have a Reach style leveling up system that is set aside from 1-50 playlist ranks. XP or credits should come from finishing games win or loss, and each level up should unlock cosmetic items like new nameplates, emblems, etc (new ones that are added in and attainable ONLY through hitting certain xp milestones)
For me, this maybe will improve the game experience
-Halo 3 ODST firefight, with multiplayer as a game list, like halo reach
- New interface. Less bored, less blue and more like halo 4 or halo 2 even
- An option to launch halo 5 and halo wars 2
- A balance between all games online, usually i play slayer and since the year stared (un my case) i dont haved the chance to play Halo 2A, halo 2C, Halo CE, just halo 3.
- Comunity forge maps, like halo 4 and the Bungie's halo's
Thanks For reading
belushy wrote:
Custom Games Browser.
1- This!

2- After I would like some enhancement to the UI, first a way to control the volume of the music or at least turn it off.
I love Marty music but hear all the time specially the sad one when you are looking for players is a bit depressing.

3- A new ranking system, the one of Reach sound like the best fit for these games, recruit to inheritor.

4- While it's not a huge deal, I would change the blue planet background with something more Halo, similar to the universal UI on Halo custom edition for PC.

5- Halo 3 odst firefight is really missing there, if you could add it that would be awesome really. I guess I ask too much having Reach for MCC as well as a DLC?!

6- if you have new achievements or rewards ideas as well go for it :)

7- a shortcut to other Halo games if you own them it digitally in the other menu?

8- Join in progress for custom games.

9- Can we have a full Reach for MCC?
Improved file browsing, and much better would be a simple customs browser, similar to Halo 5. While I know this is a big ask, I thought the H2A forge was pretty great in a lot of ways, but the current way of obtaining custom maps and gametypes is not user friendly or quick.

Here's a great example... At one of the pre release press showings for MCC, you all at 343 showed off H2A Forge with what looked to be a faithful remake of Beaver Creek... This is one of my personal favorite maps of all time, and H2A is one of my favorite multiplayer games of all time. I've never found that map, never played any custom/forge game mode other than octagon with friends, and never seen a forge map in matchmaking (in MCC). This would be a momentous addition, and I thought you would like to know!

PS, if you know of a gamer tag that had the Beaver Creek map on it, I'd happily exchange cash for the prize :)
1. Join in progress for custom games

2. New UI

3. ODST Firefight

4. Main menu music customization

5. Armor customization fixes

6. Revamped playlists
BTB Heavies, and elephant to Sand Trap. I think it's pretty clear that most bugs are going to be fixed or attempted to be fixed, so I don't have to ask about that. However, BTB Heavies would be a refresh for BTB, considering I've been playing the same maps against the same people since MCC came out. Halo 3 is now dead, and BTB on MCC has a healthy population considering the game itself has a low population. BTB Heavies maps from Halo 3 (and possibly Halo 4), Sandbox back to BTB, and the Elephant, would be a boat load of fun. I don't really have any other motivation or hope for MCC except for this.
I believe you guys are already doong an amazing job (better graphics, updated mechanics). Please market this market this a lot. My main things are similar to most others:
-ODST firefight (multiplayer coop, firefight is essential to halo experience)
-armor customization unlocked through challenges not free
-updated playlists to make CE, 2, and 4 more played instead of playing halo 3 90# of the time
-custom games for multiplayer (essential to halo, want to play halo 2A with other people)
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