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MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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  • UI overhaul. Something like Reach: Nice and vertical, nested menus.
  • Speaking of, let's have Halo: Reach added.
  • Playing terminal videos in the game instead of having to launch Halo Channel (Unless you plan on revitalizing that app)
#1 More Halo 2 Anniversary Maps. H2A is so freaking amazing, I'd love to have more maps to play on!

#2 Halo 3 style playlist experience/Overall Experience based on wins

#3 Armor customization
I would like to see a option to reset you multiplayer stats like you kd ratio or wl ratio. And a rework of the ui too.
-Offline multiplayer in all games with bots, in all game modes.
-Armor customization.
-Halo 3 ODST Firefight.
1. Classic music option in Halo 2 Anniversary Graphics
2. Customs Browser
3. Armor Customization reworked and to include the Halo 4 DLC armor.
4. ODST's Firefight
5. Halo Reach included.
This is a FarCry, but I think it should be said.

Halo Reach as DLC, akin to ODST.

I agree with 90% of everyone when they say that the UI definitely needs an overhaul. It was cool for when the Chief Collection dropped, but it feels clunky now. You have to go back to the main menu just to switch Halo games, for starters.

I would also love to have a custom games browser, like Halo 5 has.

Add Halo CEA to multiplayer.
- Firefight for ODST
- Halo: Reach (given the 60fps treatment)
I would like to see the Halo 3 and Halo 4 style armor customization back. Bring Halo Reach into the fold and have a mode where you can forge campaign level and share them around, they don't count towards achievements but could be a good community building idea. See if you can take the one SPV3 Halo 1 mod and have it as an option for playthrough. Firefight for ODST would be a lot of fun as well
ODST Firefight with Matchmaking.
Custom local multiplayer games like in the original Halo 2. Where you can add whatever weapons, vehicles etc to the map, rename it and save it as a favorite so you can play it later with friends.

Add HALO REACH and all it's content.
Add in halo reach like you did with halo 3 ODST I know that reach is backwards compatible but having all the games in one place would be awesome. I would pay for it no questions asked. Also the issues with loading up coop in Halo 2 campaign should be fixed it crashes a lot when trying to load levels with a partner. Some people are asking that iron be taken out but leave it in it was part of the original halo 2 coop legendary.
Firefight please
Custom Games Browser ^^
Feature #1... No, Feature #0

All Multiplayer Modes should have all features they had in their original format
  • Halo 1 should have the Xbox visuals, not the downgraded(and slightly modified) PC visuals.
  • Halo 2 and 3 should have multi-layered icons that are displayed in multiplayer
  • Halo 3 and 4 should have individual armor piece customization
Reach campaign.
We need Halo Reach!
#1 Fix the broken/unobtainable achievements on the Chinese version of MCC

#2 Fix the broken/unobtainable achievements on the Chinese version of MCC

#3 Fix the broken/unobtainable achievements on the Chinese version of MCC
I'd love LAN support please? I would buy another XIX if the new MCC had LAN support.
Fix hit detection in halo 2 and 1
Increase visibility of MCC with the Game Pass and advertise on the Xbox HOme Screen
Halo 3 Anniversary
Halo Reach
Bug squash and make game flawless
Halo Custom Edition map support for Halo 1 MP.

Hands down would make me drop everything and focus entirely on finishing all of my existing HCE maps and getting them in player's hands. This would bring so much variety and life into Halo 1, and would really show true dedication to both fans and creators alike.

Also add the missing multipurpose bitmaps back for the AR and the FP Flagpost shaders in Halo 1 - they're missing and would fix the shines on them like they are on the Xbox ;) while we're at if, fixing the plasma shaders would be cool too.
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