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[Locked] MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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Things I would love to have: ( but some are rather extreme for a small team )
  • Original ports for Halo 1 and Halo 2
  • A UI upgrade ( That isnt buggy and more like the h3/reach ui ) ( make the UI more vertical than horizontal)
  • A volume slider for the main menu music or toggle
  • Odst firefight
  • more forge made maps and gametypes in matchmaking
  • 4v4 Halo 1 playlist or when you load up matchmaking you can toggle certain halos to each playlist and can only search the playlist if others have the same toggle on ( like toggleing on only h1 and h2 for btb )
  • More variety from halo 1
  • make the halo 4 playlist 4v4 ( why is it 5v5 )
  • maybe a invasion gametype
  • armour customization for h3 h4 and h2a
  • free for all playlist
  • weekend only playlists ( fun )
  • a combination ranking system of h3 and Reach where you can be a general and a 50 <---( only actual ranks in ranked playlist )
  • some halo pc maps in the mcc
  • and also the bug fixes
Thats all i can think of right now and I know its more than 1 thing but some of these are rather needed
Alright I have one more wish, please consider adding a seperate XP rank like the SR rank we have in Halo 5. It adds reason to win in social playlists to gain that extra bit of XP and brings longevity to matchmaking.
Love to see a competitive settings playlist for each game individually or one playlist with all competitie settings from H2,3,4,H2A
Full customization of emblems/armors for each game
-Normal free reign armor customization for H3 and H4
-At least 1 new armor preset for Elite and Spartan in H2A
-Classic Beam Rifle in H2A multiplayer
-fix the Halo 4 Battle Rifle fire rate (please)
-Visors for H4 (and maybe H2A??)
-H2A Infection changed so pistols don't create a stalemate
-More variety as to not create a lobby constantly picking Halo 3
I would really love playing ODST Firefight online coop with my friends in the MCC. It's still my favorite halo experience to date and playing it at 1080/60 fps would bring me so much joy and pleasure.

Since this is a wishlist let's get a little crazy and request drop-in drop-out and expand the player count to 6 or 8.
For matchmaking to start instantly when you finish a match instead of having to hit the gametype after every match.
My top features.

1) Halo 4 champions bundle armor and skins.
2) original armor customization for their respective games.
3) custom games browser.
4) campaign matchmaking.
5)firefight matchmaking for ODST.
Hi ske7ch & Team 343,

I would love to see a battle royal game type in MCC 100 random players in a free for all. To spice it up you could ensure all players starts with the same weapons and may the best player win, or spawn random weapons all over the map/s and happy hunting for all. Can also include duos and squads like PUBG and Fortnite.

I would also like to see team slayer ranked again, but also include a social slayer un ranked where gamers can warm up or play for fun without the stress of De-ranking.

I would also like to see Population numbers in the play lists as well loved that feature in Halo 3 where u could see how many players are in each play list so you knew u would get games. Could also do regions/countries as well that flexibility would be awesome, and also add game search engines for quickest game, best connection like in halo 3 absolutely loved those features and know many people miss them.

Would love to see rotating game types like u do in Halo 5, ie Rockets & Shotty, Rockets and no gravity and maybe forge maps and play lists as well.

Keep up the great work Team 343 forever and always a loyal fan god bless.

Kind Regards,

OSDT Firefight or a simpler UI/menu system

But that's beyond expectations, the game being addressed is more than enough to make me happy.
If the skies the limit I would adore Halo Reach being added to the collection and consequently, Reach added to multiplayer. To have all the main Halo titles running natively, 4K, 60fps would be such a dream.
Halo Custom Edition since Halo CE is based off the PC version. This would bring in a ton of new maps and game modes to the game. Halo SPV3 would be great as well and could really show Microsoft is serious about expanding mod support on the Xbox platform. There is no better game series on the Xbox to start this then the franchise that built the Xbox. Granted we don't know if Halo 6 is coming out this year and if it doesn't SPV3 can fill that void. One small step for Halo one giant leap for the Xbox brand. Plus if SPV3 becomes a huge seller it opens up for the community to make that Halo 3A via mods.Look no further then the remastered games made by the community on the PC with today's technology. This would be a great thing and great things have great beginnings.
Halo 3 ODST Firefight matchmaking.
Custom Game Browser.
Reworkthe UI.
Orion Lyre wrote:
I would add a server for multiplayer firefight co-op for Halo 3: ODST. The game isn't complete in the MCC and firefight I believe would help boost population and just a bunch of nostalgia back to the roots of firefight.
I would absolutely love this
-True armor customization
-Custom Games Browser
-Fixing Recon layout on Halo 4 (armor ability and sprint buttons swapped for some reason)
-New UI if possible
-If possible, matchmaking for ODST Firefight (if added) and Spartan Ops?
-Bring in the rest of the missing content from H4's Champions Bundle (armor, perks, weapon skins)
-Emblems show up in-game
A feature that’s not really being echoed here but was mentioned in the blog post. Xbox Arena Tournaments! Would be amazing to join and set up old school tournaments.
Add more Armour Customization and Firefight for those who have the ODST DLC
And if at all possible (I'm not sure if this is a feature or not) Halo reach DLC so those who don't have the 360 or digital copy anymore can buy for say $5 or $10
Custom games browser.

And a new version of the Halo theme for the menu, specific to MCC, would be nice!
Re-implement skill rank restrictions. The population clearly isn't an issue if you can get a game in most of the playlists in less than a minute these days. It is completely unacceptable to match full parties of 40s and above with players who haven't even reached level 10. I can't even begin to mention how many times I've gone, say, 30 and 3 in ranked slayer and still lost because of how unfair the teams were. There is no challenge or skill involved when one team can easily beat the other team by double their score. Many players have stopped and will stop playing because ranked playlists are literally social with numbers on everyone's nameplates.
-- Armor Customization
-- Ranking System
-- Better Statistics Page
-- Daily/Weekly Challenges
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