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[Locked] MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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Jacoby04 wrote:
If I had to pick one, like this OP mentions:
  • Add ODST firefight for those who own ODST
Now, for everything else I'd like to see (sorted from most believable to least, roughly):
  • If the game crashes before it loads, our ranks should not decrease ***
  • Halo 3-esque experience progression. Points for wins (or ties). One for overall, and one per playlist *****
  • Going along with the above... Double-experience weekends. Show us that you still support your old games ***
  • Either as a double-experience weekend or a regular playlist: Fiesta ****
  • More H2A maps remakes ***
  • The countdown timer for votes currently does another full second countdown once the UI displays '0' (ie - counts down .9, .8, etc.). Please make the countdown END when the UI hits '0'. Not major, but it is so frustrating when you hit zero, your brain thinks "the votes are in", and five more votes come in ***
  • Each unlockable emblem, nameplate, and avatar has unlock criteria (obviously). It would be nice if you could still see what the unlock criteria was after unlocking it ****
  • Ability to change team color in custom games with bumpers. It is so frustrating when four people in splitscreen have to hit 'X', go to their name, go to change team color, select color, and then back out ****
  • Fix multiplayer achievements to track statistics from Halo 3 (eg - assists, headshots, etc.) **
  • Join-in-progress for custom games only (see below for notes on matchmaking) ***
  • Add Halo: Reach (even as a payable DLC). This is the only Halo we can't play at 1080p/60FPS *****
  • Halo 3: Anniversary complete with new 4K assets for multiplayer and campaign (leaving gameplay untouched) *****
  • Dedicated servers for campaign (and firefight) ***
  • A public fileshare system ***
  • Custom-Game browser **
Despite some of these having massive scope, I do believe all these to be feasible, realistic changes given the time. Many of them are honestly expected.
NOTE: I put *'s behind features to note most desired, on a scale of 1-5. More * = more want.

  • All armor should remain unlocked from the start. MCC is a playground of the past games. We have worked to unlock everything in past games. Not to mention, everyone that already spent many hours on MCC would be out of luck. Leave the unlocks to emblems, nameplates, and avatars
  • Keep Halo 4 OUT of the Social Team Slayer playlist. Fans that want a mix of gameplay from classic Halo games (H:CE, H2, H2A, H3) NEED a place to play
  • Do NOT add join-in-progress to matchmaking. I have players quit, the other team has players quit; we deal with it. As soon as you add this, you encourage people to quit, which drastically alters the flow of a game and makes it more choppy for the people wanting to play a full game. Do NOT exacerbate the issue. People will start always quitting when they do not get the game or map they want. Add an experience system like Halo 3 had (points for wins, nothing for loss, lose for quits/boots); this is the best incentive to discourage quitters
  • Do NOT touch Halo 3's gameplay. It plays just like it did back in the day. People that complain about bullet speed and unregistered hits need to learn about the concepts of hitscan and spread. Really, this goes for all games. None of the games should have their original gameplay touched! That's the point of MCC
A few final points:
  • Widely publicize and market this fix! We want players to come back!
  • Make the game more widely available. The people who still play this game don't care if they paid for it, they just want more people to play with. Here are 3 options:
  1. Having gold membership grants you a copy of MCC. What better way to draw players to an Xbox than the guarantee of playing its flagship series? People could then pay for ODST (and Reach)
  2. Games with Gold. 'nuff said
  3. Add it to the Xbox Games Pass. 'nuff said
I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said, especially ODST firefight! Words cannot describe how badly I want Firefight in the MCC. <3
So I honestly am gonna buy an X once you guys enhance Halo: MCC but I really wish you guys would put in a Single player Search feature to host and or join others.

Bring back Firefight (btw I will love you guys even more) I recently played it back compatible and I was like if this was on Halo MCC I would love them so much more. You guys can totally add in Squad AI or something or every round you get either an Marines or members from Alpha-Nine add a new optional mode with AI then have regular firefight and etc.

Forgeable AI I'm pretty sure this is confirmed for Halo 6 but this would really boost the population back up definitely for custom games and etc. This will just add more content feature and etc. for the halo community.

Hopefully you guys get 4K native with 60fps tough feat but I feel like it can be done. if halo 5 did it maybe you guys can do the same. And also upscale the cinematics to if possible I love blur's cut scenes

Bring to PC Yeah yeah I know we don't have plans currently for it but damn you guys could really sell it full price if you wanted to and hell I buy it for me and my friend to play it with him for his first time. And also its easier for forge and etc. Mods? They make games like Xcom and Skyrim so damn good and fun every time. I recently checked out SPV3 and my god that on Halo 2 mcc engine, Jesus Christ. Ill legit buy a new pc to play it again with mods though.

Thanks 343 best of luck with developing Halo 6 and reworking Halo MCC.

Also add ALL of the Halo 2 Maps, Please I really like them and wonder why we only got a few and not all of them.
I'm pretty sure this is confirmed for Halo 6
Nothing is confirmed for Halo 6.
A better voting system. Having to raffle between not only a game, but also a map AND gamemode is a lot to consider. It would be easier to have 3 stages to vote (where applicable): Stage 1: Select game (ex. voting between Halo 2, CE, and 4), Stage 2: Select map, and Stage 3: Select gametype.

This might be a more biased system in some aspects, but it allows more power in the players to play how they want, and that should be among your development team's highest priorities.
Also, let us save films!
Currently there is no way to save a game film for later viewing. There are 12 temporary films, but you cannot permanently save them. Game DVR isn't good enough, we need to be able to save the film files forever so they can be manipulated and analyzed in the future.
Halo 3 Anniversary !!!!!!
Put Spanish voices in Halo 2,and fix the matchmaking
i would like to added shooting mode of ODST
If the skies the limit I would adore Halo Reach being added to the collection and consequently, Reach added to multiplayer. To have all the main Halo titles running natively, 4K, 60fps would be such a dream.
I don't think adding Reach into the MCC is a very good idea.
1) 343 already had enough problems with the MCC. Adding in another game would only make everything more complicated and create new problems.
2) Also, the title THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION wouldn't fit anymore. But to be honest, since ODST was implemented the title does not fit anyway anymore.
3) Yes, a new 4K Version of Halo Reach with all DLCs plus Firefight and dedicated servers in the future but not in the MCC.

What I wish for:
- I was sad that not all multiplayer maps of Halo CE and Halo 2 (Xbox + PC) were remade for the Anniversary editions (Chiron TL-34, Boarding Action, Crows Nest, Gemini etc.).
So I really hope that the rest will be remade, too. I was totally impressed how beautiful the remade maps look like. Sanctuary, Relic... Awesome!
- Many people here complain about the menu but personally I am totally fine with it. Does not need a change in my eyes.
- It would be great to have ODST Firefight in the MCC. I just unlocked the Achievement Endure yesterday. It was a great game. If Firefight comes back, please give everyone the option to play as SGT Johnson.
- Please erase the Halo 5 teaser trailer out of the MCC. Or place it at the very end of Halo 4. It seriously does not fit into H2A. It's like mixing spaghetti with ice cream...
- Halo 3 Anniversary would be absolutley awesome too see!
I would LOVE to see the removal of Zanzibar on H2A competive playlist and have it replaced with Midship even though that map wasn’t created for some reason 🧐 Zanzibar is a classic map but not even remotely made for ranked competitive play for 4v4 that’s why Pros and E-Sports never even had it as a map option. Considering only 6 maps make it for H2A and midship isn’t one really is mind boggling. I would also agree with others saying the menus need some love and face lifting as they feel clunky and slow and not “Halo”. The playlists could use some TLC as a real Halo player really doesn’t care for grifball or infection that much. Like it’s cute for casual gamers so if you cater to them PLEASE give team hardcore for halo 2 players and not mix it up with h2/h3
Aside from making ranked playlists full teams only in matchmaking and a complete playlist selection overhaul, just thinking about having the UI redone in as many ways is satisfying to think about. So my vote would be for that as well.
4 player coop for halo ce & halo 2 ☺️
1. New progression and better ranking system
2. Daily and weekly challenges
3. Add player count like in all previous games
4. Titanfall 2 searching for game modes option
5. ODST: Firefight
6. Better customization(something like reach if possible)
7. More H2A maps
Voice Masking
Fileshare/being able to save films. Please. (Also I know ya said one thing but party restrictions are pretty much a necessity for certain playlists, not sure if any of you have tried to play team hardcore solo but it's not exactly a good time)
I want playlists for all the game modes from Halo 4.
I'd like to see game clips integrated into the the game, so when I make a clip the game can show a list of clips with links to the match in theatre mode.
Updated visuals for Halo 3. Even as a paid upgrade.
Also Firefight from ODST.
Subtitles in Halo 2: Anniversary.
A Custom Games browser would help keep the game alive
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