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MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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Would it be cheating if I said "Halo 3 Anniversary"?
I would like as we open the game to see a beautiful moving picture or something of a halo ring or the ark, like the original halo game. I really think that would recapture the magic of the halo games. It could also be something like the ark. I do not entirely like the current one because it is just a planet and an asteroid belt which does not make sense for a main menu of a halo game. Thank you for taking your time to fix this amazing game.
A UI overhaul would be my top pick. Right now, I think it looks nice, but it really doesn't make the grade for usability. Here's some of the main gripes I have with it:

It's missing quite a few functions that would be expected, both in preferences and gameplay. No sort of gamma settings (BTW, are you guys aware that H3 and H4 have incorrect gamma curves? Much brighter than the originals, might want to fix considering the X enhancements are coming.), audio settings (especially if we could get individual volume sliders for voice, music and sfx) and a bunch of different game settings. No team changing in the universal menu means that H2 Classic zombies custom game no longer works, as that requires players to switch teams.

Another issue I find frequently is the backgrounds and music. It can be very inconsistent and annoying when both of these change all the time -- as I'm sure you're aware, in the main menus, during voting or game selection, the background videos and music change based on the game. It's actually a really neat idea, but if you're moving through a bunch of different menus, the constant stopping and changing of backgrounds and audio is a little jarring. I think the ideal solution for this would be allowing users to select their background audio and video -- CE, H2, H3, H4, that it stays locked to, while also having a "Dynamic" setting that allows the user to have backgrounds function like they do currently, changing depending on what game is currently selected.

Not to mention the glitches. I've had some very strange ones that keep popping up regularly. Some times, I go to custom games and it deletes all of my forged custom games and gametypes, permanently (that can, luckily, be redownloaded from the file share). Some times, after pressing start at the first screen, the game does nothing for upwards of 30 seconds. And another strange issue happens when selecting a map for the games: the map images take a really long time to load (again, upwards of 30 seconds) and I can't select anything in that time. I'm pretty sure I still have a ton of videos of these happening, if anyone wants to see them.

But most importantly, the social features in menus are much downgraded from past titles. In Halo Reach, you could move the joystick to quickly move from voting to viewing player cards, quickly having a glance at all of their stats, and then expand them to see a detailed service record. It was extremely elegant and you could get a lot of information very quickly. But in MCC, you have to press a button to go to the menu, click on a user, select the option to view their profile, wait for the screen to load, and press another button to view their stats. It makes the social aspects a lot harder to use. It's also missing some cool features that we saw in H3 and Reach, where you could see a player's Spartan -- how cool would it be if the player could select a spartan from their favourite game to render on their profile page?

The bottom line is that the UI could be much more efficient, and less jarring in certain instances. I feel that having the universal MCC UI more refined will cause a lot of the negative feeling around the game to go away.
Unfound wrote:
1. UI overhaul
2. Armour customisation as it was for each game
3. Options to choose any halo song while searching (c'mon we would all go nuts)
This, but I really like the UI. Sure it’s not perfect, but it’s still good. If anything I’d change the UI just to be a cosmetic difference to symbolize the vast changes.
A lot of people have already made a good amount of points, so I hope I'm not just echoing somebody else's request while stating mine.

Rework the voting system. On numerous occasions, the votes will be split evenly between 2 of the 3 voting options people have to choose from. Instead of breaking the tie and choosing the third option, the game will just choose one of the other contested voted map/game mode choices. While it may not seem ideal, I would like to see the game implement a tie breaker system that will choose the third option if a stale mate between votes were to occur. I am no fan of the voting system as it is, but I don't see a veto system working in playlists that consist of multiple games, so that's the only solution I could think of.

The only other request I can think aside from the obvious ODST Firefight or Armor Customization requests would have to be more variety of game modes across the playlists. I can't even count the number of times I've had to see "1 Bomb on Longshore" occur in the voting options in the BTB Playlist. Just a few more game modes to keep the playlists feeling a bit more fresh each time you go back to play them would make a world of difference.

On a bonus little side note, remove Sandtarp from Halo 3 BTB, and replace it with the original Sandtrap with Elephants on the map. Elephant-less Sandtrap feels pretty dull in comparison the original.
Lots of great suggestions but for me it all comes down to one thing.

Proper LAN support for the multiplayer. I know there were system limitations with the Xbox One in regards to LAN play at the time of MCC's development, but to have the game take advantage of proper offline multiplayer now would be an incredible upgrade.
  • Commando Armor for H2A
  • All DLC & unreleased Weapon skins for H4
I would love to see a brightness settings option! 1-5 like previous halo games! The current setting should be option 3. As well as a custom audio set up!

Adding complete customization for all games. (If possible I doubt it I have a feeling the MCC is just about maxed out)

Thanks guys! :)
A new UI rework. Similar to Halo 3 and Reach. Easy and navigable.
Fiesta mode
Planet X

Shot registration
  1. Join in progress. Please. Please.
  2. Ui overhaul. I hope you guys know that the UI can still prevent you and your party from finding games if you're stuck in double menu.
  3. Consistent party system. Ability to party up after games. Not having audio com cutout the moment the game ends. (how can I tell the other team they suck?)
  4. For halo 2 specifically, ability to toggle game tick rate down to 30 just for super-jumps/ legacy glitches (it works in h2v) and ability to start campaign on older TU's for sword flying/glitching in SP
  5. A dedicated Halo 3 BTB playlist. The demand is obviously there (look at your internal matchmaking data) and remember to add Heavies and Sandbox maps.
I still play MCC and I have nearly 100 days played on it, I don't really want to play another halo other than halo 3/2 (probably forever).
I know you said only one new feature, but it's extremely difficult to limit it to just one. I'll try to keep my list super short.
  1. Revamp the UI: It's clunky and kinda difficult to navigate. Also I'm not a fan of the generic planet background in the main menu (A nitpick honestly). Maybe swap it out with an image of a rotating Halo ring instead.
  2. If possible, allow us to better customize our spartans for each game. I'd love to customize my emblem in Halo 2 or mix and match armor pieces in Halo 3 and Halo 4.
  3. Playable Halo 3: ODST Firefight
  4. Halo Reach in the MCC would be absolutely wonderful. I'm sure it would be a nightmare trying to put it in, but it would be absolutely wonderful.
  5. Custom game browser.
Some of these are more realistic than others, but I'd be pretty happy if any of these made it in.
Some sort of XP progression system. Like Halo Wars 2. Simple and linear. With daily/weekly challenges.
Porting over Reach.
ODST Firefight would be an incredible thing to have.
Fix Grifball in the MCC H3 Playlist. Only the Grifball based mini games are functioning at this time. Standard Grifball is missing.

PLEASE let us import our original Halo 3 Forge maps into MCC Halo 3. As it stands, only 343i has the ability to do this. I know this because some of my original Halo 3 Forge maps are in MCC Halo 3 Matchmaking.

We need a proper linkable, sharable, File Share for all MCC Forge content.
-Armor customization expanded
-HD ODST Firefight
-Fileshare (if possible)
-Custom games browser
-Improved UI (less buggy, more conformed to Halo 3/Reach style) and maybe more options for the main menu
-more flexible matchmaking and game modes (ex: ranked swat and the like)
-Party-up and lobby options like Halo 2 & 3

And I know you're aware there's demand for this, but I'm gonna throw my bid in the basket since I haven't yet... briNG MCC TO PC PLS!

Good forum, thank you ske7ch :)
- Party-Up system at the end of matches.
- Public File Share
- Mix and match armor customization with Halo 3 & 4 (Scrap presets)
- Firefight for ODST owners
- Custom Games browser
- Fix Legendary co-op for Halo 2 (it’s like there’s a permanent Iron skull on)
- Add Halo 4’s DLC armor (ODST, Prefect, Mark V, Ricochet)
Uhhhhhh you know legendary Halo 2 was always that way right?
Firefight for Halo 3: ODST is definetly at the top of the list. Halo: Reach at 1080p/60fps would be awesome. Better armor customization for Halo 3, 4, and 2A. Updated UI. This isn't so much of a feature, but maybe have new focus on H2A. New maps and game modes as well as foster a competitive community around it. I'd love to see HCS play H2A more. Rally points on the older Halo games would be cool too, but I doubt that could be done without some sort of changing of the game itself.
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