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MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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It could be great if in multi-game modes it is the game to decide the map or the modality and not the players. This because people only vote for Halo 3. Also it could be good if after the match the game does not search for other people but, instead, you can play with the same player because it takes too long for the matchmaking.
Another thing is that player who quit could be replaced by others during the match
I would love to see ODST Firefight along with achievements and just feed me more achievements for each title!
-Better options under the "Video/Audio" configuration tab
-Armor Customization for H3 and H4
-Better Emblem customization
-Dedicated Servers for online co-op
-Custom Games Broswer
-In-game Terminals an original end credits
-UI rework
-Each game needs to have its own multiplayer tab

Now for the ones that probably won't happen

Original UI/Main Menu for all games
Export H3 and H4 forge maps from X360
One small campaign suggestion would be asking the player, after completing a mission, if they want to continue onto the next mission or go back to the main menu. It's a little tedious when you want to play a specific mission, and then be forced into loading the next mission before you can quit.
Also, would love to see Halo Reach campaign edition added as well with achievements!
Fix lot of bugs. some dedicated servers cause many friends cant join me without an host. Playlist for every halo. no more btb for all the halos but btb for h2 , btb for h1 ecc. tired of all these h3 fan boys. add halo reach , it would be awesome. Correct graphic bugs. maybe a 4v4 ranked playlist for H1 too. The ranking system is perfect , but i think it would be beter to make it a little bit faster , it takes a lot to rank up , to much.
I would prefer that this collection be left alone. It's tired and no amount of reworking will be able to bring it up to the standard that Bungie created. I think 343 resources would be better spent elsewhere.
A rework of the MCC UI. When selecting a certain campaign, why not have a video of the background for each game's main menu play as you select your options in custom game or selecting levels?
- Make Halo Reach a separate DLC like ODST.
- Party up option after match ends.
- True armor and emblem customization as seen in the original games.
- Campaign matchmaking.
- Fix the Halo 2 spawns to match the updated Xbox version.
FIREFIGHT!!!! And PLEASE, improve the miserable experience that is the UI. The unified UI was an honorable, but overly-ambitious idea. Now that there is time to do so, it could finally be made as beautiful and intuitive as I'm sure it was always meant to be. I agree with most of the suggestions here about being able to matchmake by title, as well, but my absolute number one wish for this game is firefight, by far. It's literally a hole in the experience, for me.
Translate Halo 2 to Spanish
Hey, thats my suggestions:
*More Customitation on our Spartans (Halo 3 and Halo 4) and more armor for Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer

* Add Halo 3 ODST Firefight

* A new menu interface please, more beauty and fun, just like a Halo Reach or Halo 4's menu interface
* PLEASE ADD Halo 4 Champion Pack armors! (Forreuner,Richochet, ODST, Mark V) and the left skins!

* Add Halo: Reach, incluided its maps, firefight and customization if you can

*More Forge Maps for Halo 2 Anniversary

* Could save our own maps or game mode's variant with a diferent name -.-

* Could Save clips in the game and not save on the Xbox please :)

* Could access to Halo 5: Guardians or Halo wars 2 from Halo TMCC, just like the Halo 5 Beta or Just Like Battlefield like Battlefield 4, Hardline and 1.

Thats everything, thanks!
fix a bit ranking system. a lv34 cant find two 50s against. ecc. also design the ranking like it was on Halo Reach / Halo 4 on halo tracker. if you reach lv50 but you keep winning then you can also rank 50+ like 51 , 52 ecc.
Add a customs game browser. In addition, a progression leveling system would be nice (Similar to halo 3 where ranked playlists had 1-50 ranks & also title ranks for progress). Also, add a feature to group up with parties at the END of every matchmaking game. It's annoying how hard it is to party up with players after a game as everyone is forced to disconnect to the lobby. The UI interface (especially for joining matchmaking group parties) is horrible. Make it simple similar to Halo 2 and 3's layout.
Also more Halo 2 anniversary remastered maps would be nice!
Okay. so add social playlists so we can search only halo2,halo 3 ,Halo 4 and halo ce unranked/ social ranking system for individual game
Better armor customization instead of preset armor. Also better UI. The Halo 3 UI is very nice and clean and a UI like that would look nice in the MMC.
Custom games browser because it's fun!
Hi 343i,

The Spanish community would appreciate the translation of Halo 2 into spanish.
Thank you very much and best regards, we love Halo :)
I would like a return of FFA, multi team, and a custom games browser.
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