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[Locked] MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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A progression system!
Earn exp for playing multiplayer in both social or ranked, give people a reason to keep playing besides for fun. This will keep the game alive for years to come.

Playlist updates!
There needs to be less playlists, in order to keep search times fast, I suggest having Griffball, Actionsack and other unpopular modes on a weekly rotation.

Team Slayer (unranked)
BTB (unranked)
Infection (unranked)

Halo 3 (ranked)
Halo 2 (ranked)
H2A (ranked)
Halo CE (ranked)
MLG (ranked)
Snipers (ranked)
Dubs (ranked)

Rotational playlist (unranked)

Custom Browser
To keep the creation of maps and community creations flowing

A better File Share system
one like Halo 3/Reach

ODST Firefight
Currently the only way to play it is on backwards compat :(
^ Would also be great if it kept track of these stats and had a leaderboard like campaign does
Reach Remaster
More armor customization would be nice, if at all possible.
Plz plz plz plz
Rework the menus, possibly something that might evolve between each game's menus possibly?
definitely ODST Firefight and Player Customization
1. Halo 4 visor color change.
2. Armor mixing in H2A, H3, H4
3. HCEA multiplayer
4. H2A maps like coagulation
5. More H2A armors; i would like the Reach Model of Recon preferably
6. Cut content from the games, especially halo 2, which a lot of its content was cut, and it would be cool if it was finally released like it should have been back in 2004
7. A DLC mini Campaign that takes place before Halo 1 featuring Master Chief; maybe even a small multiplayer mode to come with it. You could even make money off it.
8. Halo CE Forge; just copy-paste H2A's onto it's multiplayer
9. PC mods, like what Skyrim and Fallout do
10. Quickplay playlist: has all maps and modes on all games for those who dont want to play anything in particular and just want to play.
EXP progression system from Halo 3 for added longevity or reach styled leveling.
It would be awesome to have some kind of utility to import UGC from previous games.
  • Theater for H: CE, 2, & 4 campaign.
  • Create custom campaign (and maybe even multiplayer) playlists.
  • Port forge maps from the X360 versions.
  • Custom search for MM (expanded, balanced, etc...)
  • Campaign, Spartan Ops (and if it is added: Firefight) matchmaking.
  • Group theater (I know you can do it as a glitch, but it is nicer when things are official)
  • Option to toggle volume for music, dialogues and SFX.
  • Subtitles in-game for H2, 3 & ODST, not only for cutscenes.
Edit: Individual emblems per game, because not all emblems where present on the same games.
Thanks for your attention, have a good day.
The ability to change the main menu music track and be able to customize it (ie Only the halo 4 theme plays) Hearing the Halo 3 soundtrack most of the time gets stale.
Progression ranking system, preferably cloning what Halo 3 did with an overall progression rank and a per-playlist progression rank.
- Party-Up system at the end of matches.
- Public File Share
- Mix and match armor customization with Halo 3 & 4 (Scrap presets)
- Firefight for ODST owners
- Custom Games browser
- Fix Legendary co-op for Halo 2 (it’s like there’s a permanent Iron skull on)
- Add Halo 4’s DLC armor (ODST, Prefect, Mark V, Ricochet)
Uhhhhhh you know legendary Halo 2 was always that way right?
Nah I didn’t know that.
Id say increased armor customization and more campaign playlists :)

Long shot hope: halo 3 anniversary ..... Lol
The main things I'd want that would be entirely new (not fixes, or things that were expected at launch) for MCC would be:

  • Customs Games Browser (so the ability to join games in progress naturally would be wanted with that...)
  • Map porting from 360 to MCC - for Halo 3 & Halo 4 (if this happened, say what maps were created on MCC, and which ones are ports. A lot of us Halo 3 forgers put a lot of time into H3 maps for MCC, and it'd suck hearing "Yaaaa this is from the 360, don't pretend like you made this"...)
Because you said "Any ONE feature", I'm not going to suggest things like armour customization, "Join Session in Progress", etc; as those things were (and still are) expected. Instead, the one new addition to MCC that I'd kill for is a custom games browser - available for every title (even fake CE & H2 "Classic").

Due to the nature of a customs game browser, it'd be a given that the ability to join players mid-game would come with it as without that, the feature would be pointless. Unless you we're able to join lobbies (like how Halo 5 does it, where you queue for a game) and would have to wait for a game to end... Which is kind of annoying as is H5, the player counter doesn't update in real time.

Custom Game Browser for sure though.

(Endless Halo 3 customs, and Halo 2: Anniversary would get some much needed love)
Custom game browser, or UI overhaul
- ODST Firefight with achievements.
Leo R wrote:
  1. Join in progress. Please. Please.
  2. Ui overhaul. I hope you guys know that the UI can still prevent you and your party from finding games if you're stuck in double menu.
  3. Consistent party system. Ability to party up after games. Not having audio com cutout the moment the game ends. (how can I tell the other team they suck?)
  4. For halo 2 specifically, ability to toggle game tick rate down to 30 just for super-jumps/ legacy glitches (it works in h2v) and ability to start campaign on older TU's for sword flying/glitching in SP
  5. A dedicated Halo 3 BTB playlist. The demand is obviously there (look at your internal matchmaking data) and remember to add Heavies and Sandbox maps.
I still play MCC and I have nearly 100 days played on it, I don't really want to play another halo other than halo 3/2 (probably forever).
i second all of Leo's suggestions and would like to put emphasis on #4.
glitching and tricking was a huge part of halo history and it would be nice to preserve that as much as possible without breaking the experience for other players.

it may be niche but the trickers and speedrunners are some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable fans still playing the older titles.
Hi, Ske7ch! I made a Reddit post a few months back. Hope you read it!
Halo 4 Campaign Theater! So much opportunity lost. So many hours of fun I’d enjoy! Pressing the XBOX guide button and recording a clip is NOT good enough!
This one might be tricky or even impossible, but, I would very much like to see a manual checkpoint system for campaign, kinda like it was back on CE, but to a higher extend, there's a popular mod called SPV3 that let's you do so, and I would like to see a similar system integrated.
Once more, thanks for your time.
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