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MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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MCC is a amazing game, still play it to this day. But would like some old school firefight from ODST. Also adding Halo Reach at 1080p 60fps at the least would be awesome to drive some sales of MCC again, and to make the collection complete it just makes sense. Reach had more to do with master chief than ODST did, I was a bit surprised when I got ODST as an apology instead...also more armor customization for each game would be good. Also please bring back Halo CE anniversary multiplayer maps that were remastered when it was originally released for Xbox 360. Beaver Creek and several others were removed for MCC. So now there is no Halo CE remastered maps in matchmaking.
The anniversary maps were part of Reach, and that game is not a part of MCC currently.
If I can add any gametype I would bring back Fire fight. because everyone love it and doing it on other halos like halo 2 or 4 would be fun
- Add an option to change and browse through music while searching for games - WE NEED THIS DESPERATELY

- Change of UI, multiple options even a classic Halo themed UI - More love and care please? :)

- New maps for each game - This would be very interesting to see

- Halo 3 Ranking system! & Party up feature!
I would definitely love HDR support for Halo 3 and 4 at the very least. I don't know if it's possible with 2A and having the compatibility to go back to the original graphics at any time.
60+ FPS minimum with less than 16ms frame time at the highest native resolution possible with freesync support. Native resolution support for the 1440p Spring Update along with 4K if possible.

For an anthology like this the focus shouldn't be on reinventing the wheel but making the wheel the best that can be possible.
If there are no limits I would also love a to be able to choose between old halo voices during matchmaking like the halo 1 voice when he says double kiiilll... TRIIIIPPLLEE Kill is just awesome. If you can change the kind of medals you see I wills love to see the option of changing the voice for any of the halos. Like playing halo 2 classic but having halo 1 voice 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Take away map/game voting. It seems like 4 out of 5 multiplayer sessions are Halo 3 due to voting. I understand its a fan favorite, but the populated playlists (e.g. team slayer) that cover all 4 games suffer from lack of variety due to the voting system. Maybe randomized or rotating games for the big, comprehensive playlists would help.

Also, Halo Reach.
Seperate playlists by game to solve problems were everyone votes for one game and the others are never played.

Players are returned to matchmaking when a game ends instead of having to manually re-enter it.

Halo CE Anniversary multiplayer could also be fun.
It's the first time I take the time to express a need in a english and official topic.

Since few month I can't play in spit screen in matchmaking (campaign stay possible). A friend bought on Xbox One, we tried with his account on his Xbox, with my account, , no solution. The only solution s to have two Xbox One, two games, and connect two user to Xbox Live. It wasn't like that before. I remember the numbers of hours I spent to play on multiplayer on two on the same console...

It was my first question. My second is ambicious i know. But why not include Halo Reach on the masterchief collection ? There are Halo 1 to 4, 3 ODST, only Reach is missing. We could have a very big bundle in multiplyer. I hope this huge functionnality since 2015. Thanks again to implement Halo 3 : ODST in the game.
UI revision.
  1. Current design hides stuff while still wasting the whole screen to show it. If I'm in a menu tree three levels down I still like to see what I chose and what I didn't choose in all of tree. There's room on the screen but the current design just fills everything up.
  2. It feels way too committed and clunky. For example, if I want to go from first to the last item in a customs menu, I need to press LB three times and there's an animated shift between each press and the next LB press doesn't get stored so it's just mashing LB. Maybe it's reminiscent of the some old menus in some way, but it's just bad.
  3. One way menu design or "Menu Freeze" or "Menu Limbo". When I unlock an emblem and go to see it, I'll end up watching the background with no way out, because I forget MCC is supposed to be restarted after each and every new nameplate, emblem and other so they load up and work properly. I'd really like an error message, even if it's just "an error code and something went wrong". There should always be ways to get out of menus, even the main options menu.
Offline bots for multiplayer. I love classic halo but I’m tired of NEVER playing certain maps in playlists or always getting team slayer BR. Allow us to have offline bots (no internet connection required) and customize it any way we want with up to 16 bots.
•Halo 3 Anniversary (with same quality and care as Halo 2 Anniversary)
•Halo: Reach Remastered (like ODST was for the MCC)

Please. Like, really. Please.

I know this would most likely never happen. I would to be able to play the game in 3rd person. I have trouble getting into FPS games or any First Person point of view games because I can not get a handle on the controls.
Halo 3: Anniversary AND ODST: Anniversary since both use the same graphics engine and ODST came on 2009, so 2019 ;)
Thanks for your time.
AdamCama wrote:
PLEASE please bring Halo 3: ODST's Firefight mode to the MCC, for those who own ODST.
Please have offline single player and co-op, and online matchmaking for it.

Side note, Halo Reach Definitive Edition anyone? Last remaining game not on Xbox One.
I would love to see Reach: Definitive Edition as long as it is sell apart and differently from TMCC.
Agreed! Like what was done with Halo Wars definitive Edition.
1: An overhaul of the menu's and some kind of exp system for all matchmaking type's,if your looking for examples i would have to go with halo 3 or halo reach
2.Amour customisation,again look look to halo 3 and reach for that halo 4 wasn't to bad but could of been done better.
3. And well the sever's are a mess so i guess that is my finale request just sort the sever's out sometimes it takes me half an hour to find people by that time i'm already fed up.

If you take my request's in consideration thank you.
SNIPE 316 wrote:
everett818 wrote:
SNIPE 316 wrote:
Classic Medals!
Currently, H2A multiplayer, Halo: CE multiplayer, H2 Classic multiplayer, and all games when using campaign scoring have the Halo 4 medals. This should be fixed!
You can currently change the medals in the settings
You can select the original medals in H2 and no medals in H:CE. You can NOT have the original medals in campaign or Halo 2 Anniversary.
Because the original H:CE and H2 didn't have medals in campaign.
I would like to see 4 player coop across all games soo that the playlists such as the halo marathon and such all have a full party as there is the playlist the halo saga and its 2 player coop where as it includes halo 3 and 4 which are both 4 player so it doesn’t seem feasible to even use those playlists with 2 players local or online it feels like a wasted feature. Games such as Reach and ODST even though they wouldn’t have needed 4 player and even halo 4 with the 4 master chiefs seems unnecessary but at the same time makes it that much better so please don’t skip on this feature. Through the use of mods halo 1 and 2 have been done in the past but it would be nice to see these as fully fledged features. I wouldn’t mind if it’s online as that’s what people want these days but if that’s the case please leave 2 player local and 4 player over online. If you need further proof that 4 players is possible hit me up for pics at
Also please make a music Volume setting in the game it is to quiet
Adding the Halo 2 PC map "Example"
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