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OP ske7ch

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everett818 wrote:
SNIPE 316 wrote:
everett818 wrote:
SNIPE 316 wrote:
Classic Medals!
Currently, H2A multiplayer, Halo: CE multiplayer, H2 Classic multiplayer, and all games when using campaign scoring have the Halo 4 medals. This should be fixed!
You can currently change the medals in the settings
You can select the original medals in H2 and no medals in H:CE. You can NOT have the original medals in campaign or Halo 2 Anniversary.
Because the original H:CE and H2 didn't have medals in campaign.
That's true, but completely irrelevant. The point is that the H4 medals don't fit and need to be removed.
Firefight! make it like in reach where you can customize everything its crazy that they added spartan ops but not firefight
Firefight, new playlist and dlc HALO REACH ??
Please find below some recommandations from members of community :
  • Add the firefight of Halo 3 ODST.
  • Create a ranking system and an elaborated statistics panel for the firefight.
  • Add new statistics that can be seen in-game (especially for the multiplayer).
  • Add the Halo 4 armors that are not yet in the game.
  • Downsize the loading time for the multiplayer.
  • Improve the rolling of the maps for the multiplayer (so that we do not play everytime in the same ones).
  • Add Halo Reach (campaign, multiplayer, firefight and forge).
  • Add new bonus missions (for example the demo mission of Halo 2).
  • Try to focus on one game per playlist for the multiplayer (so that only few playlists contain multiple games).
  • Improve the forge mode so that we can have one to rules them all.
  • Add some new customization elements for each game.
  • Have the possibility to join custom games even if they have already started.
  • Add a custom game browser (as the one of Halo 5).
These ideas are from PredaTx Fr, VoitureJb, Zouligan, Tarijan X, Zora bendo, s3rge1659 and copain.
halo reach with the cea maps
military ranks progression system ( give us a set amount of exp for each game we have played in the past so we don't all start at the 1st level )
more h2a maps
custom browsers
a link to halo 5
new play lists ( elets vs Spartans, co op campaign and firefight, team objectives )
new ui
let us chose the menu music
mix and Mach armour customization
customs joining in progress
Custom game browser please! Custom game browser combined with join in progress would be even better. Completely transform the game experience. We have all these game engines but we can't choose what we want. Custom game browser fixes that.
Not so much new, but could you fix the controller feature that lets you “set controller settings for all game”? when ever I try to pick a different controller setting and use the “set for all game” option as soon as I exit it goes back to the default controls for what ever game I play. It gets really annoying if you like to jump around and play different games.
Also I would like MCC to work with System Link for Xbox One. I plan on having LAN parties at my house since all Xbox’s can now System Link it would be awesome to throw in MCC on the 300 in. 1080p projector and have all my friends around with their Projectors and Xbox One’s playing 16 player Sayler
I just want to thank 343i for asking us what we would like to see add to the game and hope you guy(and gals) are able to put out a great update and we all live happily ever after.
I would like more playlists under the different Halo titles instead of grouping them into a single playlist. Granted, I don't know if this was done to keep things functioning or not. For example, I don't want to run the risk of wanting to play Slayer in Halo 2 but everyone wanting to play Territories or CTF instead. I'm aware of the Team Slayer playlist, but I still run the risk of playing it in a game I don't want to play it in. Just something like that I would like. Also, if possible, please remove the Halo 2 PC port and use the original Xbox version please. Majority of Halo 2 players played them on the Xbox due to technical issues with playing it on Vista (and, well, Vista and it will only play on that OS normally). So I found it weird you'd port the PC version.

And now, the REAL reason why I commented: I'd like to see Rocket Race in Halo 3 (with the mongooses, not Warthogs because that totally made the game not fun anymore). Thanks :D
To have post game chat like in the other games. Someone pointed it out on YT, this was a very "human" aspect were you could just banter with ppl bragging or trash talking. It was great. Thats all. I like how it is other than that.
Hey! Personally, I'd love a feature to somehow include the original menus!

What I mean is, when I go to play the Halo 3 Campaign, I really want to hear and see that classic Halo 3 menu, not just the rather bland and simplistic general menu of all four games. I'm not sure how this could be done, but maybe have four separate menus for each game that includes the campaign, multiplayer and forge that open when you select them on the MMC main menu. The MMC main menu could also have the general features it already has, I just really want 343 to help capture my nostalgia, especially of Halo 3, of just leaving the menu of Halo 3 on and relaxing in bed. It's the small things like this that make Halo for me, and I'd really like to see this in the MMC.

Thank you for taking the time to read this if you have, thank you for your hard work and consideration. I really do appreciate this outreach to the community. Of course I want a thousand different things, but I don't run a business, I've never made a game or written a story, nor am I the voice for the community, so I thought I'd just ask for the one thing that to me made the Halo games, the menu, as silly as that may sound to some.

Have a great day!

David-James "RnREnglishStyle"
The one feature I would love to see implemented in any Halo game, let alone Master Chief Collection, is bots in the multiplayer modes. There are simply times I'd like to play with my kids and help them learn some multiplayer through different difficulty levels and bots that won't bully, grief, or otherwise abuse them in the process. There are other times I'd love to just chill out and play, or get right into some of those matches without having to wait for a game to fill or deal with players leaving or joining mid-match, and if I know I may have to leave at a moment's notice but would still like to play some multiplayer maps and modes without having to let my team down by inevitably leaving early, bots would be a great thing to see.

It certainly can't take the place of playing against actual players, but that's not the purpose anyway; bots have their uses and I'd love to know that the Master Chief Collection would still have some form of those multiplayer matches to play well after the majority of the live crowd has thinned out. There are myriad other functions and amounts of versatility bots could add, and it's the one thing I've been wanting to see in Halo for a good number of years. I know it's not an easy thing to just add to the game, but I think it would make many take notice that they can get into some Halo multiplayer and learn some of the ropes without feeling like they're going to be fodder and be a liability to their team, plus so many other reasons bots would resonate with Halo players.

From new players learning how to play the maps to committed teams trying to coordinate certain strategies against little resistance and without the other intangibles and oddities playing online can include, I think players of all skill levels and expectations would benefit from the inclusion of bots in the multiplayer modes. :)
1. End crossed game searching, we want to chose our Halos and then our playlists.

2. Use the original in game medals for each halos, 343’s medals are boring.

3. Put ALL the most popular playlists back for each Halos (ranked & social), those that were still up when the next Halo was released. Don’t worry about the population count, it will go up when you will offer all those options, we don’t play MCC much at the moment because we can’t frighin’ choose what we really want to play.

4. Use the final adjustments/updates made by Bungie for each Halos matchmaking maps. For example, we don’t want to play the earliest, less balanced version of Halo 3, we want to play the most recent one, when all weapons and equipments were well strategically placed on the maps.

5. You have no idea how me and all my friends want those elements to be in te game, we will be addicted again if you implement them.

6. Thanks in advance!
i would love the ability to have more emblem options and colors.
also their are separate emblems in each game mode for an example when i played halo 3 multiplayer i saw an emblem and wanted to change it but that option is only amiable if you put in the halo 3 actual game. and so on and so so forth. Id love if we could still edit the way our emblems look in the others games in MCC!!!
A custom games browsers cause
man people came up with some fun maps and game modes you could share, save and download. Huge thing back than please bring that back as it adds a whole new level to the games that where huge back in the halo 3 days. Player made zombies maps, mazes, the sniping ones. Good times.

Also online story mode coop/matchmaking please, for all the games. It gets boring without it especially with no local split screen.
- add a halo reach slayer mode, with some of the classic maps , sword base and countdown

- add your ranked and unranked games like halo 2 or 3

- make halo 6 classic and have the ranking1-50 system like 3
Ske7ch I can't believe yall would waist your time trying to make the old stuff better than it was, if you could bring custom games back to life in Mcc that would be cool but other than that you need to focus on your side halo or halo esk releases that are supposed to keep us from going nuts waiting for H6.
1. More armour customization options like in halo 5, and not set armour, like Mark IV helmet with recon armour, and so on
2.also being able to customize your emblems in all games in MCC. like you can't change Emblem you're also 3 one without going on halo 3 itself
I personally think that the multiplayer for the MCC Should be revamped to where you can Pick in choose what map you can play in from what game That you wish. Also it would be really nice to bring back some Of the old Multiplayer variants,Such as Making everything game play whys more Customize able and being able to play how you want on what map and game you want to play
Make a separate playlist for all halos. No more cross game voting. Make for example double team have only h2 in one playlist, h3 in another, ect. The same with slayer, snipers, ect.

And fix the ranking structure. I don't want to keep playing 50's when I'm at level 30. Make it so you play ranks close to your own level.
I would love to have my Halo 3 stats from back in the day migrated to Halo MCC as well as a new exp system. I worked pretty hard for my service record and miss it :'( Also, it would be very cool if it felt more like each individual game within one, with different menus that are similar to the originals. Events like rocket race and other party games could be weekend special events with some sort of reward like more exp or something else. Thank you for your time.
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