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MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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iluspook wrote:
The one feature I would love to see implemented in any Halo game, let alone Master Chief Collection, is bots in the multiplayer modes. There are simply times I'd like to play with my kids and help them learn some multiplayer through different difficulty levels and bots that won't bully, grief, or otherwise abuse them in the process. There are other times I'd love to just chill out and play, or get right into some of those matches without having to wait for a game to fill or deal with players leaving or joining mid-match, and if I know I may have to leave at a moment's notice but would still like to play some multiplayer maps and modes without having to let my team down by inevitably leaving early, bots would be a great thing to see.

It certainly can't take the place of playing against actual players, but that's not the purpose anyway; bots have their uses and I'd love to know that the Master Chief Collection would still have some form of those multiplayer matches to play well after the majority of the live crowd has thinned out. There are myriad other functions and amounts of versatility bots could add, and it's the one thing I've been wanting to see in Halo for a good number of years. I know it's not an easy thing to just add to the game, but I think it would make many take notice that they can get into some Halo multiplayer and learn some of the ropes without feeling like they're going to be fodder and be a liability to their team, plus so many other reasons bots would resonate with Halo players.

From new players learning how to play the maps to committed teams trying to coordinate certain strategies against little resistance and without the other intangibles and oddities playing online can include, I think players of all skill levels and expectations would benefit from the inclusion of bots in the multiplayer modes. :)
That’s one of the things I love about Reach! I play Gruntpocalips (only Grunt enemies) Firefight with my 9 year old daughter. I drive a warthog and let her shoot as many grunts as she wants. There are other game setting to get all the Covent also, but she love the grunt so that what we play.
Halo 4 champions bundle skins and armor. Also, firefight from ODST and a Rumble playlist
Widescreen instead of fullscreen for splitscreen in Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4, and if added to the collection Halo: Reach.
cross platform PC mac and Linux support, or at least a PC release!!!!! If halo online can exist than a port of the MCC can to don't let 343 lie to you.
I'd like armor customization to return to each Halo game respectively. This includes full customization that Halo Halo 3 had, Halo 4 had, and hopefully the DLC armors like Mark V and Prefect of course.
I understand that some of the requests I may have are already probably common knowledge or are already going to be included but I still feel like I should include them in this request list. Also, these are MY personal opinions on what should be included in the next update. Not everyone will agree and I understand that and everyone has their own opinion. But here it is:
  • Xbox One X 4K enhancements with possible HDR effects - the Xbox One X is now out and many people out here have that console, (myself included), and with that, I would like to see some enhancements made in terms of graphics since it is possible. Let's be real, Halo 2 Anniversary Blur cinematics would look beautiful as anything.
  • Firefight added - I'm pretty sure this one is self explanatory; adding the renowned and loved firefight mode from Halo 3: ODST provided that Halo 3: ODST DLC is already installed for the game
  • Customization enhancements - I know there's armor customization currently in the game but sadly it's not as "out there" as say the games currently provided collection. I would like there to be the option to mix and match armor from different helmets, shoulders, bodies, etc. as opposed to using whole sets of armor. In addition I would also like to see more emblems possibly; most notably the seventh column emblem from Halo 3, (I'm not sure if that's a Bungie only emblem but if it's not...).
These are just the bigger ideas that I have. I know these have been mentioned before probably but I still believe these are achievable and manageable. I'll be waiting for the update and regardless of what it holds in store, I'll be there to play it again with a bunch of friends like the good days.
Fix the ranked playlists. I'm tired of matching full squads when I solo search, also teams of 50s should never match teams of 10s. You guys should be never touched the ranked playlists, they need to be fixed.
I don't know if it has been mentioned, but the ability to save temporary files in theater would be greatly appreciated. I used to love going back and watching old matches that I played years ago.

Halo's theater mode is much better than using Xbox DVR to rewatch old matches, the files take up much less space than recorded video and can be watched in realtime from many angles, and being able to save clips would eliminate the need to record the whole video while also trying to cam the cool moments in real time to be watched later.

One more feature request would be player counts for playlists since it would be nice to know of there are enough people playing a particular mode to find a match quickly or even fill a game.
The ability to join custom games in progress, and the ability to change teams in custom games in progress. ODST firefight would be nice, but it would probably be a bit of a stretch.
I'm the player who has played every major Halo game save HW2. I have completed every campaign and put a little bit of time into each game's mp (like 10-80 hours depending on the game). I'm not a legendary solo player, nor am I a competitive ranked match player.

So to that effect, the best kind of improvements for a player like me are the ones it seems like the team is working on already - network connectivity, matchmaking that works quickly and effectively, improved visual enhancements on Xbox One X, etc.
I very much like the idea of the complete Halo FPS collection being in one game (so I'll say I'd love Halo 5 to be a part of the package, but naturally that's not something looking to be done). So improvements to loading time and ensuring all content from the games available (maps, armor, etc.) should be available. I'd also love to see Halo Reach included. Like above, the idea that the Halo collection being all together is very appealing to someone like me and this late into the game I'd gladly pay a few extra bucks to include the other titles digitally in the game a la ODST.

Apart from that, a custom games lobby for those "just for fun" games of Halo would also be appealing. I'd never be playing in a Halo competitive place, but I can play some pirates or knock heads in with golf clubs, etc : )

Loading time improvements. Possibility of adding future Halo FPS games. All Maps/Armor from previous titles. Custom Games Lobby.
In in order from highest preference to lowest.

(Long shot but would be nice) Rebalanced halo 2 legendary particularly co-op with restarting at checkpoint even without the iron skull on.

Reach as an add-on like ODST was. All the previous gen halo games one great bundle(well with ODST and Reach being add-ons).


Cleaner menus

dont kick me out of matchmaking after every game let me stay in the playlist till I leave.

custom game browser.
Ske7ch I can't believe yall would waist your time trying to make the old stuff better than it was, if you could bring custom games back to life in Mcc that would be cool but other than that you need to focus on your side halo or halo esk releases that are supposed to keep us from going nuts waiting for H6.
its a seaport team
1. In-game File Browser.
2. Champions Bundle skins and armour added.
3. The ability to customise armour like the original versions of each of the respective games which allows a more in-depth customisation.
4. ODST Firefight with a Matchmaking playlist.(Maybe Reach's Firefight on the same playlist if Reach is added to the MCC after the MCC is fixed)
5. Population counter to allow us to know which playlist has a healthy population.
6. Replace the voting system with a veto system to avoid the same map being played over and over again.
7. A more "streamlined" UI similar to what we seen in Halo 3 and Reach. Etc.
8. Custom Games Browser like Halo 5's.
9. Make the terminals not require the Halo Channel, since it's very inconvenient to automatically be sent to the Halo Channel whenever I activate or load up a Terminal.
10. Remove the Halo 5 Beta section, since it's not playable anymore.
11. Military Player Ranks like Halo 2, 3 and Reach if a progression system is implemented throughout the game.
12. The ability to switch between the original and anniversary soundtracks for Halo 2/A like Halo CE/A.
13. Possibly add Halo Reach in the near future, since the game is mostly dead nowadays due to the bad side of modders make the game unplayable for me on the mutiplayer side, I cannot play Reach without encountering flying Warthogs, rocket spawns for zombies and the host flies around the map sadly. Also the game suffers from frame drops quite often, which is more noticeable than it was at launch. It would be nice to play Reach with 60fps like the rest of the series. I preferably like Reach to be added with a certainty of the MCC at least working 95% of the time and some of the listings I mentioned above implemented to the game. This is defiantly not a certainty, but it's just a idea to list nevertheless.
14. Dominion Playlist
15. FOV Slider
Edit: I Reach is added alongside Firefight and ODST's version, maybe add both firefights to the same Matchmaking playlist?
I know this is a long shot but maybe a Halo 3/ odst anniversary if at all possible
I want you guys to make it to where more than 4 players can play Halo Combat Evolved multiplayer on Matchmaking. I was so excited about playing the original Halo on Xbox Live. I was sad to see that only 4 players could play in Halo 1 matchmaking. I want to see that changed. I would like to see Halo Reach's multiplayer added to the Master Chief collection. I would also like to see Halo 5 added to the Master Chief Collection with split screen in Multiplayer included. I still throw LAN Party's and we can't play Halo 5 due to the split screen restrictions in that game.
Halo 3 ODST Firefight should be added.
Halo 2 MCC Forge Mode has a lot of wonderful new features, but sadly, it is significantly handicapped by two major issues:
  1. So many Forge mode bugs and things that don't work right. PLEASE just fix the bugs! Completely broken spawning, improperly lit trees, inability to save maps offline, etc. I hate to say fixing bugs is a new feature, but it would be to me.
  2. Add offline system link. Sadly, Forge mode is not nearly as useful if we can't play the maps with offline system link. I've created some Forge maps, but we just don't play them because the game lacks offline system link. We still play Halo Reach and Halo 4 maps all the time.
Would making a PC version be considered a feature? Because I would really like some new Halo on PC and I know I am not the only one.
Would be great to have more maps and game types added to the BTB playlist.. Specifically Sanbox from H3.. Doubling up on the amount of maps we get to vote on would also be great.

H3 needs it’s own BTB playlist.. we all vote for it anyway so why not, right?
- Armor customization for the different games would be excellent. Having the full armor sets as the only option doesn't make me feel connected much to my Spartan as it used to.
- Original playlists for the individual games would be amazing alongside the current mix and match system.
- Including an option to join games in progress would also help so much with unbalanced teams when people drop out of matches.
- I love the classic, wildly unbalanced Combat Evolved pistol as much as the next person, but having an individual CE playlist where the pistol ISN'T the starting weapon would be fun too.
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