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MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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More armor customization would be nice, if at all possible.
Like being able to change Your Visor color in H4.
Halo MCC is for me the best collection of games and game modes ever!My biggest wish for it is that we get an option to install Spartan Ops Cutscenes if we want in order to watch them without the need of streaming it.Those are awesome Cutscenes that tell very important story between Halo 4 and 5 and i would love to have them installed.Quantum Break had this option for its live action movie and i installed it right away even if it was over 80 gigabytes.So please dear developers give us this option.
The removal of all SMG and AR starts with the obvious exception or CE AR/Pistol starts from each game would be ideal. At the very least they should be nowhere near objective gametypes or anything above 8 players. Halo just plays better with Precision weapon starts, just because a gametype technically existed in an original game's Matchmaking does not make it good for MCC. Its like having two flag on Zanzibar, just because you can doesn't mean that you should.

The overwhelming majority of proper gametypes should be:
CE: AR/Pistol
H4: Choice between Carbine/BR/DMR/Light RIfle
Well if bringing it to the PC isn't a feature.....then the feature I'd like to see is cross-play between Xbox and PC.
I know I'm a bit late but I have a lot of things I want to say
1.halo reach its technically a part of the chief saga I don't know why odst was added and not reach but like please add it
2.make a better home screen bro like it's clunky and terrible
3.volume sliders you added it in halo 5 add it here please
4.a couple more h2a maps you missed a lot
5.more playlist options like in team slayer you get a lot of people who always vote for halo 3 it gets annoying I mean I love halo 3 but I like variety
6.halo 3 anniversary you probably couldn't add it in your schedule bit sometime in the future maybe?
7.better ranking system like more of a thing like halo reach we play we get credits we get armor
Please fix Halo 2 multiplayer campaign, when playing split screen it always crashes/freezes up at level 7 and I have to reboot my Xbox to do anything.
Please make ranked playlists block party chat to encourage teams to communicate and speak on mic in game
Will the split-screen issues be addressed with the update? Playing split screen with friends is different for each title. H1 and H2 are fine, but H3 and H2A are shrunk with annoying black bars on each side. Anyone else have these issues? Hoping it gets fixed
Any one feature? If no real customization is gonna be added, I'd definitely want a theater mode for Spartan Ops. That feature is long overdue
Make it the full 3 games. So I can choose Halo 3, then select the playlists belonging to that game, for example. That fixes the issue of having to select between 3 different games once you lock in. ALSO, bring back OLD playlists. Team throwback, mythic brawl etc.

Lastly, Halo 3 ranking system for halo 3, and get it right, with the mu and sigma system Halo 3 had. Halo 2 ranking can stay as halo 2 ranking. just amalgamate the games the way you have. I would do anything to have old Halo 3 back with a population.

FOR HALO 3: Aim assist is non existant in mcc, this is BAD. Shot leading is wildly different from 360. H3 was a perfect game, dont change it.

FIX PARTY MATCHING. I dont want to search solo and match a team of 4. Have it the way its meant to be, not social where any ranks can match. Also, make a for mcc, so we can see full breakdowns of each game, for any player we wish to view.
WolfV11 wrote:
Well if bringing it to the PC isn't a feature.....then the feature I'd like to see is cross-play between Xbox and PC.
thing is this could encourage cheating... PC users can tamper with the game so much
Halo MCC on pc, I think it would be a great way to introduce people to the halo franchise if halo 6 comes out on pc.
Hey guys i want to thell you some tips for the next halo, please dissapear the truth and regret maps, they are -Yoink- please correct the Magnum it's a secondary weapon that can destroy any other just that please
Hi 343i.

This is my second post on this topic. Today I read the “MCC Development Update #2” and was thoroughly glad. One thing I wish to say:

While I understand that a Halo 3 Anniversary (similar to Halo 2’s breathtakingly beautiful version) was not mentioned in your short list, I sincerely hope it is being solemnly considered as a future feature.

There are naysayers to this, and to them, I say depart—for you never knew Halo. Some opposers express their opinion based on necessity, ie “there are more important things to be done (so therefore it should not happen).” But I pray the average person sees through this atrocious logic. Halo 3 Anniversary is absolutely needed; both for the seriously needed graphical facelift, but mostly out of respect. “Good is the enemy of great” here. Halo 3 is currently good. It deserves better. It deserves it’s rightful Anniversary. Remember Halo 3’s “Believe” advertisement campaign? Remember “finish the fight”?

This post isn’t so much for the players here—because most of them probably do not fully appreciate H3. Indeed. One glance through the forum is heartbreaking—and disgusting. This post is for the people at 343i, and I wholeheartedly pray someone takes note of my words here and pushes for H3 Anniversary. It’s the right thing to do.

If you’ve forgotten, rewatch the “Believe” campaign for the original release of H3. Then, look me in the eyes and tell me H3 doesn’t deserve its Anniversary.

If you build it, they will play. Halo 3 deserves better. I hope someone in power realizes this.
halo 3 a is the only way you can sell it as a new game, reach may bring players back but the coursrul fans wont notes it
I would love to see Reach, campaign and multiplayer, added to the collection. If that's out of the question than ODST firefight would be great as well.
I think it would be nice to have every games original menu. And Halo: Reach included in MCC would be the best thing ever!
Would it be possible to have one of these things
-Weapons/Vehicles Ported over to H2A's Forge (Like CE Flamethrower, the Spectre from H2A's Campaign, H2A's Beam Rifle instead of the H4 Model in Multiplayer, Equipment from H3, and Sticky Detonator from H4 immediately come to mind for me)

-Halo 5 Forge for H2A.

-All Gamemodes (and possibly the Gamemode Settings) from All the Halos into H2A.

-H2A Campaign Artstyle as the Multiplayer Artstyle. (ya know How the Spartans and elites looked fam)
Any of these and I'll be Happy
Making MCC a games with gold title after fixing it will really go a long way to boost the playerbase.
If not, it would be nice to know what you had to do to unlock player icons and titlecards after unlocking them. They, while looking cool, lose all meaning (at least to me) when you dont know what you did to unlock it. It's a little, unpopular change (at least compared to the other things on the wishlist) but it would definitely satisfy me if you changed it.
A ranking system for MCC would be nice. Also adding Halo Reach to MCC would be nice too.
Halo Reach 4K and 60fps please! There is still an active player base that would love to see this game come back.
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