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[Locked] MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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Add more Campaign gameplay modifiers to each game.
Such as:

I love Halo 5's weapons modifiers so think that and then enable something in the campaign like:
-Welcome to the Party - Super Fiesta weapons for all, just Chief / just UNSC / or just Covenant
-Get tactical Marines - Only light / tactical weapons
-We need Big Guns - Only power weapons
-Let it burn - Only flame weapons (Flame grenades / Flame thrower / Flaming grenade launcher? Flaming Rocket Launcher? maybe some other sort of flaming tech)
-Neeeaar Faaaar - Swords, Hammers, shotguns, Rockets and Snipers only.

-Super Soldiers - Your UNSC support team have infinite health.
-They're Everywhere - Spawn Flood infection form throughout the entire campaign (story be damned) allowing them take over whatever they can.
-Lights out - Disable virtually all lighting in game (excluding armor/ weapons/ vehicles and associated FX) requiring you to use a flashlight or draining enhanced vision something akin to the Outlast games
-A big Grunty thirst - All Enemy's are now grunts (worrying about cutscenes relevance is for posers)

I dunno, just get creative and weird. I love playing the game in it's classic form best of all but I also like the idea that it can be turned into an almost entirely different game.
I actually love this idea and although it may never happen it seems awesome!

And for anyone thinking this, yes, this took me about a hour to type.
Man, you spent a long time writing that! but I think it is all for nowt due to this line in the latest MCC update
"We have heard feedback from the community about matchmaking times, voting, and the selection of games in playlists. In the future, we will limit playlists to a single game and remove the voting stage. With a clearer expectation of what is being played, this should also reduce the number of players quitting out just before a match starts. Of course, we’re thinking about all of this carefully, and while we expect a renewed and larger player population, we’ll want to be sure players aren’t encountering longer wait times. ". .....So there will be no 'BTB' or 'Slayer' lists.

We don't have the details of how all this is going to work yet. I hope they come up with a good solution and I hope it is some kind of 'opt-in' matchmaking where you can tick off several games and modes that you would like to play and the game matches accordingly. At the moment we don't know how it's going to work. Ima bit concerned.
kragh666 wrote:
The ability to see your ping in every game. It is nice to know.
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the option to select a LOCAL game and or a LOCAL dedicated server.
Add a pop up when you boot the game (like Gears UE did) so that people are aware of the updates coming and to attract attention to the forums
I’d like to see Reach or h3 anniversary added as dlc. Also do not reset the skill ranks. I’ve put way too much time and effort into those just to be slapped across the face.
Old school Halo 3 based XP system on top of the 1-50 rankings.


It gave a somewhat indicator of how old the account was and what the w/l rate on the account is. It was also fun making low xp high ranking accounts.
- Party-Up system at the end of matches.
- Public File Share
- Mix and match armor customization with Halo 3 & 4 (Scrap presets)
- Firefight for ODST owners
- Custom Games browser
- Fix Legendary co-op for Halo 2 (it’s like there’s a permanent Iron skull on)
- Add Halo 4’s DLC armor (ODST, Prefect, Mark V, Ricochet)
All these features with dedicated matchmaking would be what MCC really needs.
Achievements to work and also to have the progress for achievements in the right percentage and not under percent on Xbox and maybe some new achievements
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I wouldnt mind seeing firefight be brought back with new maps if possible. and maybe action sack. I know its in H5 but heyyyy its fun to screw around
A custom games browser and... well... if possible... Halo Reach, lol
Really small request, but could the bandanna skull in Halo 2: Anniversary give the player unlimited battery ammo similar to what it did to Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary?

It's really limiting and it spoils the fun when you and your friend can't go nuts with energy swords.
I just hope they will just fix the multiplayer.
Halo MCC on PC
Really small request, but could the bandanna skull in Halo 2: Anniversary give the player unlimited battery ammo similar to what it did to Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary?

It's really limiting and it spoils the fun when you and your friend can't go nuts with energy swords.
Plus, the Brute Plasma rifles are in so few Halo games. It really is sad they screwed this up. Halo 3 should get new skulls too. We didn't get -Yoink- for the 10th anniversary last year.
Being able to forge on original Halo maps
More meaningful armor customization. Make it so we can unlock and customize our armor sets for Halo 3 and Halo 4 (also please add the rest of the armor sets that are missing in Halo 4 like the Mark V). Here's an example: lets say I wanted to unlock the Mark V armor for Halo 3 & 4. Say the challenge to unlock it would be completing Halo CE's campaign on any difficulty. How about another one? What if I wanted to earn the Katana for Halo 3. What if the challenge was to complete all the Halo campaigns on Legendary difficulty. This would tell every combatant in matchmaking that this player went through hell and back for his armor set. Halo has always made it so that you unlock a piece of armor by doing something notable (accept for Halo 5). Make it so that we can customize our armor sets and earn the pieces through MEANINGFUL challenges. Also make them FAIR challenges.
Simple requests here. BEFORE ADDING ANYMORE things to MCC.

This what NEEDS to happen.

1. Player count online! either overall or per playlist, THIS has been around since the original Xbox on H2! You wanna be transparent with your player base, start with THIS!
2. Ping meter or old school Green, yellow, Red bar connection status for ALL Halo MP's.
3. Ranking for gametypes like SWAT in particular
4. Show more love for H2A playlist. Give us more maps for this remastered MP. It deserves it.
5. Filters for the MP, (Good connection, Language, Skill level, etc.)
6. Skulls for ALL campaigns! Make them fun again.
7. Give us the Veto system like HALO 3 when matched. NOT Halo 5s!
I would really love campaign theater for Halo 3 and up instead of Game DVR. It's really annoying to have to press the home button, only to have it pause the film. And I'm not relying on my memory to record the "last ________ seconds/minutes."
A Lone Wolves Playlist !
A nice black UI :-)
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