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MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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-party matching as in OG h3
-exp as in OG h3
-trueskill ranking system as in og h3
I would like to see a button added to launch Halo 5 if we own it or have it installed. Just eject and then prompt insert Disc if the player has a physical copy.

I'd also like to see Reach added to the game.
EU Justed wrote:
- Party-Up system at the end of matches.
- Public File Share
- Mix and match armor customization with Halo 3 & 4 (Scrap presets)
- Firefight for ODST owners
- Custom Games browser
- Fix Legendary co-op for Halo 2 (it’s like there’s a permanent Iron skull on)
- Add Halo 4’s DLC armor (ODST, Prefect, Mark V, Ricochet)
- Ranked and Social division on list game like H3
Halo 2 Legendary was like that.
  • 4v4 Halo CE in matchmaking as a default. create an action sack playlist for older halo's with other game modes ect.. Race,KotH,oddball,.. Yes I know this is suppose to be about halo2 remake.. Include that also. These games are known by an older group of people.. Use nostalgia and ROCKETS to bring the memories of their dorm room beer fests to bring this game back to life. Just making more spartan armor isn't going to do it.

  • Improvements on the ability to save and share files in the custom browser. ( I have lost several files and it doesn't work very smooth ever.)
  • Improve the ranking leader board system search. That thing is buggy at best.
  • Create a separate halo 4,3,2,1 multiplayer section which allows people to seperate themselves from the h3 vote. The game was different from 1 and 2 and 4, many people hate h3 and struggle to win the vote.
  • On the other hand H3 did have partying up system in matchmaking that was a very good feature and should be brought to all halo's. This would also help with keeping full games.
Increased textures and polish for regular Xbox one. Please add Halo Reach.
Fixing the bullet travel speed in Halo 3, especially with the BR, it's too slow. Might have to do with the fps bump.
And the game REALLY needs a a better menu look + UI
Adding halo reach to it as they did with odst more people may play it...
Add some sort of veto system for maps. I can't count how many times that when I actually find a game in Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer it is always lockdown. I would love to experience the other maps instead of just lockdown.
My only wish for Christmas I mean MCC is that Halo 1 play more like OG HALO 1.
I wouldn't mind seeing the vote system be replaces with the veto system. There is nothing more frustrating then jumping into BTB which consists of 4 different Halo titles just to end up playing Halo 4 over and over again.
-Customs Browser
-LAN support
-Support for old H3/H4 fileshares (there's a lot of amazing content that's just being missed)
-30fps lock, I dunno what it is but it still just feels weird to play these at 60 to me
-It would be really cool to get the OG H2 MP maps updated with the anniversary campaign art/assets or just more H2:A MP
-FFA playlist
ske7ch wrote:
With the MCC update project well underway I'm really curious what your TOP NEW FEATURE WISHLIST ITEM IS?

This is by no means a promise or a commitment to implement any of these ideas but more an exercise to better understand that IF there are opportunities to evaluate new feature(s), which ones are most wanted by the current community? Again - please do not assume that any of these features would ever make it to MCC.


For the sake of discussion, please note the following:
  • Networking and online improvements are already well underway, you don't need to pick that as your top new feature
  • Dedicated servers for all matchmade games is also already in the spec for the update work
  • Bringing MCC to PC isn't considered a feature - we know for sure there's a ton of demand for that, we've heard you there
  • Visual enhancements for Xbox One X are already in the current project scope
Ok, let's hear it. And remember, please be nice and respect the opinions of others. thanks!
Maybe an fov slider? It would be nice to be able to change the field of view for all the halos. I usually like to play first person games at 110 fov.
To be able to mix and match armor pieces and have custom in game emblems in Halo 2, 3, and 4.
I can only hope for ODST FF to be added. I was never able to partake in this.
343 Favorites. (Photos, maps, gametypes, etc.) And credit system like Reach where you earn credits and then a rank and use the credits to buy armor. It doesn’t have to be same but something along the lines. It would give us something to aim for other than a rank in a multiplayer playlist.
1."a jump in" multiplayer lobby, what I mean is to have a multiplayer search lobby, where depending on lobby size, players can join any halo multiplayer lobby/ game type, this would be great for casual players who don't mind playing whichever halo/ game type. this will make other playlist search times a lot quicker and help newer players find their favourite type of halo/game mode.

the multiplayer lobby will remove/search only certain playlist depending on the party size such as a party of 8 will not be able to enter team slayer and a party of 4 will not be able enter team double ,you can also have a preference where you can exclude a certain game mode or halo game.

2. add the remaining halo 4 armour pieces and weapon skins that was included in the Champions bundle as well as weapons skins that was exclusive with the purchase of the McFarlane figures

3. add full customisation to halo 3 and halo 4 plus including armour skins with a customisation layout similar to Reach's design, but also keeping armour pre sets as option for players

4.add firefight

5. if you are adding firefight to MCC have a multiplayer option as well just like in Reach

6. add Spartan Ops matchmaking just like in 360 version

7. add a universal file share system

8. customs browser

9. Multiplayer Coop campaign just like in Reach

10. if you are going to add new achievements please make them do-able not like LASO and under 3 hours legendary play-through

11. remove the halo 5 beta tab, it no longer needed and will make the UI more neat
The option to create your campaign playlist, upload them and download other player's playlist, I would rwreal appreciate that.
The rest of Halo 2's maps remastered and added in to H2A.

Few bonus ones:
Halo Reach added in
ODST Firefight added in
More music that cycles in the menu
- Custom games server browser (maybe also for Spartan Ops and Campaign?).
- ODST Firefight (with server browser).
- Missing customization options and depth for each games and missing armor sets from H4.
- If you ever decide to make a PC port, make sure it has a crossplay option like HW2.
New UI and make MCC the Halo Hub.... I would love if somehow halo 5 was integrated into it. Make it a one-stop shop for halo

Also make the halo 2 speedrunning achievement easier - its the only one I am missing and its killing me.
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