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MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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Remake the halo 2 map terminal. Getting someone killed by a train is WAY too funny.
It's a big map with a nice design and you can interact (get run over) a lot more than others.
I would like a join session in progress for online matchmaking. Whenever I would play mcc some of my teammates would leave and it's an instant 4V2 so If extra teammates could pop up and even it out that would be cool, thanks.
Completely independent playlists for each game with a cross-game playlist featuring mixed gametypes for those who like the current organization. Or maybe at least a search preference option to group players who favor a certain game. Also, a couple more classic gamemodes like FFA and multi-team.
A file browser and an ability to watch campaign videos in theatre mode
  1. Progression system
  2. reworked UI
  3. H2A tournaments
Give the ability to have new players join games if a teammate drops out. Also boot inactive players. This is the single most frustrating thing about matchmaking.

Build an awesome matchmaking experience and then you can make the game amazing around that core.
Forge and File Browser for Halo 3, new UI, easier team change in custom games, smooth matchmaking, special matchmaking for quitters (bring them together), Halo 3 social playlist for splitscreen players, game pass release to bring players back, Halo 3 Exp and ranking system.
Thank you for listening guys!
-Ability to choose server location
-Menu UI overhaul
-Custom Emblems for Halo 2 & 3
-File sharing
-Player count for each playlist. (So i don't have to sit waiting for players that aren't there)
Custom Game Matchmaking?
A feature I would personally love to see is an updated multiplayer. I don't know about you but I would love to see Rumble Pit as a game mode again. I would also be extremely satisfied if i wasn't booted out of a playlist after every single match. These fixes seem relatively simple, but they would make the game so much better.
1). Ranked playlists that span all the games, not one particular one. Eg. FFA, Slayer, SWAT, Snipers, Objective, Doubles, Big Team Battle. Then all matches could be randomly be on any game or map that can be vetoed.
2). Halo 5 rank system. Or Halo 3 system with placement games that level you 1-50 after 10 games, rather than unnecessary grinding. Halo 5 best though.
I want a progression like halo 3
-Exp and Ranks
-Exp per Playlist
-Weekend events

A new firefight, and a new system of progression :')
-Halo 3 ODST with firefight and achievements
-Halo Reach either campaign or multiplayer
-new ranks?
halo reach with multiplayer (Ranks, with unique server, not those of 360), firefight and campaign

None of the offered button layouts are good. Going between different Halo games with completely different controls is seriously annoying and the choices we're given are so limited...


Custom button bindings have existed since bloody DOOM and nearly all original Xbox games such as Unreal Championship, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, etc, allowed us to customise our controls.

Especially with the Xbox One Elite control we have these additional paddles we can use but I don't even bother putting them on because I can't find a decent control layout so I just stick with the default which ends up wasting easy to access buttons on bloody flashlight toggle.

It would be extremely easy to add this feature, oh, and BTW we were supposed to get this for Halo 5 as well but it never happened - Hint hint.

As an example, I'd like my controls in Halo 1 to mimic my controls for Halo 5. This isn't possible for some reason.
Here's a suggestion I haven't heard: Mass produce the super limited Master Chief XB1 (preferably as an X1X model though). It looked 100x better than that Halo 5 one.
Hello 343! thanks for this update, will be awesome, i played all halos since kid! i think MCC needs to have social and ranked playlist but with Halo 3 ranked system, rank 1-50 and then the EXP in social or ranked matches that will give you general 2 stars then 3 stars if you have more EXP, so the social playlist will improve also the ranked one. Every player and friend says the same. please add this system, is the best ever. This system is the reason people had played halo 3 for so LONG LONG, because even if they couldnt go more than 40 for example, they could go for grade 2 or grade 3 with EXP in social!! =) make it for halo MCC. It could be fun if there is a overal mcc skill system from 1-100. and then 1-50 halo 3 rank style for each game and ranked playlist! i Also think recon challanges should be there too, with 7 challanges to have a UNIQUE armor.

here is the rankign that i talked about:

thank you so much, keep that amazing work with MCC. THANKS FOR THE OFFLINE LAN SUPPORT!!!! =)
MCC on PC pretty please!
My brother wanted deeper color customization for the armors, so there wouldn't just be primary and secondary armor colors.
My brother wanted deeper color customization for the armors, so there wouldn't just be primary and secondary armor colors.
Deeper? Hell, Reach wouldn't even let us set our armor to BLACK!
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