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MCC - Your Top New Feature Wishlist Item?

OP ske7ch

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can we get the specter in halo 2 anniversary mulitplayer/forge?
Never though I'd have to say this, but a permanent SWAT playlist...
Less Halo 3 in BTB I like halo 3 mind you but it seems like every single match is halo 3. It feels like Halo CE and Halo 2 are getting the cold shoulder when it comes to maps.
Along with a major UI refresh, I wish for all of the Halo 2 maps to be remastered.
H3 Ranking with visible # & rank graphic (general grade 3)
CHADS MAG wrote:
CHADS MAG wrote:
Ability to play Halo 3 with people on 360.

Whatever advantage that gives Xbone players, I don't care, do you? Just make it happen, work a miracle. People would love 343 and totally forgive the past if something THAT GREAT is given back to the community
Well, I would care about an advantage of framerate XONE users would have, not to mention that MCC and Halo 3 run on completely different servers. Framerate matters more than you think.
I'm overstating a bit I know, cause it IS something to be concerned about. BUT just imagine the payoff? The entire Halo 3 community able to play with each other again. It would still be fun to play on 360 socially if not competitively, and I could see the frustration with the difference in frame rate giving people an urge to try MCC. What do you think?
I think it would be better to use the BC Halo 3 honestly. Nothing changes, and you get to play XONE with 360. A reason why crossplay through MCC to Halo 3/Halo 4 isn't possible is because 360 users shouldn't be able to access Halo 2's Campaign menu. Just giving out an example.
They don't need to. The next update is adding the ability to uninstall each games campaigns and multiplayers, so they already have the ability to have matchmaking without all the games. Playing Halo 3 on 360 would, in this case, be the same as someone who has uninstalled all MCC components except for Halo 3.
It doesn't fix the issue yet. Simply having the Main Menu is already a problem. I used the H2A's Campaign lobby as an example, but it applies to pretty much every menu.
Implement game specific emblems. I want to see my classic h2 emblem IN GAME.
It's weird that I have to request this.... pretty sad
IP masking
Party matching
Fix dodging issue
All playlists for each game
Fix halo 2's spawns. Make them how they were originally
To reduce matchmaking time I would like to see a party up system, similar to Halo 3 or Reach, where after the game is over, you can opt in to play with people from your previous match. If you have 2 or 3 people partying with you, that is just less slots that need to filled. In order to make this work well, you will need to implement party matching, so that when 3 people are searching in a party, you will get matched with another team of 3.

And also I would really like to request player population for each playlist. When I go back and play Halo: Reach, it is nice to know where people are most populated, this ultimately decides which playlist I will be playing when I am looking for a quick match, however, for example, if I really want to play MLG or Grifball, even if the population on one of those is say 24, it is still reassuring that I can find people in that playlist.
The ability to see anyone's first person POV in halo 3 theater.

Show us what game variants in the view maps in this playlist button when searching for a match. Instead of slayer have it say slayer - team snipers, slayer - swat etc.
Is it possible to add the Anti-Air Wraith to Halo 3's Forge?
Is it possible to add the Anti-Air Wraith to Halo 3's Forge?
That always bugged me. Why isn't the Anti-air Wraith in Halo 3 multiplayer? It was present in the betas, why not in the final game?
Theater mode for Halo 4 campaign and Spartan Ops, and full armor customization. And, if possible, H2A theater and/or Halo CE theater.
Automatically booting players who are inactive after 3 minutes
I thought about another feature: Campaign Matchmaking. It was in Reach and I love it. A bit of a shame it's barely populated. I though it would be interesting to have this for all 5 games =).
Unfound wrote:
1. UI overhaul
2. Armour customisation as it was for each game
3. Options to choose any halo song while searching (c'mon we would all go nuts)
That would be amazing.
Offline support for Spartan Ops.
The ability to download all videos (terminals, Spartan Ops cutscenes) to the console for playback, rather than relying on Halo Channel streaming.
Skull descriptions for Spartan Ops level select (at the moment you have to memorise the logos).
The ability to have one level load up immediately after the other in Spartan Ops, and have the cutscenes play automatically.
Halo 4's DLC armour sets.
The Beaver Creek remake from H2A's Forge demonstration.

Also, am I the only one who would prefer Spartan Ops to be grouped with the campaigns in the menu?

Edit: Also larger subtitles for Halo 4 as a whole, or at least the ability to scale them to your liking. Right now they're pretty hard to read.
Please add the spectre to H2A multiplayer!
We NEED a population count
To reduce matchmaking time I would like to see a party up system, similar to Halo 3
H3 Ranking with visible # & rank graphic
maybe playlist like bungie used to do double exp weekeends ranked or something
playlist especial like h3 valentines ranked 2v2

Being able to see my ping to the dedicated server would be awesome.
  • Original Halo: CE sound effects while in Classic Mode.
  • Original Halo: CE HUD elements
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