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[Locked] MCC Campaign Feedback – November 2019

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Halo 1 campaign legendary. Please tone down either number of enemies, max auto fire on plasma pistol, or whatever is going on that makes it impossible. Have never had such a difficult time on Halo CE legendary. Also ghost and scorpion fire spread is ridiculous. It was never an issue before so why did you change it? The scorpion main cannon fires straight and not in a cone of probability. The auxiliary turret has worse spread than a sawed off shotgun. And is there no armor on the Scorpion? I die immediately from the inside when being hit by light fire on the outside. Please fix the legendary solo difficulty. Is broken to the point you need hacks or some bullcrap MLG technique to beat it.
Are you joking
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 3

  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Lighting issue with Chief's model in Floodgate

    Don't know how to trigger it. Only noticed it when picking up a flamethrower. When going into theater mode or save & quit and continue from last checkpoint - lighting for Chief's model is corrected.

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Image to Chief's bugged lighting
  • Was the issue where Halo 2 LASO playlist would skip the cutscene chapters (Armory, Heretic) in co-op (causing 13/15 on the playlist) ever fixed?
  • Please make Reach's LASO playlist leave out the Blind skull like the weekly challenges on 360 always were. Nobody has a right to moan about whether or not it's true LASO as long as Envy is out of Halo 2's, because Envy was in the original Xbox disc of H2. It's not truly LASO without it, regardless of its effects. Point being. A LOT of people despise Blind skull. The purists can play it custom with that skull if they want to.
  • Please fix the Campaign co-op lag and poor connectivity. I've been lagged out of pretty much every game that has had more than two players.
  • Please consider making the Energy Sword, Fuel Rod Gun, Sentinel Beam, and Wraith useable in Halo: Combat Evolved.
  • Please consider adding content from Halo Reach into Combat Evolved to ensure continuity.
I would like to see Halo 2 campaign 4 co-op
Only if you wanted or ytou can
Only if you wanted or ytou can
Please don't post multiple time in a row. If you need to add more information or quote other users, you can edit your last post. Thanks
I'm on xbox one Halo CE mission 5,6 and 7(till now) keep crashing and turning off my console while i'm on new graphic mode. It happens every time. It doesn't happens with old graphic. Please fix this, i don't want my console broken for this
Did they ever fix the spirit dropships in halo ce? Or are they still shooting from the center instead of the turret?
343 please fix halo 2 classic voice chat on mcc the main problem about halo 2 vista is that voice chat is broken. on the og xbox halo 2 when someone talks you see there name icon appear when they talk but on halo 2 mcc/vista port when someone talks you don't know whos talking because there gamer tag doesn't show above the scoreboard like in halo 3 and halo 2 og xbox so if you can add this feature to mcc,s halo 2 classic I will be real happy
Did they ever fix the spirit dropships in halo ce? Or are they still shooting from the center instead of the turret?
343 please fix halo 2 classic voice chat on mcc the main problem about halo 2 vista is that voice chat is broken.
I don't think they fixed the turret issue, but I think both of those things could be addressed once their games are up for the PC treatment although I'd have low expectations with a turret fix.
Played the 3rd insider flight for MCC.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach winter contingency campaign.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: When firing while aiming down sights in the campaign, the gun goes out of aim down sights unlike as compared to the Magnum and sniper rifle
  • REPRO STEPS: Aim down sights and try to shoot using the combat rifle. It'll move back into regular view.
Might be a bug in my PC install. Hope it might be fixed in the final release of the game.
Oh, I forgot to mention this before. I have an issue with Halo 3 where it refuses to acknowledge that I completed Cortana on Legendary solo in spite of the fact I did it twice, and every mission before and after are registered as completed Legendary Solo.
One I haven't really seen and was one of the most ICONIC parts of my childhood. Is in Halo 2 when you have to take down the scarab on Metropolis, When you're running up the stairs after the scarab destroys the tank, in the old Halo 2 the Rock version of the Halo 2 theme would que after you walk through the door at the top of the stairs. In Anniversary It ques, but in classic it doesn't. It's a real shame too, since that was one of the best moments in the campaign for me..
I vaguely remember glitching through a wall in halo 3 odst. That's like the only problem I've encountered though. Good game guys! (=
How about my xbox x auto shutting down on halo ce with updated graphics was fine until level 5 and 6 only was to get through it is to downgrade back to orginal which is so disappointing....

Btw I'm not in xbox preview or insider and tried hard resetting clearly a bug in the game itself.
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