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[Locked] MCC Campaign Feedback - January

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  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Ce, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4
  • SUGGESTION: Skulls - the player have to find the hidden skulls to use them
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Ce
  • SUGGESTION: Scoring skull - A skull that make the player only able to pick up human weapons?

  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Ce, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4
  • SUGGESTION: Coop/Solo - an option that allow the player to display the score AND the time during a mission
For your second suggestion, I believe that already exists. It's called "Foreign".
A skull (mutually exclusive with Foreign, except in H4) that disallows the use of human weapons would be interesting.

As for why I'm here: a simple (or "simple") suggestion.

Games: Halo 1 and 2
Suggestion: In local splitscreen, both players can change graphical styles on the fly. As some players might be splitscreening with annoying relatives who like to mash the button, an option to disable the second local player's use of this feature would be a small boon to those people.
SKLUBBY wrote:
SKLUBBY wrote:
I started playing the campaign for CE again and am unable to load up The Maw. All the other levels loaded up fine. I’m not sure why this one will not. Please help as I would like to complete the campaign. I have tried a hard reset but it has not helped.
I also have a video -
I had this issue before. Here is the way i fixed it :
1) Sign out from Xbox Live
2) Turn off the Xbox
3) Unplug the power cable
4) Wait 10 sec
5) Replug the power cable
6) Log back to your Xbox and then launch Halo Master hief collection
7) Load any other map in the game and try to load up the maw again. It should work after that
This morning I tried these steps out and it did not help, things actually went worse then expected. When I got up to step 7, I chose Pillar of Autumn and the game crashed. I tried again a couple more times with different map choices and the game kept crashing. The game even crashes around the Skull selection panel which is before I even try to load up the map. I really just want to play The Maw and finally beat Halo CE. Someone PLEASE HELP!
Can you verify if the same issue occure with any multiplayer game?
I would also recommend you to check if you can launch any selection
The issue does not occur with multiplayer. It also does not occur with Halo 2 campaign. Also, there was an update yesterday and it sort of erased where I was in the Halo campaign. My quick-start is no longer The Maw, it is Pillar of Autumn and I have to select the difficulty. However my progress in the Halo 2 campaign remained the same, all the way down to the last checkpoint.
Could you guys fix the ar glitch in ce where when switching to the ar the stock partially disappears? Bugs the crap out of me.
This only happens in cea while in splitscreen. Sorry for not clarifying.
Just finished halo 4 legendary under 3 hrs not unlocking?
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo CE Anniversary
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Classic Music Glitch: Whenever I play Halo: Combat Evolved's campaign, I always select the anniversary graphics and the [remastered] anniversary music as options. The new music plays just fine as it's supposed to, but if I die anywhere in the campaign, the new music (for some odd reason) is switched back to the old music when you respawn at your most recent checkpoint, but with the new graphics on. I've played the whole campaign without dying before, and the new music played just fine all the way throughout. The old music only came back (and stayed there until I finished the campaign) whenever I died for the first time in the campaign. It's just super weird playing the game in new graphics with old music. This bug has been unaddressed for years now.
  • REPRO STEPS: 1) If I die at any location and respawns, 2) If I respawn at my last checkpoint via pause menu option, or 3) If I resume my mission progress when logging back in to the mission from the UI
Just finished halo 4 legendary under 3 hrs not unlocking?
It was the same for me. Trust me, it will unlock when you get back to the game. It’s the classic delayed unlocking of achievements. I’ve seen it has been reported here already, but this is old now. You can find it as well in the campaign feedbacks of the previous months.
Just finished halo 4 legendary under 3 hrs not unlocking?
It was the same for me. Trust me, it will unlock when you get back to the game. It’s the classic delayed unlocking of achievements. I’ve seen it has been reported here already, but this is old now. You can find it as well in the campaign feedbacks of the previous months.
When I get back to the game? I’ve hard reset and quit the game?
I have apparently played 10/11 missions on halo 3 odst when I havent even bought it (because I have already beaten it on 360 and didn't enjoy it that much) I dont have the last mission because I guess if I did id get an achievement for beating it but it'd be random which difficulty it'd play since I cant even access odst without purchasing it
Was hoping this would get patched w/ the January update, but no such luck.

ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The game crashes if you try to launch the LASO playlist. Obviously, that makes this achievement unattainable too. This has been an issue since (at least) the November update.
REPRO STEPS: I know this occurs on the X (w/ both resume or restart options). I can't say for sure about the standard xbox one, but I'd imagine it happens there too.
Update on this glitch: I have since reinstalled the entire game, uninstalled and reinstalled my profile, and this is still occurring. The game starts to load into the first mission, then the audio bugs out, game freezes, and then crashes to the home menu. Apparently this issue is NOT affecting all players -- only some.

To make things even weirder: I cannot load it on my main profile, but if I try a different profile on the same xbox (same game install), it will load properly. This is some sort of corrupted checkpoint issue.

1) The player w/ the corrupted save CAN load into the playlist if they're a guest of a profile that does not have a corrupt save. However, this doesn't fix the issue for said player (as the guest in co-op doesn't get any progress saved at all, therefore it can't overwrite the bad save).
2) Simply attempting to "Restart" the playlist does NOT work for the player w/ a corrupted save.

This has locked me out of playing this playlist for months, and hopefully it can be addressed (or at least acknowledged) soon... =\
  • MCC HALO GAME: All main games within the Master Chief Collection (Halo Combat Evolved/Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2/Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 4)
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Hello, 343 Industries. I'm sure you have received this request ad nauseam but I am afraid I must put my foot down. The Scoring system needs to be completely redone. It has placed me in a Catch 22: in order to meet the par score on each mission, I must play on harder difficulties (i.e., Heroic or Legendary) with multple skulls activated, but when I do, I repeatedly die, which further increases the time counter for the mission and depletes my score. This was not the case with the original scoring system in Halo 3, ODST, and Reach, and it is time for a return to form. It is frustrating and downright infuriating at certain times to try to meet and surpass the par score only to have my score penalized and all points for my kills dropped to zero after a certain amount of time has passed. The zero multiplier needs to be removed to allow players a fair chance to accumulate points and unlock achievements pertinent to campaign scoring. The score depletion must also be removed for maximum point retention. The skull multipliers must be reset to their individual values. I'm sorry to say this, but that was a mistake which negatively affects the final aggregrated score. Instead of multipliers of 1.1x, 1.2x, 1.3x, etc, they should be their standard specific values consisting of 1.5x, 2x, and 3x (e.g., for the Iron skull). With this return to form, it would be vastly easier to unlock the achievements for surpassing the par score for each of the individual missions. I will personally no longer pursue these achievements until serious lasting modifications have been made the scoring system so that they resemble their original counterparts. This has been a serious issue since this game's original release; I hope you will take the time to look into this matter and consider the changes I have suggested.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: As mentioned before, after a certain amount of time has been passed, the time multiplier for each mission is reduced to zero. The puzzling thing is that whenever I complete a mission, the time multiplier is listed as "1.00x", instead of zero. Please fix this. It would also be appreciated if you greatly increased the par times and greatly decreased the par scores for each mission.
Completely agree with ChrisAW
Thanks man! Please spread the word about this issue so 343 can fix it!
I believe that when a skull is picked up in Halo 2 on MCC, its effect should be applied to the player - just like in the original game. When Envy is picked up, I think it should not affect speedrunning achievements. The original game had it, so this instance should as well, even if exploits (such as the infinite camo glitch) are present. As I said, it was present in the original Halo 2, so I think the MCC version should be the same.
I've posted this plenty of times. It seems not to be so important for players, though. However, in my opinion, the MCC games should be accurate to their classic counterparts (although the inconveniences related to readding them should be fixed, such as that infinite camo glitch), just like the original Carbine rate of fire, which is now adjusted (even if I didn't thought it was necessary).

That said, they should also change the par score multipliers, as they're currently unfair, and don't provide the required time to complete it legitimately.
I made a post on page 2 of this forum addressing something similar to this. Please give it a like and spread the word so 343 can fix it!
Please remove the Grunt Funeral skull from Halo: CE LASO playlist - there are several times where the game will spawn you next to dead grunt bodies. That, and the fact that boom is on, is a game over. (Truth and Reconciliation elevator I'm looking directly at you)

Also please remove Assassins from Halo 2's LASO, and all the skulls that were not originally in Halo 2. (Or at least make Assassins a co-op only skull)

A campaign matchmaking feature similar to the one in Halo Reach would be perfect. I'm always up for some co-op.
Is there a reason that my stats no longer show up in my career for any campaign now or is that a new bug that started with this last update. It was there till this update but now it’s blanked out.
Modern aiming might not be working as intended with ODST.
bug menu ! halo 4 say campaign 0/10 and ODST (10/11) but i don't do ODST campaign

bug save in Spartan OPS: when a mission was completed, you live the game and return in xbox menu, you return in MMC Spartan OPS and mission is reinitialized

bug legendary Spartan OPS all skrulls are actived in default because even if i never active skrulls, covenants have aggressived stronger, better levels, betters weapons
Is there a reason that my stats no longer show up in my career for any campaign now or is that a new bug that started with this last update. It was there till this update but now it’s blanked out.
It’s weird when u go to stats go to campaign go back to custom games. Then go back to campaign tap and it will show u. Def a weird bug idk if this is the reason the speed run ach ain’t unlocking?
Game: Halo Ce Anniversary MCC
Issue: Very slow loading between 5/7mn to load a mission.
How to recreate: Load any mission
The leaderboards times is most certainly off just a heads up
In Halo CE

  • The Plasma Pistol sound keeps bugging out with the overcharged sound playing while regularity firing the weapon.
  • Covenant dropships fire their turret from the wrong location.
  • Background graphics during “The Maw” opening cutscene still flicker. Please fix.
  • Other audio bugs in random places. Music tends to loop a couple times before correcting itself. Presumably during loading, but can’t tell.
  • Please let us select old music with Remastered graphics in Halo 2 Anniversary.
  • New, fun, non-scoring skulls for all games. Fun as in doesn’t just make the game harder. For example, make a skull where you always respawn with a completely random weapon (The Fiesta Skull you can call it).
I recently completed the Halo 2 Heroic Campaign Playlist with a friend of mine. For some reason when you play the playlist in co-op, it skips right to Cairo Station, which makes the finalized count when you complete the playlist 13/15 missions completed. After finishing up, I went back and watched the first two missions, giving myself the 15/15 completion on the playlist itself and the overall campaign. The Halo 2 playlist counter still shows zero, and the MCC thinks I haven't completed the playlist, so I haven't received the achievement for it.
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