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Please use this official thread to share any and all MCC CAMPAIGN FEEDBACK.
  • MULTIPLAYER FEEDBACK can be provided HERE.
  • Misc/Other Feedback can be provided HERE.
If you encounter an issue or have a suggestion or general feedback related to MCC CAMPAIGN, please include as much detail as possible.
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • REPRO STEPS: If it's a bug/issue, please provide the steps taken to reproduce this bug (if applicable)
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
Thank you
I have a few issues to report, so this might be a slightly longer post. Also some of these apply to both campaign and multiplayer but didn't seem "miscellaneous" so I chose to post them here. Also I don't know if some of these have been reported by others previously, so I apologize if that's the case.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 3/Halo 3: ODST
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Shadows cast by players, enemies, vehicles, etc. do not appear correctly over-top of certain types of grass (and possibly other types of objects that don't have collision) when compared to OG Halo 3. This is most noticeable on the levels Tsavo Highway in Halo 3 and Uplift Reserve in Halo 3: ODST.
  • REPRO STEPS: Go into any level that has 3D grass (not just a ground texture) and either stand over it or drive a vehicle over it. In the original Halo 3 (or ODST) the shadow cast by the player or vehicle would cast clearly over-top of the grass and appear dark. In MCC however, the shadow cast by the player or vehicle will often appear only on the ground beneath the grass and not on the grass itself. It acts as if the grass isn't even there.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: This has been an issue since MCC first launched in 2014, but I've yet to see anyone else mention it. Also the multiplayer map Valhalla is another place where this issue is very evident, but it's most noticeable in the previously mentioned campaign missions.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: When Ghosts are destroyed, they no longer "spasm out" or flip around before blowing up as they did in OG Halo 2.
  • REPRO STEPS: Load up any mission or map with Ghosts in it. Then just destroy a Ghost. You'll notice that after destroying it, there will be a delay, and then the Ghost will explode but remain stationary before it does so. This isn't what's supposed to happen. In the original Halo 2, Ghosts would sort of flip out or spasm out before blowing up. It's sort of difficult to explain, but if you play Halo 2 on original Xbox (or Halo 2 Vista for that matter) you'll clearly see what i mean. The beginning of Metropolis on the bridge is a good place to try this.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: As far as i know, this issue has been there since launch. It's been a couple of months since I last played, but the issue was still there at that time, and no patch notes have mentioned it.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Elites have screwed up jaws during cut-scenes
  • REPRO STEPS: Watch almost any cut-scene in Halo 2 that has Elites in it that are not The Arbiter. Compared to the original Halo 2 or Halo 2 Vista, most Elites have jaws that are out of alignment in MCC during cut-scenes. I don't believe this applies to The Arbiter after he officially becomes The Arbiter, but it does in the first couple of cut-scenes when he's still wearing his gold armor.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: I don't know how to create links but here's the URL for a video that shows this issue. It's at the very beginning of the video. The video also shows a brief issue with Sgt. Johnson's facial expressions which may be related to this issue. If the link doesn't work then just copy and paste the URL.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2, Halo 3/Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The in-game audio sounds much more compressed than in the original titles.
  • REPRO STEPS: Just compare the audio in the original releases to the audio in the MCC ports. The most noticeable symptom of this issue is the way the Halo 3 Battle Rifle sounds in MCC compared to the original game on Xbox 360. You'll notice that in MCC, it sounds flatter, and lacks a distinctive punch that is present in the original. It's the same sound, from what I can tell, but just much more compressed.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: I believe the issue some people have posted about the music in Halo 2 classic sounding too quiet may have something to do with this as well. Finally, Halo 4 seems to suffer from this issue, but sounds less noticeable.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2
  • FEEDBACK: It is well documented on these forums (and elsewhere) how frustratingly difficult Legendary is, which causes players to avoid replaying it like the plague, as it's just not fun. I believe a very well-received feature that would get players excited to try Halo 2 Legendary again (especially as MCC on PC approaches) would be to add a 0x multiplier skull that reduced the global enemy damage modifier for Legendary to +40% over Heroic (resulting in 2SK Jackal snipers, which become 1SK at precisely +45%), instead of the current +50%. Having it as a 0x multiplier skull gives players the option to use it if they want, without it affecting par time/score achievements, etc.
- FEEDBACK: The plasma pistol overcharge sound can be heard when firing the weapon normally.
There is a glitch on the mission where you fight the boss that comes in and out of the tubes on halo 2. Forgot the name of the mission but if you watch the cutscene before the boss fight it glitches you out of the game. Next time I got there I spammed A to skip and I got through. I was playing legendary co-op so it was quite annoying to restart especially since its halo 2 legendary!
Forgot the name of the mission
The Oracle.
Forgot the name of the mission
The Oracle.
Did the same thing happen to you?
Did the same thing happen to you?
Haven't experienced that yet.
Halo 2 Legendary Solo is still crashing my game. Just want to try to get monopolized to pop for me:( it’s been 2 years
One problem I have been seeing with Halo 1 and 2 (lesser with Halo 3 and ODST but those two games have more of a stuttering issue with checkpoints with the framerate) is every checkpoint freeze/hangs the game for a split second then goes back to normal. Before April, I did not see this issue so some recent updates to the collection introduced this issue. Its causing slight gameplay issues when doing this, like reloading a weapon or if your turning the camera quickly while its triggering the checkpoint.
MCC HALO GAME: Halo: The Master Chief Collection/ Halo 1 Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Guns getting stuck within walls/ constantly rotating as well as constant gun drop/collision sounds.
REPRO STEPS: Kill/bash an enemy near a wall in a forerunner building.
ADDITIONAL INFO: Not entirely sure how to replicate, but it's been a common issue in both single-player and co-op play throughs on the Xbox One version at least.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Posted in April and I think thread closed.
I have booted up MCC Insider a few times to play campaign (not really interested in multiplayer for the time being) but campaign and Spartan Ops are greyed out/not selectable. At first I just thought it wasn’t available right now, but after a few months and really wanting to play the campaigns again I started searching and found that everyone else seems to be able to play campaign with no issue. Don’t know if it is something I did or what, but it does not seem possible to access Campaign or Spartan ops. Help would be greatly appreciated.
EDIT: It also appears that if I search for a multiplayer game it just sits there searching for players forever, have not yet had the server match me with any other players.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK:Please add subtitles to the game to help people with hearing impairment
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: In level Halo, Halo 3 music seems to play throughout unless I'm mistaken. And drop ships seem to go much lower than they should when dropping off Covenant troops so the ship clips the ground.
  • REPRO STEPS: play Halo CE level Halo.
All MCC games - splitscreen campaign
I'm pretty confident that the Xbox one could totally run every halo campaign in 4 player splitscreen. Halo 1 and 2 didn't support 4 player campaign at all, but people were easily able to mod it in. My main gripe is that it has been proven that even the Xbox 360 was able to run with 4 player splitscreen via use of a glitch. It ran just fine for 4 people on halo 3 (except for cortana cutscenes), and it still worked fine on halo 4 and halo reach with 3 players (although 4 players did cause some justifiable lag). The Xbox one is more powerful than the 360, so it should totally be able to run 4 player splitscreen in campaign.
Game: Halo 2 Anniversary
Mission: The Great Journey

I'm noticing some frame rate drops and some weird textures. Not excatly sure whats causing the frame rate drops so I cant give any knowledge on how to reproduce it. The weird textures however remained constant in certain areas of the map. For instance when walking through some of the interior areas of the level I noticed these white lines that would float in mid air.

These floating lines are abundant in the "corner rooms" or rooms that act as sorta of a stopping point before proceeding to the larger rooms in the interior sections. I was able to report some of these issues they the Xbox Insider App.

Game Settings and Other Info:
-playing on Xbox One X
-4k TV
-Easy difficulty
-Blind Skull, Scarab Gun, Bandanna and the skull that allows Chief to use active camo were activated
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Campaign scoring has an intentional behavior that I feel needs revision. After a relatively short time during a mission, you will cease to earn any points for kills. If this was present in previous Halo games, I certainly didn’t notice it. It also seems to be cumulative, meaning if you die and restart from a checkpoint, it doesn’t reset the clock back to that moment. The clock isn’t even visible either, so it’s a mystery as to when your kills will become meaningless. I don’t personally see the value in forcing players to rush through the mission when it’s score attack, not time attack. I’d suggest removing it altogether, or at the very least, give the players a reasonable amount of time before disabling the earning of points.
Edit: Thought of another one

  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Please integrate terminal content into the game itself. Jumping to the Halo Channel app is a miserable experience.
Halo MCC GAME: H2:A / H2
ISSUE: In Halo 2 on classic or anniversary the gamo (ON LEGENDARY) always crashes with the Scarab skull.
Halo ce anniversary phantoms disappear and re appear out of thin air and halo 2 classic or anniversary graphics in outskirts after killing the hunters when u proceed to the next area on heroic or higher there will be stealth elites and there is always atleast 1 stealth elite floating in mid air with both his hands up I have a picture but have no idea how to post it lol also camera is still very jittery in halo 2 classic or anniversary also on quarantine zone your allies will shoot for awhile until u get to the area with the tank then they will shoot a little bit more then stop all together while still getting shot at also in Halo ce on assault on the control room as soon as u get to the tank and enter it the music will start then stop instantly I’m really trying to hear Marty’s tunes lastly in halo 3 on flood gate the tank infected forms will occasionally just stand there and look around for about 30 seconds
MCC Game: Halo 4
ISSUE: Screen fades to black when loading a mission for the first time.

Whenever I turn on the Xbox and go to play some Halo 4, the screen just goes black after loading a mission and stays that way forever. Every time, I have to close the game and restart it in order to load the missions successfully. This is a bit annoying.
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