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[Locked] MCC Campaign Feedback - November

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Can we have scoring turned on when playing split screen coop on Halo CE and Halo 2 when playing with the banana skull? Even though we don't get points or achievements, having the 0- pop up after a kill is very helpful.
Xbox One X

Halo CE

Hit pause,

Screen Freezes audio continues.

Xbox won't soft off and I have to hold the power button on my xbox and then turn it back on. It's made Halo CE campaign unplayable as I know at some point when I pause its going to lock up my screen.

edit: I should have mentioned spotify is playing on and playing.
Yes I reported it last month. I also have a Xbox One X but I didn't use spotify.
Postums wrote:
Avengerr wrote:
ISSUE:Cross-game playlists with Halo 3 missions do not count as completed for guest players in co-op.

DETAILS:Multiple times while playing a cross-game playlist, any Halo 3 missions played did not count as "complete" for players who were not the host. If we finished the playlist if I was host, it would show all missions as completed (the blue highlight under the level thumbnail and 5/5 completed, for example) but for the guest the Halo 3 mission will appear to have been skipped. This was confirmed while I hosted the game and while I was a guest on a friend's game (online).

  1. Create a lobby with at least 2 total people
  2. Load up a co-op compatible, uncompleted Cross-Game playlist that includes one or more Halo 3 levels (aim for a short one to save time)
  3. Complete the playlist
  4. Observe that whoever is not host does not have the Halo 3 mission completed
Also, as a separate issue: The Master Chief Saga playlist for some reason has the Halo 3 Epilogue scene excluded. Not a big deal as it is an non-interactive cutscene, but the "cutscene missions" from Halo 2 (The Heretic) and Halo 4 (Prologue/Epilogue) are still included in the playlist so it seems odd that this is excluded.
You are using the word "Guest" account. Is this an additional profile being loaded or a true guest account? Guests do not get awarded progress as the profiles are not permanent ones.
Sorry for the late reply. My issue is referring to playing with a friend on another console (via Xbox Live), not multiple players/accounts on the same console. "Guest" in this context was referring to the player who was NOT the host.
Halo 2 Anniversary Online still has audio glitches that happens pretty frequently.

Well this may be happening more extreme for me because of my wireless XB1 connection but i still think it's an overall issue, Halo CE Online lags/hitches a lot when you are the gunner or in the passenger seat of a warthog. Im only have this problem with CE the other Halo games run fine in similar situations.

I tried looking at the best record times of players completing a level and when I started switching the difficulty slider the game told me that something timed out (I can't remember specifically) and the stats were all unavailable. Might wanna fix something there.

On the plus side. Halo 3 hit detection feels really good, like I'm actually surprised. My shots are actually hitting players now... No wonder I've gotten better.The menu is pretty sick. I love the options. I love playing the game I wanna play and having a higher chance of playing on my favourite maps and not hoping my game gets picked out of 3 other games and 60 other maps lol. Good job MCC Team!
Hi there!

Many thanks for the November's update. Keep up the good work!

Could anybody please clarify what does this note mean?
Fixes to Sadie’s Story achievements when collecting audio logs across multiple playthroughs of Mombasa Streets
I collected the 29/30 audiologs months ago but since I did it in co-op and not a single run, seemed that it got glitchy. Does this mean am I supposed to be able to get the last one now? Is now storing the collected audio logs on the profile/savegame? Do I need to collect them again? (please tell me I don't need to).

Anyway, thanks for trying keeping it clean.

P.S: Thanks for the Composer! SWAT is back, yay!
Is anyone else having a problem on the delta halo mission on halo 2 where the phantom that comes up before the first gondola to drop off some hunters just disappears? That means the fight with the hunters on the first gondola doesn’t happen and you just carry on skipping it out completely. Kind of disappointed that it hasn’t been fixed yet, not the end of the world but just adds a challenge
Cinema for cutscenes and terminals!
Halo Channel app is bed, add terminals to intelligent delivery, give us the possibility to download them, please!
Is anyone else having a problem on the delta halo mission on halo 2 where the phantom that comes up before the first gondola to drop off some hunters just disappears? That means the fight with the hunters on the first gondola doesn’t happen and you just carry on skipping it out completely. Kind of disappointed that it hasn’t been fixed yet, not the end of the world but just adds a challenge
If you kill the enemies there quick enough isn't the phantom supposed to disappear.
It's a speed-running trick and as I'm just on that level for my laso run I really wouldn't want that fixed or to have duel wielding elites back :)
Any news on fixing dual wielding halo 2 elites?

Level progress bar is offset in "competitive score" mode
Ever since the November update which I had to install today the Halo 2 Anniversary campaign keeps freezing and crashing in both singleplayer and splitcreen. It has happened 3 times within the span of an hour all on the mission Delta Halo. The graphics bug out such as foliage and decals flickering in and out in Anniversary graphics and the game freezes and crashes always at the part where you lower the bridge and get the Scorpion Tank. Never before has this happened for me before the big updates a few months ago, the game ran perfectly before than and even after the major title updates, only now with the november update the Halo 2 Campaign is having issues.

On a side note one of us for splitscreen is using a guest account and pausing and changing the controls before the latest update would work and be fine taking effect immediately, now after the update changing the controls in game not matter what settings you change don't apply at all and stay default. Pretty sad that things were working 100% a few days ago and a November update to fix match making somehow broke more unrelated stuff.
  • MCC HALO GAME: All Games (technically)
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: A friend and I have been going through missions in the legendary master chief saga playlist ever since the more recent updates started. We're up to the mission Sacred Icon. My friend has been hosting the games each time. Strangely, the game claims I didn't complete The Maw or The Heretic which shouldn't be possible since we've played every mission together in the playlist up to this point. Weirdly enough, the game shows me having completed The Armory even though it and The Heretic are skipped while playing cooperative. His playlist shows every mission completed properly.
  • REPRO STEPS: I honestly have no idea how I'd replicate this issue since it would require another account that hasn't played that playlist yet to play up to the missions I mentioned earlier.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: This issues seems to be related to playlist progression not being tracked properly. I haven't confirmed if this occurs in any other cross game playlist and unfortunately, I can't do so myself since I have every cross game playlist except for legendary master chief saga completed already. I should note I was the off host player while playing.
Halo CE/Halo 2 Classic Audio Issue

Hi I noticed while playing Halo CE/Halo 2 Classic the soundtracks and sfx seem really low, I like to play on classic graphics a lot for the nostalgia but I love the.classic Halo 2 soundtracks but the volume is very low, could this be fixed in the future, thank you.
Game: Halo Combat Evolved
Issue/feedback: Weapon texture not fully loaded while playing splitscreen, it seems to bug out while firing the weapons, example the bottlem half of the AR is missing it's texture.

Video link:

Game: Halo 2
Issue/feedback. The elites texture on the qurantine zone while on the loading bay, seems to start flashing colors.

Video link:
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Guns and grenade and other sound effects on mute
    In the mission 343 Guilty Spark, after watching the cutscene from Jenkin's helmet that reveals the Flood, both weapon firing and grenade sound effects suddenly doesn't play when appropriate. Sound effects for the Flood is also at mute too.

  • REPRO STEPS: Watch the whole cutscene revealing the Flood, toss a grenade or fire a weapon when thrown back to gameplay.

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Footage -
Can we get something too let us know what terminals we unlocked in game please?
in halo 3 on the mission cortana ( difficulty unimportant i have played on heroic legendary and normal ) in the generator room ( the room before you get cortana ) the ai of flood pure forms and sometimes regulars seem to be broken espacialy after you get back with cortana where you supposed to destroy 3 generators. they often dont move wont transform stay still etc and dont react or rarely to me and my attacks i can litterally go up to 10+ pureforms in the room and punch them to death , allowing me to clear that room, thats when functioning should be be difficult, with ease. this problem existet before the bug fixes so its not a new one. i just finished the flooded playlist and it happend again so its still there. overall the the ai in the entire level is often weird but this issiue is the most constant one
in halo 2 on the mission quaranteen zone in the end part where you ride the platform to the index physics for weapons like the plasma rifle pistol and others ( aka most projectile based ones )broken making them almost unusable / barely usable ( depending where you on the platform where you aim and probably how it is moving ) i dont recall physics being like that on og xbox or vista. i think same problem happend on the long evelator in the beginning of the mission oracle to a lesser extend but i am not sure at the moment.

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Halo 3 on crows nest this video show's myself shooting through a deployable shield with a mouted trurret.
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