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Can anyone confirm that on the Pillar of Autumn level if you let Emile drive the mongoose and he attempts to make the jump, does the game still make him rubber band to have enough speed for the jump only to end up hitting the bridge and both of you falling into the abyss? (This happened on Legacy Reach and I haven't made it to this level yet on MCC)
the campaign is good overall the only trouble i have is that the elites feel stronger like the shields take more damage to take them out. also grenades are for some reason not that viable in the new campaign might just be a me problem though. also theirs a bug when you are shooting the AR the shots either dont register or the sound cuts out. but the overhaul of the Graphics look amazing and i was flabbergasted at them. The gun play is smooth and for filling.

So overall its a good remake but a few things need looking into
  1. The ar bug where shots dont register and sound dont output
  2. Elites shields
I've been having some frame rate issues since the last patch. I didn't have any when playing Halo Reach on Xbox One X on a 4K TV, but I've been re-playing Halo 1 and 2, and I've seen a lot more than usual every time I'm in a combat sequence. The Frame-rate would drop constantly, and I notice some screen tearing. I haven't Playing Halo 3 or 4, so I don't know if it affects all the games.
Came here to report the same thing.
I can't talk about Halo 1 as i haven't tested, but there has been a big degradation in performance in Halo 2 campaign when using remastered graphics.
The framerate drops constantly during firefights, especially bad if duel wielding and firing both weapons at once (smg+plasma rifle is a stutter fest.
Screen tearing is now very noticable, even in seemingly simple scenes with not much happening.

I have played H2A campaign countless times, and although it wasn't 100% locked at 60, it was pretty damn close, and screen tearing was very, very rare and only appeared at the top of the screen, making it very hard to notice. The current version is a clear downgrade and makes for a very unsatisfying gameplay experience.

Playing on an Xbox 1X, hdr enabled, installed to the internal hdd. Running latest Alpha skip ahead OS. Hard reset has been performed.

EDIT: Just tested Halo 1 with remastered visuals. First stage had framedrops and tearing, even in simple empty corridors, that wasn't present before. Also played the first half of Assault on the control room and suprisingly performance was excellent, despite the large open areas and lots of A.i and explosions.
Halo 3 seemed perfectly locked at 60 from the first stage i played.
Can please fix the audio delays in the reach campaign
Please, PLEASE, make halo ce, and halo 2, campaign 4 player co op, i know it wasn't like that back in the day, but it shouldn't matter right? i can imagine playing halo 2 laso with 4 people, that would be SO fun
*MCC HALO GAME : Halo reach (Xbox)
*ISSUE/FEEDBACK : Legendary speedrun achievement bug
* REPRO STEPS : I don't have any idea
A few months ago this happened in Halo CE speedrun
* ADDITIONAL INFO : My service record, 164.72 minutes:
I don’t have the best connection, so would there be allowed XP gain in the campaign, also solo? So I can grind and rank up without having to worry about connectivity issues.
HALO MCC GAME: All of them

ISSUE/FEEDBACK: There is no matchmaking for co op campaigns/spartan ops. I would really appreciate it if you would add it.

- Thanks #^.^#
Halo reach MCC on Xbox

Physics bugs on moving platforms, specifically elevators, when an elevator starts its journey up you will begin to kinda float and won't be able to move fluently.

I have noticed this specifically on Oni Sword Base, the elevator you take up to the reception area and on the two elevators on New Alexandria at Ivory tower.
Love the campaign reminds me of the old days
Is there a way you could put a timer on the campaign screen so it stays up for people trying to complete the under 3 hour campaign achievement as its hard enough when there is no way of keeping track.
Hey, I've encountered 2 major issues since reinstalling MCC. Other one I've posted about in the Multiplayer forum. Pretty sure someone else must have had those happen to them, but I'll ask anyway.

Playing the Reach campaign solo is fine. Everything works perfectly. Trying to play it with a friend is where it stops working. Basically, we load Winter Contingency or whatever together. And when the mission begins, we are both in our own seperate campaigns. Even though we see each other as part of the same "Roster" by pressing Start. Ain't a global MCC issue, because we tried the H2 campaign and were both together on Cairo Station. I've uninstalled MCC and reinstalled it through Game Pass instead of my disc and it hasn't helped in any way.

Any solution? Cheers.
Could we get Campaign matchmaking? Itd be nice to be able to matchmake a Campaign game for each Halo game, level, difficulty setting and for LASO. Right now, finding people for Campaign games requires either utilizing clubs or having friends jump in for the most part. Would even be cool to have a quick match playlist to just jump in to any campaign with some randoms and a casual playlist where, in the matchmaking lobby (once 2-4 people are in depending on the game) you could vote on the game, level, difficulty, and skulls.
Just some ideas.
Darksimmsy wrote:
halo master chief collection freezing xbox one turns off it doing it everytime i play halo 2 Delta Halo mission i don't know if it the whole campign or just this one mission.
Can confirm this is happening to me too but with Halo Combat Evolved with any mission, game crashes after pressing start each time.

Edit: Also tried completely reinstalling, still no luck.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach on Xbox One
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The legendary playlist won’t let me resume the mission Long Night of Solace. After loading the mission the screen will just go white for a couple seconds, show a score of -200 & return me to the Reach playlists menu.
  • REPRO STEPS: I go to the Halo: Reach Mission Playlists menu, select the Legendary Campaign Playlist, select Resume mission Long Night of Solace, after the loading screen fades away the screen will go white for 2 seconds & return you to the Halo: Reach Mission Playlists menu.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have scoring turned on (which I originally did not) it will say I have -200 points even though I have never been successfully loaded into the mission. It’s also interesting to note the same level will load up fine if I go through the campaign menu it’s only the playlist that seems to be bugged, I suspect if I were able to restart the mission instead of resuming it would work but my only option besides resume is to restart the whole playlist. I hope this gets fixed soon, I paid $10 to play the campaign only to get stuck halfway through... The MCC is probably one of my favorite video games of all time, I’ve stuck with it through thick & thin but honestly I’d rather just chalk this up as a $10 loss & switch to playing Call of Duty like everyone else than restart the playlist. :(
  • MCC HALO GAME: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Significant frame-rate stuttering [STILL NOT FIXED AFTER PATCH 11/18]
  • REPRO STEPS: Halo CE opening cinematic, Halo mission with wide-open areas, Silent Cartographer opening cinematic, wide open areas, Halo 2 Outskirts mission open areas and so one.
All MCC co-op campaigns me and a friend are experiencing serious lag and rubberbanding issues that has nothing to do with our internet connection. It is always worse for the joining player, not the host. It has been an issue in every game we’ve played.

Is there a way to fix this issue?
I can't find what I'm looking for so hopefully this will end up in the right place. Reach has been added to MCC but my "counts" in the achievements are not being added though when I look at achievements, they show up within Reach.
The lack of music volume slider has made me stop playing the campaign.
why is there no option to turn down/switch off music by itself???
*ISSUE/FEEDBACK : Bug with Sadie Story, every time the image changes, the entire screen goes black with the exception of the center
* REPRO STEPS :Just put in the COMM tab and play any of the audio logs
* ADDITIONAL INFO : Here is a clip of the bug happening
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