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During my LASO Run through the campaigns with my friend we have discovered some connectivity issues where the person that isn't host lags significantly. This doesn't seem happen on multiplayer even during fiesta when plenty of fuel rods and explosives are being fired. That being said I played at about MCC's launch or a day after and he played a bit later and during those times its gotten a lot better. That being said this is one small issue I noticed during my playthrough of Reach LASO and ODST LASO. It's not too much of a big deal but it might be something to look into

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  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach on Xbox One
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The legendary playlist won’t let me resume the mission Long Night of Solace. After loading the mission the screen will just go white for a couple seconds, show a score of -200 & return me to the Reach playlists menu.
  • REPRO STEPS: I go to the Halo: Reach Mission Playlists menu, select the Legendary Campaign Playlist, select Resume mission Long Night of Solace, after the loading screen fades away the screen will go white for 2 seconds & return you to the Halo: Reach Mission Playlists menu.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have scoring turned on (which I originally did not) it will say I have -200 points even though I have never been successfully loaded into the mission. It’s also interesting to note the same level will load up fine if I go through the campaign menu it’s only the playlist that seems to be bugged, I suspect if I were able to restart the mission instead of resuming it would work but my only option besides resume is to restart the whole playlist. I hope this gets fixed soon, I paid $10 to play the campaign only to get stuck halfway through... The MCC is probably one of my favorite video games of all time, I’ve stuck with it through thick & thin but honestly I’d rather just chalk this up as a $10 loss & switch to playing Call of Duty like everyone else than restart the playlist. :(
Can confirm. Exactly the same happened to me.
Any chances that Anniversary editions frame rate drops will be fixed in near future? They are not supposed to be broken. And why xbox users are needed with Reach splashscreen, since we are having all the games, (even if anniversaries are currently broken)?
Ugh, it’s been a few weeks now and 343 has yet to even acknowledge the poor frame rate problems in the Anniversary games exist. I’m afraid that might mean we won’t see it fixed any time soon.

We campaign scrubs at the bottom of the list again.
Can 343 fix the frame rate issues in the anniversaries? Like what even happened to cause this mess ?
Custom playlists for the campaigns would be neat. Or even the ability to change the difficulty on some.
Would love the ability to create my own and share them on file share or go through them with friends.
Is it possible to fix the horrible Latency issues when playing with someone in a different timezone? Some people the connection works perfect. But with others they can barely move and the input delay is crazy.
Is it just me or they messed up with aim control at CE Aniversary too? Feeling like current build is actually one of earliest build of Anniversary edition. Hey 343, I know you are currently working with PC build etc and you really like that this forum is substitute for you Quality Assurance department, but at least you should be aware that we ALREADY BOUGHT the game you've just messed up and how real customer support should look like!
I'm having an issue with Halo Reach, mission Exodus. I'm playing on Legendary difficulty with the 3 non-scoring skulls on. This is over by the section where you have to clear out the launchpad area. So after I do that, the falcons just never show up. I think the game is stuck, as I can't progress forward to the next part of the mission.

I've checked all around for any extra enemies, nothing. I've also killed myself and went back 2 checkpoints and did it all again. Still nothing. Does anyone have any fixes for this?
1 & 2 anniversary games are completely broken. Stuttering, frame drops, tearing in updated graphics, with x1x. Seriously, fix this before any other issues. Several communities are talking about this.
Fix the campaign, ridiculous AI on legendary. Much harder than 360. WTF is wrong with you MS?
I can confirm the above reports about anniversary 1 and 2 campaigns being destroyed due to awful frame rates and tearing. Sucks because with Reach (great job 343) out I wanted to go thru the entire collection of campaigns again but the first two games are unfortunately unplayable now when you consider what they used to be. 343 — you gotta make this a priority on your next update.
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Puedo jugar todas las campañas de Tmcc en legendario en pantalla dividida?
I do not get it. I literally have 0 frame drop or other issue. 1st playtrough and I have 0 issue.
I play on the 1st gen Xbox one also.
So maybe that could help ?
Any chance we'll ever see the return of the ability to switch CEA's soundtrack from the pause menu like in the 360 version? Not to mention the 50 other bugs in CEA's campaign ever getting fixed.
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Alright here we go again:

Game Halo Reach MCC: Enemy AI is much more effective at 60fps. Long night of solace space battle on legendary showcases this well.

Game Halo CE MCC: Spirit drop ships do not fire from the correct location. They fire from the center of the ship instead of the turret a good place to see this is the level halo just wait for a drop ship to arrive and have it shoot at you. Next the flood carrier forms don't turn the target red for any weapon good place to see this is library, just point a weapon at a flood carrier form. *note please please please fix these things before the release to pc*

Game Halo 2 MCC: some allies or enemies are still not dual wielding properly.

Game Halo 3 MCC: Second Cortana skull spawns, bounces and falls into an unreachable abyss. The skull I'm talking about is the one in the generator room where you blow up high charity.

Game Halo 3 ODST MCC: Not really a bug, but the game is missing the firefight mode. Please add this in again to the xbox and pc releases when you re release it for the pc.

Game: Halo 4 MCC: The entire campaign seems to be running on the resource saving co-op mode. Best way to see this is to look at a pulse grenade explosion and compare it to the original game. The MCC version is missing a second sphere inside as well as some electrical effects. If you play the original game on local co-op you see that the pulse grenade looks like it does in the MCC version. From what I understand Halo 4 had a lower graphics mode specifically for co op play, however the MCC version seems to use this lower graphics mode for the whole single player campaign.
Another thing I had forgotten to mention is the wraith in Halo 2 MCC level the great journey. In the banshee flying section there are two wraiths that spawn just before the ocean area. They spawn next to pillars below the cliff that the level starts at. One of them spawns and flips over. This is a bug that was new to the MCC and should be corrected.
Another thing I had forgotten to mention is the wraith in Halo 2 MCC level the great journey. In the banshee flying section there are two wraiths that spawn just before the ocean area. They spawn next to pillars below the cliff that the level starts at. One of them spawns and flips over. This is a bug that was new to the MCC and should be corrected.
This has been present since the game came out in 2014 and yes it’s a glitch but they need to fix the performance issues immediately
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