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My friend and I can’t play Halo: Reach campaign coop online or Halo 4, all other Halo games in MCC work.

Every time we start a coop game I looks like my friend is in my lobby (If I press the menu button, I see that my friend is in the lobby, but has a “?” behind his name), but we never see each other in game.

We both play on Xbox One X.
Steps taken to try to fix:
- Reboot friends and my router
- Reboot friends and my Xbox
- Tried Halo CE and Halo 2 campaign; No problems
- Tried other online games: CoD etc; No problems
- Tried other Halo: Reach campaign missions; Don’t work
- Tried turning score / time mode on/off; Don’t work
- Switching the host; my friend hosting the game; Don’t work
- Tried playing on different days.
Halo: Reach

Whenever I go through the campaign it goes through it fine but when I get to "The Pillar of Autumn" it wont load the mission and it kicks me back to the main menu. When I open it on Anti-Cheat it works fine, but no Achievements are earned whenever I complete the mission. So, whenever I want to do the campaign under 3 hours I can't because I get kicked out at the last mission and can't play it unless close the game and switch to Anti-Cheat. Please fix or tell me how to resolve this.
Restarted Exodus for another attempt at the "Classic Completionist" achievement, got past the grenade-&-hammer-jump part along the girders where you're "supposed" to jetpack, coming up on the part where you use a concussion rifle to blast-jump up the levels... and the Brute Captain with a concussion rifle didn't spawn. Me and the ODSTs killed everything in the area, I searched every square inch of the battlefield, and found no Brute Captain body and no concussion rifle.

TWICE now that a glitch has made it so I can't get the Achievement. I'm done. Some higher power obviously doesn't want me getting that achievement, so I give up on it.
I feel like you guys have heard it a million times but I would still like that to happen...

Halo Combat Evolved (Old graphics)

The game uses the Gearbox port: it's not bad per se, it works fine, but it would be nice if you managed to fix the graphical issues plagueing that port. Transparent objects being wrong, jackal shields not changing colour, bump mapping being wrong... List goes on.

Now, it's not because I wanted to appear nitpicky, I know it's not easy to fix code. But, it would be nice to have the original version to be the one people get to see, as it appeared on original Xbox, instead of making it seem worse than it actually was.

Halo 2 Playlists (coop)
Here's another issue, and this one is more frustrating, the "Heretic" cutscene and "The Armory" don't get counted if you play in co-op, as they are skipped over, meaning you have to go and do them solo before you start most Halo 2 playlist, or during the "Master Chief Saga" playlists. I don't know if you guys can make "The Armory" work in co-op, but all I ask for is marking them as complete if you're in co-op.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Me and a friend are play Co-op campaign. We are playing on the level The Oracle. We are playing through the LASO Campaign Playlist for Halo 2. Every time we hit a cutscene, it plays for a second then freezes and we are both sent back to the lobby. We tried skipping the cutscene, letting it play, and tried to view it in both Anniversary and Original graphics. Every time it crashes and sends us back to the game lobby where we have to replay the level all over again. At first it was just the last cutscene in The Oracle before the boss fight but now it crashes during the cutscene in the middle of the level.
REPRO STEPS: We played through the level 4 or 5 times on the LASO Playlist and every time it sent us back to the lobby during a cutscene. The game itself didn’t crash but we both got sent to the in-game lobby. Both of us were still connected to Xbox live and did not have any internet issues. We were in a Xbox live party so we didn’t have any connection problems.
Difficulty for Halo CE. I know you'll think I'm trash if I'm complaining about campaign difficulty. I just find that certain parts of missions are nearly impossible. sometimes upsettingly so.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2, Halo CE (Xbox One X)
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Serious FPS drops when playing the remastered graphics in both Halo CE and Halo 2.
  • REPRO STEPS: play any level in the two games on the remastered graphics on Xbox One X and frame drops will occur, these drops are even more severe when in large combat section or a checkpoint or loading is triggered.
  • I have only noticed this since the December 3rd update, please help 343
When playing mcc halo 2 mission 7, The Oracle, the game will freeze and kick you out in the final cut scene. This has happened twice so far on the co-op legendary difficulty. You do not get credit for beating the mission, which is very frustrating so please fix this.
The way halo support works is hilarious. Created 2 issues - about stuttering and fps drops in CE and 2 Anniversary. Couple of weeks with no updates, later received a message like "We have put these issues in our known list of problems and now we are going to resolve this issues". Issues resolved, statistics are good, problem exists, paid games are broken, no one to blame. To be constructive - 343, in modern software development companies it is illegal to resolve a customer support technical issue ticket without actual resolution.
Difficulty for Halo CE. I know you'll think I'm trash if I'm complaining about campaign difficulty. I just find that certain parts of missions are nearly impossible. sometimes upsettingly so.
The campaigns result completed on legendary according to your service record. So what’s the issue?

Anyway yes, I agree there are some hard parts, but they are doable. I do not think they are going to change the difficulty either. They never did after all.
OBIJ3FF wrote:
Is there a way you could put a timer on the campaign screen so it stays up for people trying to complete the under 3 hour campaign achievement as its hard enough when there is no way of keeping track.
If you select "time" insted of "score" before loading up the mission, it will tell you at the bottom right

Also, if you go to "career" then "stats" and finally the halo game you want,you can find "fastest clear time legendary" which shows you your time,
If it doesn't show you try hitting right and left bumper a few time
in halo reach the ia de los gruts is bugea and they do nothing , halo 4 the kinematics are out of sync
There is framedrops/ lag when playing h2 anniversary or halo ce anniversary on the Xbox one x for some reason the enhancements are making it lag. Which is the opposite of what it should be on the x.
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