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[Locked] MCC December Update Status

OP ske7ch

Greetings MCC players –
We’re thankful for the ongoing support and partnership the MCC community has provided over these past few months. But, sometimes having an open and transparent dialog means we have to deliver ‘bad’ news, and we truly appreciate your understanding.

We’re bummed to announce that the MCC December update, which was targeted for release today, is being postponed due to a last minute issue that arose with the build. The team has been pushing hard to try and get this update into the hands of players before the holiday break and many of you rallied to help us test the Insider build this past weekend (thank you!) so it’s extra disappointing to us all to have to hit pause on this release.

With every MCC update, the team’s goal is to continue improving the experience for players and making the overall product better. Over the past five months, the team and the Insider community have made tremendous progress updating and enhancing MCC and its imperative that we retain a high quality bar and continue making forward progress. This latest update failed to meet that bar due to a bug that was discovered in the final stretch – a bug that was actually flagged by some of our community Insiders who were helping review a pre-release patch. The issue involves some corrupted content and a scenario which can break the UI flow, impede a parties ability to play matchmaking together, and eventually crash the game - which clearly isn’t the type of experience we want to ship.

To the 184 Insiders who helped us playtest this past weekend and qualified for early access to the ‘ugly sweater’ nameplate – postponing this update means the release of the nameplate is also delayed, which means we’re unable to grant this before the holiday. Once this update is released, we’ll make sure that everyone who met the criteria still gets early access to the nameplate as promised. Thank you for your help playtesting this build and we’re sorry you’ll have to wait a bit longer to get those sweet nameplates. As a small consolation, we’re going to grant the qualifying Insiders the “Ice” nameplate to hold you over – that should occur at some point later today. To everyone else, it was always our intent to eventually release the ugly sweater nameplate to everyone who plays at least a dozen matchmade games during December – so jump in and have some fun!

Understandably this news will be disappointing to many, we know there was a lot of excitement for the new ‘modern aiming’ control options and the new skulls coming to Halo: CE. Rest assured that the team will reconvene following the holiday break and work on getting this update out the door as soon as possible. With the UGC Halo Classic kicking off early in the new year, it’s likely that this update will need to shift to later in January in order to minimize any potential risk or negative impact so close to the tournament. We’ll keep you posted.

On behalf of the 343 MCC team, happy holidays and thank you for your support. We hope to see you online over the break!