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[Locked] MCC Feedback (Xbox) - April 2020

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  • Ranked playlists are dead, they need some sort of reset or open up the boundaries.
  • Can we get a H2A/H4 ranked playlist please? Some diversity other than Reach and H3 would be nice
  • Also, am I the only one playing from Europe or something? East US host every single game it’s a joke
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 3
  • FEEDBACK: I really think there needs to be a Ranked FFA playlist. The reason i only put H3 is because it's all i play & H3 Lone Wolves was legendary. Itt's hard enough grinding up the Ranks on MCC without having to rely on terrible teammates who either get -1 kills and are betraying you, or 9/10 quit after the team goes behind 3 kills. I hate to be negative because i adore this game and appreciate what 343 are ding greatly. but PLEASE, H3 Ranked FFA <3
Game; Halo Combat Evolved (Original, NOT the anniversary graphics mode)

Cinematic Letterboxing missing from cutscenes and missions.

During Halo 1 cutscenes, the cinematic letterboxing / black bars are no longer appearing. They also aren't appearing during the chapter titles that happen during the missions (AI constructs and cyborgs first, Light fuse run away etc). The words appear, but not overtop black bars. The text just appears over whatever you can see in game. It's hard to make out and takes away from the cinematic feeling of the campaign whenever those popped up.
This all still works when playing CE anniversary. Managed to switch graphics during the mission to confirm that.

If this is a feature, rather than an unintended bug, please let this be optional.
Game: All games
Feedback: Can there be an addition so we can raise our reticle for the games or lower it? I also think the games would benefit from allowing us to increase the Field of View to at least 90. Because Halo 3 feels suffocating and so does EVERY OTHER HALO GAME. Also bring back the feature in Halo 2 Anniversary where when you look up and down and the weapon view-model gets closer or farther. Also fix the visual downgrades for Halo CE, because it's missing visual flare from the OG xbox version. Like the Captain Keyes model is lower quality, and the cut scenes don't have model interpolation.
Bring uncaged to social. You can swap it out for solitude - its a bad map. Create an octagon playlist. idc how many players you designate. I know you wont.
Ste4Beer85 wrote:
Double XP ( Until April 29th ) ain’t working for me , I’m playing social playlist?
I'm having the same issue.
Future Playlist Updates/Feedback
MCC Halo Reach: Add Halo Reach 2v2
In competitive. Others say that this would be a better addition instead of having two halo 3 team double playlists. It will bring a lot of competitive players back into the competitive playlist.
Bring uncaged to social. You can swap it out for solitude - its a bad map. Create an octagon playlist. idc how many players you designate. I know you wont.
It was there but for some reason it don't show up anymore. I've been curious for weeks as to where it is as it hasn't appeared in forever.

Been playing Halo 3 since the release but stopped playing it back in the old day's because of the rediculous host advantage online, it really was not fun being sniped with a BR across the map in 4 shots, however I recently picked up MCC collection and have to say its great, however I live in the UK (United Kingdom), why do I always keep playing on US servers with 100ms - 150ms ping? This is now 2020, we are all aware how the internet works and with that them high pings you cannot play a competitive game online. I play for fun and always play to win, but this latency issue is still the same from day one release? I checked network settings and it tells me there is a EU server in the list showing very low ping! so why are we being forced to play on US servers? Please give us the option to play on selected servers, I don't care if i have to wait 10min to get a game to be enjoyable! In fact if news got out that we can now select the prefered server to our location, maybe the game will bring back thousands of players who was forced to stop like me back in the day. Please, please, please give us the option to select prefered servers.

P.S woud love a Dev to give me an answer to this latency issue please! It's what we have all been asking for, I don't want the game to die because of something so simple to do.
AdIesy wrote:
TransIucnt wrote:
Giga wrote:
TransIucnt wrote:
Ranked lists need to be restarted, WITHOUT LOSING YOUR "CURRENT HIGHEST RANK" in your player details.If someone has a 50, with the reset don't lose it, it's not fair, if you get another 50 that appears in your player details
Both ideas are bad. No one cares about your old 50 and there's no reason to reset the ranks at all.
No, it's not a bad idea, the ranked lists are dead :)
need to be reset, remove invasion, put H2A ranked, giga is the typical guy who doesn't want to lose his 50 haha
There is literally no point in resetting the ranks in the playlists. It won't affect search times at all, it'll just mean I have to grind out another thousand games to get my ranks back. No thanks.
Hey if you don’t plan on making a H4 ranked playlist, please at least add partial team matching to social 4v4s because matching bots when I have a team of 4 is brutally boring. Also the ranked playlists are pretty dead, so it wouldn’t hurt to tweak the matching system a little bit so some of us can actually play. Thank you for your consideration
Please, decrease minimum player count for FFA from 8 to 6, and keep the maximum at 8. That way, you end up with a mix of the old Lone Wolves playlist and Rumble Pit, which will help finding matches when there are just not enough people.
Still no ranked FFA playlist on MCC huh?
  • FEEDBACK: 8v8 Slayer needs more than 6 maps. There are at least a few more large-scale maps that can be utilized: Death Island, Gephyrophobia, and Infinity for sure.
I believe all of those are in but unfortunately only for CTF. They should definitely add Slayer on those maps though.
The new ranked Halo CE playlist feels great with bullet spread disabled. Can we get this across all Halo CE gametypes or at least an option for custom games? Please and thank you. MCC has come a long way and I do appreciate it.
Add in an option to boot for betrayal AFTER EVERY BETRAYAL! I just got in a match where I was betrayed 2 times by one person and another time by another person once all on purpose, just because I had the Sniper. I'm sick and tired that people do this and nothing happen.
Can you please remove the ping filter/region lock so people outside the US can find games, or at least give players the option with a connection filter (like in Halo 5). If I’m lucky it takes me around 10-30mins to find a game solo but if I search with a US player as the party leader I get games instantly. The games dead and it’s almost impossible for anyone outside the US to get games unless they are searching with a US player who’s leader. There’s just no motivation for anyone outside the US to play this game. Still no idea why/how this hasn’t been fixed/addressed after all these years.... :/
Halo mcc battle pass session 1 isn't working right for me, ive been stuck on tier 99 n cant get the last point to unlock tier 100, I've earned over 11 million xp n it still wont let me unlock the last tier in the battle pass.
HALO MCC: Stop forcing me to backpack people with your failing MMR social justice for bad kids, and give me the option to avoid pings higher than 60 and foreign country players. You're removing the ability to prefer good connection to force good players on higher ping connections to "balance" the game out. Stop milking my skill to keep your game alive unless you're going to pay me. I didn't spend money on a shooter game to have you intentionally drop my shots.
Hey been playing Halo CE since it 1st came out, what's the deal with not being able to pick your own maps and setup? Xbconnect had the right setup back in the days. For me to create my own games I can only do it through a party? That's stupid.

1.Why is there no 3v3?
2.Why No Bloodgultch and Sidewinder on 4v4? That's dumb. I had the best times on those boards.
3.Why is there a timer to end my games another dumb thing or at least extend it.
4. Why is there no rocket on derelict? Dumb!
5. Why are the Glitches gone? For example when I use to block the portal when someone comes through I use to beable to jump and smack him or send them some where else. Also I use to beable to get on top of the boards like damnation and Sdewinder. Those glitches helped define Halo CE.
6. Have it where we can create are own games during matchmaking, having you guys control it is -Yoink- with all do respect.
7. Also it's great you have penalties for people quitting but have an option for whoever is left to leave without quitting. I was stuck playing 4v1 on longest because noone wants to quit and be penalized. Or have it where if 1 quits then it automatically finds a replacement to fill in the quitter's spot.
8. Sometimes the same -Yoink- boards play over and over like wizard and longest. You have to give us an option to choose different boards.
9. All boards should be accessible in match making. Why can't we have an option to choose any board weather Its 2v2 blood gultch , 4v4 blood gultch or 8v8. Again make 3v3 to.
10. You should have made the Halo CE from the original xbox version not the PC version. I dont care what it takes, Remake this -Yoink- on the new xbox that comes out but please the original xbox version. Do a stand alone Halo CE, its obviously the King of Halo's and make the pistol 3 shot in the new Halo even though I doubt I'll play it when Halo CE is all I need. Just make some new boards for us.
11. Why no infectious for Halo CE. I want to kill some zombies on that.
12. Can we see how many people are actually playing MCC or even a specific game like Halo CE? Maybe you should have a place at the top of the screen in match making so we can see how many people are on this way when 5am in the morning comes I can see if there is anyone on or enough people on.

I hope you guys take all of my points and fix this -Yoink- but if not, at least some.
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