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Just copy and Paste both the links i posted n boom.
So I downloaded the game on PC through the XBox Game Pass $1 deal. It has become a staple at work for LAN parties and playing with co-workers in general. I know nothing about stat boosting and I don't pay attention to the progression system in the slightest.

I got some co-workers hooked on Grifball. We loved this playlist. Yeah occasionally you would run into afk bots but with the recent change it became rare. It was always easy to load into a game and have loads of sweaty fun.

If Grifball moving to a rotational playlist was indeed to stop XP farming/boosting I think this was a band aid fix. We work in software development. This is not a root cause fix. When it comes back for the weekly rotational it's actually just going to get worse on that playlist for one week. The farmers will be licking their chops to hop in. You need to tackle the real problem which would be discouraging the incentive for bots. Take away the XP or at least reduce it minimally. Even better would be banning those players completely but you can't catch them all and some will make new accounts.

Some of us love Grifball and just want to play it. Not all of us are bots and forum thread spammers. I hope you all reconsider the move.
1: Searching multiple games in social has only the same games come up most of the time.
There has to be something to this. i get some games are more popular but i don't like queuing up all the halo games to only play halo 3 and Reach almost every time even if CE 2, 2A and 4 are selected alongside 3 and Reach.

2: Grifball should be permanent.

3: Ranked matchmaking does not work unless you are already above a certain number which is a bit annoying because i want to play those modes but finding a match never works no matter what time of day on top of how uneven the playlists are. halo 2 is impossible to find a match ranked. halo 3 has the most playlists yet somehow people still are not happy with that many playlists of one game on the entire collection taking up most of the ranked playlists and its impossible to find a match at 1 most of the time.

4: Ranked matchmaking has issues where even if it does work you get matched against people that are no where near the threshold. someone could be a 13 in halo 3 team slayer and get matched up against 40's and 50's almost every time.

5: The gamemode SWAT should have king of the hill SWAT and SWATBall Be added back. was never quite sure why it was removed in the first place.
Can we place our own medal flashers for halo CE and Halo 2 classic to know which player 1 is getting in medals and what player 2 medals are so they are not in the middle of the screen trying to guess who got what and it's so confusing on split screen.
I have talked and played with many people on MCC, and from what I've gathered we really want arena zealot, reflection, and the forge world maps back for INFECTION!!! and almost everyone wants voting back!!!! We also don't want each infection map to only have 1 game-type variant, we want infection and alpha zombies on the same maps!!

We want the old maps back for infection:) I'm sure y'all can work something out;)

A TRUE SKILL LEADERBOARD for playlists would be awesome too!!

While this is an issue on both xbox and pc, it's currently a larger problem on xbox due to all of the games being available. An increase to the local file limit would be greatly appreciated by almost everyone that regularly plays custom games. Currently anyone that hosts/plays customs often has to constantly delete and download new maps due to the low limit. With the release of halo reach and the fileshare migration, this has become even more of an issue due to another game as well as thousands of new maps being available. I can't even download all of my own maps from my fileshare anymore, let alone other peoples. This leads to the slow process of having to delete maps, and then search for a player and go to their fileshare to download a map, to then have to delete it when you're done with it. It would be a greatly welcome change by anyone in the custom game community.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: In the campaign the default emblem is a giant blue smiley face which is really distracting in the cut scenes of the game. Since MCC emblems don't appear to work in the game, a good solution would be to remove all emblems from the game.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 3 ODST - Firefight mode
  • FEEDBACK: We really could do with the firefight mode to be brought over from the original Xbox 360 game, ODST feels like it is a half-baked game without it. The unlocks could be carried over to the new progression system
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo MCC - Veto
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: At the moment, Firefight and Matchmaking is quite bad due to the fact we are forced to play on maps & game modes that we don't necessarily want. In my opinion, halo 3 and reach had the best system. Though the voting system was taken away due to people quitting, it needs to be brought back because without it, firefight has become a nightmare for people quitting early. The collection should try its best to be an authentic port & upgrade to its predecessors.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Terminals within the games
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The halo channel has seemed to be abandoned by 343i since the release of halo 5. It has become an inconvenient to watch the terminals play out as it forces you out of the mcc and onto the now redundant app. It would be highly appreciated if the cut scenes could be made to be integrated into the game.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo MCC - Overall
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Halo 5? Why not. It has the multiplayer component on PC already; I doubt it would be too difficult to port the campaign too. Finish the collection. I personally have not played the game due to the negative feedback I have heard from my friends, but I would give it a go if it were in the collection. It would provide years of content for the progression system.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo MCC - Overall
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Please add all of the missing achievements from all of the games. All of the halo games have achievements missing, which I think should be rectified. It would give players that do hunt for acheivements the motivation to play through the campaigns again, and it will give us all (who enjoy halo and the challenge) to earn them again. Please try to be authentic to the xbox 360 era versions in regards to this.
Hi Postums,

Saw your tweet that you actually read these.

Please convince whoever needs convincing to add Blood Gulch CTF to the 4v4 social playlist for CE. Sidewinder would also be great. Not even going to get picky with the vehicles(should be hogs only).

Thank you
After a lot of hours spent playing Halo Reach on MCC, I have come to a stopping point. I either find myself with no friends who want to play it, or plagued with the memories of past experiences. Now I don't want to only give negative feedback.

The unreal engine feels FANTASTIC. I can confidently say the unreal engine is a huge step up from any other Halo game. I loved Halo 5, but it always felt inconsistent and clunky at times. The Halo Reach matches 9/10 times feel super smooth and I rarely have to mess with my sensitivity like my Halo 5 sensitivity. My only complaint with it is in the customization section for Halo Reach, the models appear to be very plasticy and not shiny like I would imagine titanium armor to look. This is very seeable in thr visors of the characters.

Now onto the multiplayer expierence. I will begin with my social expierence. I played a limited amount of Halo Reach's social playlist. I would play social FFA, Snipers, and Slayer. My complaints with this is the lack of the original forge maps I loved. There were so many repeated Anniversary maps that I disliked quite a bit. They also had some DLC maps that were also repeated frequently. It is awesome to see these. I never got to play many, if not all, of these. Overall I had a good time however I just ask to have more map variety. A solution to this is also asking the forge community again to help make more maps. We all saw the out-cry of response to the Halo 5 BTB Refresh with the forge community and developer teamwork. I want the forge community utilized more.

Now to the Hardcore/Competitve playlist. I am known to be a sweaty player. I love pushing my skill further and further. I don't like to settle on a plateau. I loved this playlist for since I was able to play it. The amount of new players to MCC was amazing to expierence. I played consistently for about two months. Streaming and playing offline, I began to really understand the game's flow, play style, and strategies, however I found myself not being able to actually have my rank reflect that. I capped at Rank 27.

Yes, I am aware this could be subjective, but I struggled through this for weeks. I would find myself solo queuing most of the time because most of the intial hype ran down after so long. I would get teammates who were constantly lower rank than I was and face four-man squads who were the same rank if not higher than myself. I would find myself pulling plays to win games and not being able to because of teammates lack of expierence. This was not the worst of it though. This I could work through.

MCC had a severe issue with afking player for xp gains without hassle. I ran into the frequently as being a mainly solo-queing player. Such situation have been handled but I still run into the new issue. This was "griefers" if you don't know what griefing is, it is a person or thing that ruins built up expierence through negative actions. I would run into players who would run enemy flags back to enemy bases, team nade at any chance, kill teammates for power weapons, and betray but never enough to be booted off of the match. This began to be frustrating and ultimately made me lose interest in playing to be better.

These scenarios, in combination with competive lan events being on pc, made me stop playing. I am not saying this is a game-killer. These issues however can be mended. I would like to see a better system in MCC to report players who are Afking or griefing. Not through the xbox report system but from the game directly. I would also like to see cross compatible gameplay for subsequently releases of Halo titles to PC. We have seen many other games benefit from this. Halo should be no different, if not obsolete. We have known that Halo is more than just shooting and shutting players down. It is a mental and decision based game. Pc players won't just tower over console players because of the level of input and fine tuning avalible.

This being said I hope all of this is great feedback to help shape the future of Halo! I just want to see the success of this franchise as the developers do! 💙
So these past few updates have been significant enough that I thought I'd leave some feedback. First, I LOVE the Precision/Auto Slayer spilt. I like having the option to play either one. I stick with Precision exclusively so I like knowing I'm going to be playing with BRs and DMRs. I keep H2A H3, H4 and H:R all selected at all times so that fits into what I want to play. (I like how yall made Precision Slayer for H4 be Legendary BR Slayer btw). Also I love Halo 3 so having it to where I can play Ranked Team Slayer AND Social Team Slayer is awesome to me. I'd like to see the map pool weighting though just get cranked up to where you see more fan favorites 8/10 times. I feel like I play some of the not so great maps more than the fan favs (Pit, Heretic, Narrows, Construct, etc). I'm not a fan of the veto/vote system coming back cause I know how bad it was in the game before the match composer. Also maybe look at the skill ranks and MMR and tweak those to have more fair matches. Ranked can feel like a slog and social can turn into pub stomping both in team or FFA. Haven't tried BTB ARs yet so idk how that is. I like having Anniversary Slayer, but felt bad when it got taken out for Freeze Tag. I like the events, always love seeing that, but I don't know if this game type justifies having it featured. Can't wait for Challenges! I love all the campaigns so it'd be nice to jump in again instead of going in for achievement hunting (don't get me wrong I'll jump in just to play/experience then again and again). Love the new update to XP and medals that's great to see. Is there a way to add more medals to H3 like there is for every other game in MCC? That'd be cool. Always a fan of the huge monthly updates here keep that up. That's all I can think of right now that I've been thinking about over these past few updates. Great work on MCC! I love this game and so happy to see it in an amazing spot with all my favorites in 1 place. Lol if y'all ever do an H3A then I'd love to see it be an add on/DLC like how Reach or ODST was in MCC idk just a thought. That's all I got. Quick edit: it makes me happy to see the feedback being taken seriously and read through and all that. It means a lot and I can't thank everyone at 343 enough for doing the job they do to make the game the best it can be! Postums you do great work and I just read through your twitter thread about how feedback is taken and it made me think about how I am as a player and what yall have to do. Sorry if I ever bothered you or anything like that. Halo is awesome and it's even more awesome to be a part of the community and in some way be a part of the team (that's not the actual dev team or the whole of 343) wheather as a player/Insider/Content Creator/Pro player/leaving feedback like this/etc that makes Halo as awesome as it is.
There is an annoying feature in the Reach UI where if you go to the armory , and check out the variants, it kicks you all the way to the top of the UI, not the place you were before you went to look at the variants.
ranked invasion for reach desperately needs an update, there's a limit to how many standard invasion games on spire/boneyard/forge map you can take before you start to lose your mind. I love invasion and played maybe 4000(?) games on reach on the 360, I know how invasion can take its toll. please throw some different game types in there, whether that's just skimirsh or invasion slayer or both, anything to freshen up the playlist.

if you're solely focused on bringing the "traditional" invasion playlist, that's fine I understand but at least tweak/add stuff to the base maps, some suggestions:

  • add DMR's to the 1st phase for spartans on spire, boneyard & forge maps have both needler rifles & DMRs for either side on starting spawns - I don't see how spire should be any different, not to mention the height advantage that elites get with needler rifles.
  • banshee respawn time on spire - not sure on the exact time here but it can't be far off 1 minute/1 minute 30 secs? think this is a tad ridiculous considering how powerful it can be even in the hands of an average pilot - maybe push this back to 2 minutes 30 secs, 3 minutes?
  • add fuel rod to elite weapons 2nd phase on boneyard - only fair to combat sniper/rockets/laser/shotgun when they only have laser beam/plasma launcher currently. same could be said about a few of the forge maps but feel boneyard is lacking it the most
  • power weapon respawn timers - I don't think these have been looked at ever since invasion came out. because of how the gametype works I don't believe there's a way to determine exactly when each power weapon spawns even when one of the points is captured right at the end of the phase and you would think they spawn then and sometimes they do but not all the time
those are just off the top of my head, I'm sure there's more to look at but its a start
  • MCC HALO: halo CE 4v4 slayer
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Playing wizard, longest, rat race and derelict too much
  • REPRO STEPS: the weight of match making needs to be primarily on prisoner, chill out, hang em high and damnation (75% of games) with its the remaining 25 on the the other levels. Wizard, longest, rat race, derelict are the worst levels. Playing 10-15 games 13 of them will be on the bad levels. Its killing that game type where I cant stand to play more than 25 min due to playing the same crappy levels over and over
Okay so I wrote my last post when I was happy before I played today, but now after 10 games (8 in Ranked H3 Team Slayer and 2 in Ranked Reach Team Slayer) I am not in such a great mood. My entire issue is with H3 Team Slayer here. Out of those 8 games today I have lost them all. I mentioned earlier that ranked can feel like a slog and this is a great example. I kept playing because I wanted to get at least 1 win and at least try to keep my 23 Skill Rank, but now I have dropped to a 22. This and every single ranked playlist needs an overhaul desperately. I urge whoever takes this feedback whether its you Post or anyone to go back and look at these games and tell me how they are balanced in any way. And this leads to another point that in H5, Josh Menke was super active in COMMUNICATING with the players in the multiplayer feedback threads and he would go and look at our games and let us know why it was the way it was. I've asked Post before if he would look at something like this in terms of the MMR/Skill Rank for H3 but never heard back. But I think all playlists need it. I think a reset need to happen when Reach dropped but it didn't. I have a strong indication that the average Skill Rank for the winning teams all those 8 games of mine were higher than my teams. I tried my hardest to make the best out of a bad game, but when you are just out matched and out skilled by a significant margin then there wasn't much I could do. It feels like playing Ranked is like bashing your head against a wall. It's all in the matchmaking system, and if MCC could get a more tightened system like H5's was then that would be tremendous. I don't know if it is possible with either the population currently or the tech being brought over to this game, idk. I want to play Ranked and try to improve but how can I when the game is matching me with high 20s and 30s all together. I know what I need to do on my end as far as gameplay goes and that's something I can always improve on, but it's impossible to see those efforts come to fruition when the opposing team is so stacked and can stomp. Ranked needs the treatment that social gets badly. The partial/full team matchmaking updates I don't believe are enough in this case. And even then they don't feel like a significant improvement either. I have no clue if I matched a team of 3 or 4 until the game is over and only then that's maybe if I hear them talking. Like why can't I get that information beforehand it makes no sense. What's the purpose if I'm a solo on a To3 against a To4? It feels awful. I just feel punished for even going into the playlist (at least today I did, this past week wasn't like that though). Waypoint needs and overhaul in the MCC category as well. This was just my main issue and I came into today feeling good and ready to play some Halo thought I'd do some Ranked for most of the day and it turned out like this which makes me upset. I still meant what I said earlier in my edit,but good lord when an issue like this arises it just feels better to vent and hope someone sees it and responds.
I was gonna make an edit put didn't want it to get too long and this is easier to read.
  1. On top of Skill Rank, I believe spawns need to be addressed and looked at. Spawing on top of enemies isn't fun nor does it allow you to breathe and try to make a play. Most maps seem to so off on spawns it's incredible.
  2. Map weighting needs to be more aggressive.
  3. Quitting in a ranked game needs to have a harsher penalty.
  4. And I don't know if this is the cause, but if the game thinks my win/loss ratio or K/D ratio is what seems to be the cause then that needs to be addressed. The reason I say that is because I can launch a custom game and practice in split-screen with a controller beside me and the game will count that as a win and effect my k/d. I can see it on Waypoint when it happens too. Win a game 100-0 against myself basically and waypoint thinks I actually did it against an actual person. It's like I'm boosting myself, but in turn I'm hurting myself because the game now thinks that's what I need to playing against. That separation between customs and actual match made games needs to have better separation. I don't know if that's case but I can totally see it.
  5. Going back on that, does this not want me to have a 50/50 win/loss ratio because it feels like it doesn't at all. Most other games strive to have that balance but MCC doesn't. Like why in my last 20 games, have I lost 17 and only won 3? How is that balanced? It confuses the hell out of me. Go and look at my stats over the past 6 months and even then you'll see that this is shouldn't even be a thing. A loss here and there with a win here and there is what the it should be. Not go on a losing streak and maybe get a win to break up the monotony but then going on a losing streak all over again. Attribute to skill or k/d or whatever even with my skill (which is average, above average on a good day) this shouldn't be a thing
  6. I hope that's all I got good lord
I would very much like some info on how to connect to Australian servers, I'm not American, I shouldn't be connecting to US servers yet 98% of Matchmaking games I've played have been on US West and it's just not a fun experience at all.

My friends and I shouldn't have to fill up a Rumble Pit just to play games without lag.
This is literally the only thing stopping me from playing Team Slayer and other modes because I don't want to put teammates through me lagging about the place
My friends and I think you should consider adding gauss hogs or wraiths to coagulation in halo 2 classic big team battle. The legacy game had scorpions on the map and I can see why you would remove those but the map is just a tad to big to play without some kind of replacement in my opinion. Especially compared to containment which still has the scorpions.
Halo 2 for Xbox one X with remastered graphics during campaign play has serious FPS dips. It dips into the 20-30 range fairly often with screen tearing. Every other game on the MCC runs fine. This is new, I replayed this campaign less then a year ago and it was butter smooth like the rest. If you switch to old school graphics it runs fine again. Try the opening scene in Delta Halo to see what I’m talking about.
Campaign Feedback:

MCC Halo Game: Halo 2/Halo 2: Anniversary (Xbox One).

Issue/Feedback: In the original Xbox version of Halo 2 (unsure about Halo 2 Vista), when NPCs say their scripted dialogue regardless of how far they were from you, you can still hear them very well as if they were right next to you. Now, on the MCC version of Halo 2/Halo 2: Anniversary, the dialogue either does not play, or if it does it's muffled if the NPC is far away. Unfortunately, the player cannot hear them at all or very well anymore.

Repro Steps: Any Halo 2/Halo 2: Anniversary campaign level on MCC (at least for the Xbox One). Two examples: first on the level Metropolis, towards the end of the level there's a Marine that will say "It's over here sir!" referring to the Scarab. The player can no longer hear the dialogue, or very well anymore on MCC but on the original Xbox version it can be heard clearly regardless of how far away the NPC was. Second example is on the level Quarantine Zone, when an Elite would say "Commander, we found a human vehicle!" can be heard clearly on the original Xbox version regardless of how far away the Elite was, but now on MCC it's very hard to hear, if at all, if the Elite's far away.

Additional Info: n/a
Anyone else get this glitch where you finish a game in Multiplayer and most of your screen becomes black? You can't see your name or anything besides a picture of the playlist and the games included. It keeps you in a lobby and puts you in another game but it's annoying. Also my game chat will stop working randomly. I have to reset the game app to fix.
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