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[Locked] MCC Feedback (Xbox) - July 2020

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Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for MCC on Xbox.
  • Campaign Feedback
  • Multiplayer Feedback
  • Misc/Other Feedback
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to MCC on Xbox. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket
Will cad functionality to adjust X and Y axis be added to Halo 3 forge on Xbox or PC?
What's the point of feedback when you guys still won't fix the most fundamental aspect of Halo 1 and 2, the framerate, on the Xb1x? Plenty of people have created support tickets for this and you keep ignoring it. You guys at 343i are pathetic at this point. Your only focus has been on PC and now Im hearing your working on adding mocrotransactions to Halo 3.

What's it going to take to get the framerate fixed already?
Another month, and yet another thread where feedback will be ignored. I don’t mean to sound like an -Yoink- but for months on end and in other cases years of the same feedback has been provided by many players and it’s been consistently ignored. I’m really starting to wonder if these threads are created just to house all the feedback and mark it as spam all in one place. It’s just irritating seeing nothing done with feedback, and a lot of the feedback that has been requested require simple changes!

like the post above mine, H2a has had massive frame rate drops ever since we got Reach, that’s been since DECEMBER! Why hasn’t this been fixed! It’s been 8 months!

Another highly requested issue is the weighting of DLC maps in Reach BtB. Since the very first week of release, and in every subsequent feedback thread people have requested that the DLC maps have their weighting substantially reduced because forge maps rarely come up in rotation. You would think with all the feedback provided every month in every thread this would be changed, but it isn’t, and it’s been 8, EIGHT months.. Players are just repeating themselves every month because their feedback is still being ignored, a lot of these requests are simple mind you, and nothing is being done.

Other examples include not losing your “highest rank achieved” from your profile when a rank playlist is removed, this is an incredibly simple request to fulfill. Doing so would encourage more players to play ranked, but as it stands right now why would we want to put a lot of time in a playlist and rank up when our rank is removed from our profile when the playlist is rotated out? This is another thing that has been requested time and time again in every feedback thread this year and many from last year yet still nothing. The number of wins it takes to achieve 50 need to come down as well, currently it takes 230 wins to get a 50 and that’s if you didn’t lose a single game, in then H3 days you could get a 50 with half that amount, fixing this along with keeping your “highest rank achieved” when a playlist is retired would help keep ranked populated

You guys have to do more with ranked too..take H2 for example, ranked arena was removed and replaced with hardcore with no input from players, and it was a mistake. This was in MARCH of 2019, 16, SIXTEEN months ago without a playlist update! WTF! Hardcore was dead playlist by early April 2019 and has been dead since then. A lot of players have given this feedback since April 2019.. We’ve requested a new playlist for H2c, we’ve been asking for 16 months for a new playlist and the feedback has been ignored, we’ve requested you replace it with ranked h2 ffa, or even doubles, nope nothing for 16 months, yet H3 has 2 doubles playlists.

There have been several ranked playlists across different games that have been requested by a lot of people, why not listen to us by creating a poll and have us vote for the ranked playlists we want to see for each Halo? That’s reasonable, and I’m sure many would agree. The flashy title screen updates are cool, but you guys really need to listen and address much more of our feedback, or else what really is the point of these feedback threads.
STOP ignoring feedback
Any update on the "All According to Plan" achievement for Halo CE on MCC for Xbox? Re-posting this issue I mentioned in the June thread. Have tried this multiple times on multiple days since posting this last month and still can't get this one to pop up.

Separately, the in-game score tracker on H2 Classic for Xbox seems to be semi-busted. If I am in a H2 classic MP match, pressing the back button often times does nothing. I'd say every four or five times I press it I can get the current score detail (total team score and score per player) to pop up on the screen like it is supposed to.

One last thought. I know this one is a long shot. Why are there potential banning penalties for quitting out of Social matches on MCC? Since there is no true customs browser for MCC (where you can hop into random matches being hosted by players like Halo 5), social should be the place where you can casually hop in and out games if you'd like. I don't do this because I have been told by others quitting in Social can lead to a temporary ban. That being said, other players still do this and it often times creates a rather annoying situation. For example, two teammates quit at the start of a game. Now I am stuck out-numbered playing 2v4 and don't want to quit in fear of a penalty. On the flip side, say 3 players from the other team quit near the start of the game. In this situation, I am stuck trying to hunt down a single player for the next ~10 minutes in a game that is likely going to end at the time limit vs. hitting a target score of 50 kills.
Can't find players in any ranked playlist. Only 4vs4 halo 3 social.

This is my development stuff
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I'll repeat some of what I said from last feedback thread as it's still applicable:
it's very annoying that it is impossible to switch controllers in MCC. By that I mean that if I want to go from my white Xbox controller to my black Xbox controller during a game or in the menu (because for example my white one is low on battery), the game just does a prompt to reconnect the controller but will only respond when I reconnect my white controller. This is a huge problem as if a controller dies you have to literally exit the whole game in order to use a new one.
- Find a way to not spread population too thin whilst also bringing back Multi-team permanently - without Multi-team, Halo MCC does not offer the full package for Halo's best playlists (rocket race for example).
- Halo 3 bodies when they die constantly glitch from place to place unlike 360 counterpart. Also Halo 3 hit registration
- So many community creations that could make it into matchmaking: why is mongoose sumo not in H2A action sack? Or why is commandercolson's bunker infection map not in infection? Overall I think Action sack is really barebones, there's so much in MCC that can be leveraged - Quickochet is excellent so why not bolster action sack with other forge maps and custom games?
- Increase the max file amount for maps and gametypes (100 is nowhere near enough given the amount of games and the fact that 360 didn't even have a limit anywhere that small)
Unlock armor and customization for offline players. Some players simply cannot play online at all because of our exceedingly poor Internet connections and should not be punished for this. I don't care if its drip fed through incredibly small amounts via campaign and custom Firefight, but customizing our Spartans was a BASE FEATURE in the original release of Reach, it should not be locked behind a online wall.
Will there be a custom browser? There's not much of a reason to make Forge maps without a custom browser.
Hello I was playing Mcc Halo 2 the other day and there was this elite who had a glitch where He is invisible on anniversary graphics but seen on original graphics. This isn't an issue because I saw the sword in anniversary and killed him ,but I'm posting this because I would like to see mcc as a complete and bug/glitch free game

Best wishes,
Crazy noob130
I’ve been saying this for years can you please take off region lock from the game? As someone from Australia we can only connect to WEST US servers and that’s it. The games dead and there’s way to many playlists so it makes it unfeasible for anyone in Oceania to try and play ranked or even social for that matter. H3 TS is still fairly popular and I can get games almost instantly if I party up with someone from the US, so why can’t I be allowed to search by myself or with another Aussie player and find games on any server? Is that too much to ask. All I want to do is play your game.....You should be trying to encourage people to play but honestly there’s no reason to unless you are from North America. This is an even bigger issue with MCC on PC as we can’t even connect to WEST US making it impossible to find games essentially killing the game from the get go....

Also can you please condense the playlists or just reset all the ranks. Why on earth is there 2 H3 dubs playlists in ranked??!! That is absurd. Even when Halo was at its peak there was never 2 doubles playlists (3 if you include social). You need to just cull the playlists with how low the population is and maybe people will start playing again as they can actually find games.
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Porque me cuesta encontrar partida clasificatoria en hmcc
Hello I was playing Mcc Halo 2 the other day and there was this elite who had a glitch where He is invisible on anniversary graphics but seen on original graphics. This isn't an issue because I saw the sword in anniversary and killed him ,but I'm posting this because I would like to see mcc as a complete and bug/glitch free game

Best wishes,
Crazy noob130
Yes this is a glitch only on anniversary mode.Sometimes some of the allies or foes become invisible from some point. This also applies to the covanent shade and ghost for some reason.
Can’t find anyone on ranked playlists is this only me?
So it’s gonna take 7yrs to unlock Max rank? This game will be dead in few months after release of Infinite, Unless you tie it in some how with Mcc? I’m open minded
I hope I'm not the only one experiencing this but the only issue I have seen as of late is the HUD for Halo 2 classic multiplayer some areas are there but the others are not the motion tracker is barely visible and the score board is not showing and I have tried nearly everything to fix this but I do hope this is just another bug that is already being looked into, I just hope I'm not going crazy with me seeing this issue so much.
Misc/Other Feedback -

MCC Halo Game: All Games

Feed-Back: Please add a better option menu like for example instead of choosing how do you want the game to looks like in 3 options maybe break it down for example if we want the Texture Detail to be Ultra,High, ect or the shadow if we want to completely off or have it turn on across all the games the more option the better.
Posted in wrong section.

Feedback for PC version here.
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