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[Locked] MCC Feedback (Xbox) - July 2020

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With the release of the update to MCC, my private custom custom files were mysteriously deleted. This is the third time this has happened, why does it keep happening? Its very unmotivating when your building a Map, and all the sudden its gone. Please fix this!!
Progress Towards Challenges In “Challenge Hub” Have Reset , Played For An Hour Earlier To Check Out The Awesome Update, Turned Xbox Off Came Back On Now And Progress For Multiple Challenges Have Been Reset To 0, Oh Dear 343, I’ll Come Back On When U Have Fixed It, Honestly Tho You Should Off Tested Simple Things Like This Before Rushing The Update, 🙁
Techfan420 wrote:
why do we have a 22gb update?? any post explaining this update?
Ummm Halo 3 release on PC...ranks reset...lots of bug fixes and been under a rock the last month?
but what does Halo 3 Pc have to do with Xbox, bug fixes can take up to 22gb of space!?
It's not just because Halo 3 released on PC. It's the added content and changes.

- Season 2 with CE skins was introduced
- New Spartan customisation for Halo 3
- New skull for Halo 3
- New improved sound for Halo 3
- New Forge objects and functionalities for Halo 3 and Reach
- Challenges UI and game implementation
- New remastered backgrounds for some Halo 3 missions
I'm sure I'm missing stuff.
This update is the largest I can remember them doing, apart from the ones in which they added games to MCC (ODST and Reach)
stebeer85 wrote:
Progress Towards Challenges In “Challenge Hub” Have Reset , Played For An Hour Earlier To Check Out The Awesome Update, Turned Xbox Off Came Back On Now And Progress For Multiple Challenges Have Been Reset To 0, Oh Dear 343, I’ll Come Back On When U Have Fixed It, Honestly Tho You Should Off Tested Simple Things Like This Before Rushing The Update, 🙁
That happened to me. Then I closed the game and opened it again, and the progress was there again.
Might not always work, but I think you don't necessarily lose the progress forever.
Try closing it and opening it until you get the progress back, for now....
Some of the challenges don’t work like completing social and competitive games, and in reach forge, you can’t rotate the armour abilities.
Keep grifball in the game permanently it would make many people happy!
Halo 3 ranked matchmaking has been made far worse than before. The increased movement speed, magnetism, aim and fire rate make it feel just like H5 with a H3 skin. It drastically reduces the skill gap as it seemingly negates shot leading and becomes a 'whoever shot first wins' mechanic because its too simple to aim, again like halo 5. I assume its been done in an effort to bridge the issue of the hit reg, but really hope it returns back to normality once the flight has been competed of the hit reg fix. If changes like these are made in future 343 need to be more vocal and upfront about it. Even in the patch notes it's not specified, it just seems to have been slipped in.

They may only be minor changes, but its vastly altered the time to kill, jump range and most importantly the respawns. The slight increase in mobility is throwing off the delay for respawns and its causing you to spawn standing directly next to an enemy. Its become a slightly hectic mess.

Some of the challenges reset upon coming off the game.

The new season unlocks are great, haven't had any issues as of yet. They give you a reason replay different elements on the games and not just focus on mp. Hopefully the next season will show implementation of the skins and similar style unlocks to other halo games in the series.

New aesthetic to the menus, the nostalgic halo 3 armour menu are improved sound in both reach and 3 are really noticeable and sound so much better, both more crisp, no volume issues and more align with legacy.

You guys have done an amazing job but the ranked h3 update is a major let down. Hopefully the flight goes well and we can all get a crisp, full working (shot registering) h3 legacy mp
MCC H4 . Love the Forge map Impact . Awsome Infinity Slayer game map. Named Frontier . My friends and me even use it for Custom War Games . Love those Edit controls .
Animated backgrounds are amazing. Sometimes not smooth between loading background data booting up MCC. However, the Halo 2 splash screen was just warthogs, while Halo 3s is bullets and weapons. I suggest taking shots of the campaign levels in all the games - environments, characters, gameplay paused - then put them on rotation in order of game. Each level gets one screenshot, not one already used in previous menus. Add more later when time is available. Its bland looking at guns and bullets and the sides of warthogs. Liven the splash screens up!
Could randomize rotation of each game moment/level shown instead.

Please delete the box in matchmaking showing party size statistics. Its useless when we can see party size by picking the playlist. At the most, if you absolutely want to, show party size range for all the playlists in one little rectangle, to the right of the playlist selection.

More: you can downsize the specific gametype choice boxes below the game choices. Downsize those as well as the game choices to search in. All this will add more splash screen visibility. They dont need to be a lot smaller.
Chat doesn’t work to an extent. You type your message or even before it’s stuck on squad chat. I can’t change it to anything but squad.
Where is the crossplay??


I know it's not a game breaking issue, but I'm disappointed to see that my spartan still has the silly smiley face emblem.

It sucks because Reach's campaign is very serious/mature, and the emblem ruins the campaign experience. As for multiplayer, it sucks because you are not able to see your custom emblem on yout spartan.

I would prefer to not have any emblems at all over having the smiley face emblem.

Besides this, I have no other issues with the game.

I really appreciate the work you guys have put into this game, it is the ultimate halo experience.
SpiffyNoob wrote:
I'll repeat some of what I said from last feedback thread as it's still applicable:
it's very annoying that it is impossible to switch controllers in MCC. By that I mean that if I want to go from my white Xbox controller to my black Xbox controller during a game or in the menu (because for example my white one is low on battery), the game just does a prompt to reconnect the controller but will only respond when I reconnect my white controller. This is a huge problem as if a controller dies you have to literally exit the whole game in order to use a new one.
- Find a way to not spread population too thin whilst also bringing back Multi-team permanently - without Multi-team, Halo MCC does not offer the full package for Halo's best playlists (rocket race for example).
- Halo 3 bodies when they die constantly glitch from place to place unlike 360 counterpart. Also Halo 3 hit registration
- So many community creations that could make it into matchmaking: why is mongoose sumo not in H2A action sack? Or why is commandercolson's bunker infection map not in infection? Overall I think Action sack is really barebones, there's so much in MCC that can be leveraged - Quickochet is excellent so why not bolster action sack with other forge maps and custom games?
- Increase the max file amount for maps and gametypes (100 is nowhere near enough given the amount of games and the fact that 360 didn't even have a limit anywhere that small)
Are you manually turning you low battery controller off? You have to hold down the guide button and select turn off controller, then turn on your other controller. Thats how I do it.
so if I restart the game. All progress on all of my challenges are reset to 0.
cc42 wrote:
What's the point of feedback when you guys still won't fix the most fundamental aspect of Halo 1 and 2, the framerate, on the Xb1x? Plenty of people have created support tickets for this and you keep ignoring it. You guys at 343i are pathetic at this point. Your only focus has been on PC and now Im hearing your working on adding mocrotransactions to Halo 3.

What's it going to take to get the framerate fixed already?
I'm not having a framerate issue on Hce or H2.
Way to go making me and my friends wait until ODST to come out to play the campaign together.
Can you please add the centered crosshair option to Xbox MCC? I'm sure it would be a low priority change, but it's something i've always wanted, and seeing Halo 2, 3 and Reach with a proper centered crosshair on PC is just incredible.
When playing multiplayer matches if I accept or send a party invite it disconnects me from the session. Is this a known bug?
For the new skull on Halo 3 I just float when using it instead of flying like it was shown through your preview and other youtubers that were able to get early access of it.
Leveling up is now completely worthless since it no longer gives season points, this also makes the challenges that only give XP completely pointless.
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