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Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for MCC on Xbox.
  • Campaign Feedback
  • Multiplayer Feedback
  • Misc/Other Feedback
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to MCC on Xbox. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket
Well I am playing through the H2A campaign for the first time and the frame drops are abysmal. Surely it could not have been released this way?

I heard from a friend that ever since Reach was added that the anniversary campaigns have had FPS issues.

I didn't see it on your known issue this being looked into?
MCC Halo game: multiplayer

Feedback: Please update match composer. remove forge maps from other playlists and make a gametype for forge maps only. Let us search for different team sizes at the same time. Let full teams and half-teams restrict their party sizes to those sizes.

Additional info: looking forward to the full release on PC so more features get added. particularly customs browser and server region selection for matchmaking.
This is from the April thread:

Multi-Player feed back: you need to implement self balancing games. I just played 4 games back to back and each game my team lost multiple players before the game even started. This makes it impossible to win, especially in a 4v4. And in an 8v8 it makes the other players more inclined to leave. Out of all three 8v8 games, 2 of them began with 2 missing players, and in both of those at the end of the game there was 4 players left. It made them impossible to play, and in one Emmy team got spawn trapped so bad my average life span was 7 seconds.... WITH A 10 SECIND RESPAWN!
I remember playing halo CE in the old days and those games had self balancing games. For example: in a! 8v8 if 2 players in one team left it would take one of the players from the other and make it 7v7.

I get not doing that once the game already started but if the game hasn’t started yet how hard would it be to switch the players to make fair teams.
Reply with your horrific unbalanced game stories if you agree!
Same issue in ranked. Deranking when someone on your team quits. How is anyone supposed to be win a 3v4 match? It should not count towards your rank if someone quits on your team. This is common sense.

343--you've largely ignored the major issues in this game. Connection, hit registration, deranking, imbalanced teams, the many glitches this game has. There is a reason why people keep leaving halo for other games. You guys have hurt the halo population more than you've helped.
Another new week! Another chance to add Graveyard and Cragmire to Halo Reach BTB heavies map pool! These two maps were voted for almost every time they came up in the voting process, so there should be no reason to not include them on MCC. At the very least, they play far better than Headstrong, which should see a decrease in weighting. 5/13/20, let's make it happen!
I’m all for these feedback threads for providing feedback that is supposed to be considered to implement game changes. The problem is that a lot of the feedback we’ve been giving for 6+ months and in some cases over a year has been ignored. There are so many feedback threads since last year where multitudes of players have all given the same feedback,yet today that same feedback is still being given and it’s still being ignored and it’s honestly extremely frustrating.

A perfect example of this is the high weighting of DLC maps in Reach BtB, and this is only 1 example. Since the very first week of release, and in every subsequent feedback thread people have requested that the DLC maps have their weighting substantially reduced because forge maps rarely come up in rotation. You would think with all the feedback provided every month in every thread this would be changed, but it isn’t. Players are just repeating themselves every month because their feedback is still being ignored, a lot of these requests are simple mind you, and nothing is being done.

Other examples include not losing your “highest rank achieved” from your profile when a rank playlist is removed, this is an incredibly simple request to fulfill. Doing so would encourage more players to play ranked, but as it stands right now why would we want to put a lot of time in a playlist and rank up when our rank is removed from our profile when the playlist is rotated out? This is another thing that has been requested time and time again in every feedback thread this year and many from last year yet still nothing.

The other thing is ranked playlists, take h2 for example, ranked arena was removed and replaced with hardcore with no input from players, and it was a mistake. This was in MARCH of 2019, 14 months ago, it was a dead playlist by early April and has been dead since then. Every feedback thread since April 2019 has had players request a new playlist for H2c, we’ve been asking for fourteen months for a new playlist and the feedback has been ignored, we’ve requested you replace it with ranked h2 ffa, or even doubles, nope nothing for 14 months, yet H3 has 2 doubles playlists. The flashy title screen updates are cool, but you guys really need to listen and address our feedback, or else what really is the point of these feedback threads? Most of the time it’s just players repeating over and over again on changes they want to see, but they feedback seems to always be ignored. I really hope this changes and that our feedback is considered more, but I’m not holding my breath.
MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Reach
FEEDBACK: Armor effects such as Legendary, Inclement Weather, Pestilence etc do not appear on Elites in the UI or in game. This has been a big since launch.
ADDITIONAL INFO: There's no reason this should have gone unnoticed from launch, it was in the original game and is a huge part of diversity to players who choose to play as Elites.
if I had to be honest I’m kinda mad you need a dlc to play reach. I feel like the devs should cut the fans who previously owned the game some slack. But other than that I wonder what the slip space engine would make gameplay look like. Maybe we’ll get to see it in action on the Xbox series X. That would be awesome! 343 keep up the good work!
if I had to be honest I’m kinda mad you need a dlc to play reach. I feel like the devs should cut the fans who previously owned the game some slack.
Multiplayer is free to play and they have to get paid for their work so not everything is going to be free.
Another new week! Another chance to add Graveyard and Cragmire to Halo Reach BTB heavies map pool! These two maps were voted for almost every time they came up in the voting process, so there should be no reason to not include them on MCC. At the very least, they play far better than Headstrong, which should see a decrease in weighting. 5/13/20, let's make it happen!
Yes please! This is my wishlist as well.
Game: Halo 3

Multiplayer Feedback:

There’s a few maps in the competitive team slayer playlist that are unnecessary and receive unanimous groans every time the come up. Those maps are: every sandbox map (except for pantheon) and Stand-off. I know this isn’t hardcore, but come on, these are big team maps. We want competitive-spirited showdowns, not warthogs and 40 yard BR battles. Replacing these maps with Cold Storage (which would be a really good addition anyway) and Orbital would be a nice way to go. Again, I know it’s not hardcore (which I’d search if it were populated) but even Amplified would be better than Tundra, Wasteland, or any other Sandbox map.
I would definitely like to see MCC with the ability to file share, variant maps from halo 3 -halo 5. And an increase on the budget on forge.
Campaign Feedback:
I finished "Long Night of Solace" on Legendary and didn't get the credit for finishing the mission. (You Flew Pretty Good) I got all the other achievements but no pop for finishing the mission.
MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2 Anniversary
FEEDBACK: The subtitles on the anniversary cutscenes are delayed, it is pretty annoying and its incredible that since the release of the game you guys never fixed it, also this game is missing in-game subtitles, on CE Anniversary there was in-game subtitles in both classic and remastered version, Halo 2 was made on the same engine as CE (The remastered mode probably not) so i dont see why you guys wouldn't add in-game subtitles, not everybody understand english very good and it would help a lot if we had in-game subtitles
PLEASE bring back the Map Veto functionality for all of Social Matchmaking.
It is so frustrating to be playing Sandbox and other maps continually on Halo 3 with no variation.
Let the players have their choice :)
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Добрый день. Играя в Halo 4, я столкнулся с проблемой со структурой (я полагаю). В миссии, где вам нужно отключить гравитацию и управлять гигантской машиной, камни и прохождение игры невозможны. Я перезапустил игру, перезапустил консоль, а также переустановил игру, и это почти 80 лет. (коллекция мастера Чифа). Не помогло
Hello, how do i see the weekly campaign challenges?

I'm wondering how it's going with enabling fov adjustment in all of the mcc games, campaign and multiplayer.
I'm sure it's a complex thing to implement, and there's a lot on your collective plate over there; but I know that so many people feel it would bring a breath of fresh air to the experience.

All the best to you and the teams!
Another issue,
On Xbox one, when playing Halo CEA campaign on heroic I got challenge completed notifications after finishing Truth and Reconciliation. They seemed to have given me xp, causing me to level up(which is awesome!). But I didn't receive a season point to use for unlocks.
What's up with that?
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2 Anniversary and Classic Multiplayer
  • FEEDBACK: Hit registration does not seem to be working correctly or accurately and sometimes I don't see shooting animations or grenade throwing animations from my guns.
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