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[Locked] MCC Feedback (Xbox) - May 2020

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MCC HALO GAME: General Interface

FEEDBACK: For some reason, the message of the day comes up in Chinese now since the Halo 2A update instead of English. My console region is set to Singapore though all my other localisation settings are set to English (United Kingdom). Also the rest of the MCC is English so it's just the Message of the Day that is not in English.

MCC halo 3
all campaign missions having missing music. All levels tested, including epilogue and arrival have no Music Audio.
AI pathway for arbiter is broken, he does not follow you and is forced to respawn at each passing section you move on to. He barely fired weapons.
Since the PC update, matchmaking isn't working for H2. I get "searching for players" forever. If I exit out and add more versions, like Reach, CE, H3, H4, then it works. But only for those versions of the game. H2 (my personal favorite) seems to be completely broken for Xbox One.
MCC HALO GAME: Reach "challenges".

The weekly campaign "challenges". This is it? Beat one level in the game, every week. And that's it. The original release had layers of stuff to chase after. Why did this game need a Battle Pass unlock system? You're not going to be adding "seasons" to Reach (new armors? yeah right), so why even bother with it? Why did you invest the money and resources to develop the "season" system at all?! It doesn't make sense.

The original system was perfect, why would you do this to yourselves? You still haven't learned ANYTHING 343i. NOT. ONE. THING.
WTF is going on with these updates? The game wasn't perfect a few months ago, but at least it was playable. Each new update has caused massive problems - first the frame rate went, and I don't even know where to begin with this current update. Radical idea I know, but shouldn't these updates actually be fixing issues rather than making the game even worse? 1 step forward, 2 steps back every time.
Game: Halo 3

Multiplayer Feedback: Bug on Halo 3 multiplayer where mid-way through game, game starts bugging out. Players not dying, players receiving damage without the getting shot effects from player POV. Warthogs also spawned with no turrets.

Happened again, uncontrollable lag, total breakdown of game function.

Since the latest update, every game has been unplayable. Mid way through the game everything lags, people start teleporting, vehicles are driving with no one in them. PLEASE FIX ASAP
All of the above and, for the first time after this update, I experienced my first crash on xbox one, halo 3 BTB valhalla. Unbelievable update, 2014 MCC vibes all over the place again.
There's been an issue with the sound in Halo 2. Since it was updated in december no sound is on Halo 2 during the campaign, kinda dumb since this wasn't a problem before that update (Reach's update). It seems to be a problem with the synced files from the cloud and stuff, there are posts of people deleting their save data to fix that, but I don't think that's a smart solution, since it will erase EVERYTHING!!! Please fix that it's been 6 months with an issue a lot of us didn't had before
I have been having this issue for about 2 days now with no explanation. I will get into a game and the connection will be fine but towards the end of the game there is severe delay and lag. I have contacted my isp and there are no issues on that end. I do not have this issue in other games. Only in MCC and it is happening every game. This is a new issue and hasn’t been happening just started with the latest update
Your game lag now nice job 343 👍👍👍
Who ever thought adding AR starts in reach BTB was a good idea needs to be fired, there's a reason the dmr was start weapon.
You can deselect the Auto Slayer option so you don't play it.

Regarding the May 2020 Update:
Why can't I see the Campaign Challenges?
The UI for it will come at a later date.
That's the issue, I only have precision slayer selected with objective game types. If they're gonna add AR starts, make them secondary to the DMR, BR. Other wise there just ruining BTB.
Halo 3 immediately crashed for me in the first game I've played on MCC since the update. Other hardcore players have reported to me that Halo 3 becomes unplayable several minutes into each game when everything (hit registration, shields, weapons, vehicles, lag) goes bonkers. Please give some love to Halo 3 and finally make it 100% playable for once. Not to mention adding popular game types to ranked like big team.
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Halo 3
Ever since the update yesterday, Halo 3 BTB has been virtually unplayable. I know they fixed some frame rate issues according to their patch notes, well they must have screwed something up because if you try to get in a vehicle it wont let you. However, if you start walking around, the vehicle moves on its own as if you're inside it, but its empty! If you see an empty vehicle going around the map on its own and you destroy it, you'll actually get a kill. Tanks and wraiths spawn in without turrets which is really bizarre. And if you see an enemy and try to kill him, you can't! You'll randomly start taking damage at times when no one is near and die. The whole match becomes lagged beyond recognition. Also what's weird is that the match doesn't start out screwed up but eventually just breaks down. I have never seen a game broken like this in all of MCC's history and THAT is saying something. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
This forum is completely useless. Developers of this forum have nothing to do with 343, so is useless to report here bugs, and so many other issues. You are asking for things that will be never fixed or added. All you people are wasting your time here.
Postums works on MCC and he's the one who reads this and passes it along so that's not really true.

That's the issue, I only have precision slayer selected with objective game types. If they're gonna add AR starts, make them secondary to the DMR, BR. Other wise there just ruining BTB.
Are you sure it's not selected?

Edit: I ended up playing a couple games and it seems like selecting auto or precision doesn't matter for objective gametypes.
This game is completely broken now that the update came out everyone above me said it all. Teleporting, vehicles driving them selves and rubber banding. It also 24 gb what the.
Mikep40 wrote:
This game is completely broken now that the update came out everyone above me said it all. Teleporting, vehicles driving them selves and rubber banding. It also 24 gb what the.
If you experience this in game, please make sure and file a bug report about this on the Halo Support site:
Halo 3 is completely broken. Audio cuts out, no visualization of enemies shields being affected, no visualization of enemies shooting at you. Vehicles drive on their own and players teleporting everywhere. All of this, on top of all the abysmal hit registration, that the game already has.
Essentially this is what we have found in our play
General Game-play and Multiplayer Issues.
-Custom games when everyone is on the same server, basically we are all East Coast 1; seems to be fine.
-Local play both online and offline seem to be operating with no issues for verses multiplayer.
-Online campaign seems to be an issue, essentially not loading. (From other posts)
-Search restrictions on multiplayer seem to not be constraining matchmaking. (If you search for slayer only, you might get action-sack or griff-ball etc - From other posts)Online Verses Multiplayer both Ranked and Social, (after about 7 minutes the game goes completely bland)Players other than yourself will have the display characteristics as follows.
-No flare from enemy weapons other than the Spartan Laser, or sometimes rockets.
-No animation for grenades being thrown, and limited animation for equipment being thrown.
-No melee animation
-You will also see their joints and armor light up but no blinking or lightning effects when shields are depleted.Your character will have the display characteristics as follows.
-Will appear to shoot, reload, throw equipment/grenades just fine
-You will not know when you are being shot at other than your shields decaying
-Power-up pickups such as over-shield and invisibility will sometimes insta fill, or have no charging effectVehicles characteristics as follows
-Some vehicles are not able to be interacted with
-Vehicles will sometimes be put into "ghost mode" where they will move with player, both aim and normal mobility, and reward splatters if you kill someone with the vehicle when in ghost mode (From other posts)Please treat this post as a compilation so that 343 can be aware of issues instead of complaining about the issues you are experiencing.
Also let me know if this is cross game. I only play halo 3
Cheers everyone!
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