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MCC FireFight Reach and ODST Suggestions

OP ThreadShadow

Thanks for all the work you're doing and have done in FireFight mode. And thanks for the added special stuff in ODST FireFight.

Here is just a few observations and wishful suggestions. I think I've remembered everything...
1. I read you're tinkering with the idea of adding the Elephant. Please add the Elephant to Lost Platoon level.

2. When you added the Hornet and mentioned the AA Wraith, I assumed you'd give the Covenant an AA Wraith to help take down the Hornet. Please think about that.

3. Please add a no skulls mode to ODST FireFight.

4. Please add an option that cycles through the various vehicles that drop into the level (I'm thinking Lost Platoon, of course!). When the Round ends and the Weapon Drop drops in a new vehicle it could be random or follow the list in the options menu on which vehicle drops in. Is having two vehicles like that game crashing for ODST?

5. Lost Platoon map. Might you add a Rocket Launcher weapon drop to the walled entrance of the south gate to the park? It's always seemed like there should be a weapon there to get.

6. An interesting idea would be allowing players to load in as observers and they would instantly be the flying camera just watching the action calling out help.

7. 'Sponge Skull'. I know this one is silly but turning on the Sponge Skull would turn all the Grunts into camo green SpongeBobs with Tom Kenny doing all the Grunt lines of dialogue. Or even forgetting the intense graphical work and just having it switch on the Grunt dialogue voiced by Tom Kenny as SpongeBob! A person starts thinking strange things when playing FireFight for a long time!

8. Please allow all four Phantoms in Lost Platoon to randomly drop Wraiths or maybe even all four dropping Wraiths in the same wave.

9. For Chieftain waves, please let the music play Marty's ODST version of "Uphill Both Ways". Now it could be random, it could be an option the player turns on, it could play just for the first few minutes.

10. More randomness to the waves especially after the end of round wave. Something to keep the heat up, rather then the expected Grunts and Jackals of wave one. Once again this may be something the player can turn on and off in options?

UPDATE Nov 26: 11. Possible to turn on the switch that lets us destroy Phantoms in FireFight? You can drop them in H3 and ODST. It wouldn't crash the game would it?

1. I read that you may do similar special additions to Reach FireFight that you've done with ODST. I hope so, looking forward to it. Ready for different vehicles in the garage on Beachfront!

2. Adding Marty's "Uphill Both Ways" Reach trailer remix to the Boss waves would be great! Or at least a great option.

3. FireFight 'Game Break' mode. Playing in this mode removes all the kill boxes from inside the maps so players can play around all they want going off into previously forbidden areas of the map. That's right, I can land on top of the trees in Beachfront and not enter a killbox! : )
This mode may have to be limited to local/LAN/and Private Custom matches only. And players would understand that crazy things might potentially happen; although I doubt anything worse then getting stuck in or falling through some geometry would happen.

UPDATE NOV 26: 4. Let us choose a single member of Noble team to help us out as an A.I. controlled team mate. They need to be as tough or almost as tough as they are in the campaign. Naturally their kills don't count towards your score. Also, them being still alive when you get a Game Over would need to be ignored. If not Noble Team, couldn't we have the ODSTs from the Anniversary map on the map of our choice? Or other UNSC soldiers? The ground work is there in the Anniversary map.

UPDATE NOV 26: Voices. Now it's my assumption that voices are mostly to entertain oneself, because if you aren't near another player they won't hear your dialogue and you won't hear theirs. I'd like to hear them in person up close and over the radios when far enough away. My guess is that the radio communications wasn't implemented because of bandwidth concerns, and maybe if you are in four-player FireFight some don't want to hear four voices talking at once. Arguably that wouldn't happen often, so if it's concern over bandwidth for matchmaking, maybe limit it to LAN? I'm a person that wants to hear all the character chatter, split-screen obviously isn't a problem, but this would be a great thing for LAN.
If I remember more ideas I've had, I'll update my post. I really want to thank you for including and adding the FireFight modes, and for going further and adding some new experiences to them.
I like some of your ideas. Especially agree with adding Marty's music. I just want to add one on that I've been wanting myself

Please give us unlimited set matchmaking. Like same as the 1 set and you're done heroic one now, give another option to matchmake into an unlimited set one and you just go till you all die. Currently you can only do that in customs but it would be cool to be able to do it in matchmaking and earn points for surviving sets (I guess they would have to raise the cap and reward points for how many sets you survive. Cause honestly if you ask me, 1 set is just too easy even on ODST. Reach is just way toooo easy to beat 1 set, I'd love to see it get harder and harder by surviving more sets with more skulls being turned on the longer you survive.


Just gives us legendary difficulty matchmaking for 1 set, I'd love to see that. Would be difficult for ODST but make Reach interesting

- Add a boot player option for the -yoinks- who purposely run you down with a Ghost to the back which you have no idea is coming due to there being no radar in ODST.

- Increase the speed of the Phantoms during the waves it decides to use them on as currently they are excruciatingly slow. Reach does it much better.