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[Locked] MCC Game & Playlist Update - 4/24/2019

OP Postums

Hey Friends,

We have finally been able to kick this mischievous grunt out of MCC with today’s update to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Along with finally regaining control, today’s update brings with it a series of bug fixes, changes to playlist, and some technical explanations on future changes.

Global Menus
  • Yapyap and his Grunt Rebellion have been driven out and the normal theme has returned
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a profile crashing after creating and removing many UGC files
  • Added Halo 3 Hardcore game variants to built-in Custom Game menu
Matchmaking Updates
  • Adjusted code to help reduce playing the same map multiple times in a row
  • Rotated the Yappening out
  • Rotated Multi Team out
  • Rotated Infection in
Social Games – 8p FFA – Zone Control
  • Halo CE: Reduced Crazy King score-to-win from 120 to 60.
  • Halo 2: Reduced Crazy King score-to-win from 120 to 60.
  • H2A: Reduced Crazy King score-to-win from 120 to 100.
  • Halo 4: Reduced Crazy King score-to-win from 150 to 100.
Social Games - 8p FFA - SWAT
  • Halo 2: Added SWAT to Lockout, Ascension, Ivory Tower, Beaver Creek, Sanctuary, Turf, Desolation, and Tombstone.
  • Halo 3: Added SWAT to Construct, Guardian, Isolation, Boundless, Pit Stop, Foundry, Blackout, Ghost Town, and Cold Storage.
  • Halo 4: Added SWAT to Adrift, Abandon, Haven, Solace, Landfall, Monolith, Skyline, and Pitfall.
Social Games - 8p FFA - Snipers
  • Halo CE: Added Snipers to Damnation, Hang ‘Em High, Derelict, and Boarding Action.
  • Halo 2: Added Snipers to Lockout, Ascension, Midship, Ivory Tower, Sanctuary, Turf, and Tombstone.
  • H2A: Added Snipers to Lockdown, Zenith, and Shrine.
  • Halo 3: Added Snipers to Construct, Guardian, Isolation, Narrows, Snowbound, The Pit, Blackout, Assembly, Citadel, and Heretic.
  • Halo 4: Added Snipers to Abandon, Complex, Haven, Solace, Landfall, Monolith, Pitfall, and Vertigo.
Known Issues with Update
  • After selecting a new voice language to install, the title must be closed and relaunched before it will be installed.
  • Weapon icons are not displayed on Halo CE's loading screens. Due to CE using weapon sets rather than standard starting weapon settings, an alternate set of icons is being developed for CE to be released in a future update.
  • Weapon icon is always displayed as Assault Rifle on H3 Forge loading screen
Looking Ahead – Auto-Ban Changes
With today’s update comes some code changes to setup the foundation for us to alter two scenarios in MCC’s auto-bans based on community feedback and supporting data the Publishing Team has investigated.
The two scenarios that we will be changing in the future are a change to ban players who dodge on the loading screen and allowing for players in unbalanced teams to quit and not be stuck in a 4v2/4v1 scenario.
Once the rules are updated this will allow us to punish those dodging during the matchmaking process and will enforce a quit ban to them on completion of the match they quit out of. For the 4v2/4v1 scenarios, once enabled, those who are on a team where nobody has quit, but the opposing team still has half or less of its players remaining you will be able to quit without receiving a matchmaking ban.
To be crystal clear, these are not live today. The dates for these changes coming online are currently TBD, but the Publishing Team is actively working to schedule that work with the supporting teams who alter these rules.
Thank you for all the feedback on this and we look forward to hearing how this change will be received when it goes online.

Matchmaking and How a Server is Chosen
I was able to catch up with Dana from the Pub Team to get a full explanation on what goes into the behind the scenes when a player starts searching for a game and how it decides what server to use. Below is a concise explanation.

Each user has a normalized (0-100) list of servers. Their lowest ping server is the 0 point for this scale and the others are adjusted from these zero points. If a high pop (US) server does not naturally fall within this range, the lowest ping one is appended to the list. This ensures that a high pop server is always available for each user to ensure that they can always find matches. When a match is formed, the normalized server list for each user is cross-referenced and the best server for the group is selected.

As always should you have feedback, please head on over to the Feedback threads in this forum to let us know what you think. See you all online!