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OP ske7ch

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I've noticed that on several missions in Halo CE mainly stealth type areas that once I make my presence known to the Covenant some of them remain oblivious to the fact that I've just blown up the room. Grunts will continue to sleep and elites will walk around like I didn't just kill their buddies only 5 feet from them. This has happened several times on missions like "Assault On The Control Room" and "Truth and Reconciliation".
USCRuss72 wrote:
During the mission "Assault On The Control Room" at the part of the mission when you abandon the tank and lead the marines thru a small cave and up a cliff side I think the wrong music is playing. I always remember the Halo CE "Covenant Dance" soundtrack to be playing. I'm not sure what's playing right now but it's not "Covenant Dance". I may be wrong but as a kid I always remembered that song playing right as I came up over the hill.

I'm playing Halo CE on classic graphics and on normal difficulty.
I think I'm wrong
Another report. At the beginning of the Halo 4 mission “Reclaimer” when first taking orders from Lasky a comms from Del Rio is supposed to play. The video does, but the audio does not.
On Halo CE during the mission "343 Guilty Spark" after the Jenkins cutscene the assault rifle has become mute along with every other weapon and so has the little pop that you hear after you kill an infection form. The only sound I hear is the bullet shells dropping, reloading, and the music. It seems as if the whole room has become muted even the sounds of the doors busting is lower than normal. Flood combat forms have also become mute. This mission is already scary enough for me lol and now that there's no sound I have no idea where the flood is coming from!!
Whenever I try to load up the Halo CE Campaign, the MCC insider crashes. I've tried it several times going into missions and Quick play with no success. I have also tried The other campaigns and they all work as intended. I don't know if it's just me or others so I figured I'd let you guys know. If you need any more info please let me know.
USCRuss72 wrote:
On Halo CE during the mission "343 Guilty Spark" after the Jenkins cutscene the assault rifle has become mute along with every other weapon and so has the little pop that you hear after you kill an infection form. The only sound I hear is the bullet shells dropping, reloading, and the music. It seems as if the whole room has become muted even the sounds of the doors busting is lower than normal. Flood combat forms have also become mute. This mission is already scary enough for me lol and now that there's no sound I have no idea where the flood is coming from!!
I quit the game and loaded back into my save point and everything is working fine so it seems to be a loading issue.
Whenever I played the mission Halo on Halo: CE and made my way to the first group of marines before you get the Warthog, non of the covenant spawned besides the group that was already there. No dropships appeared which caused the pelican to never drop the warthog. So I can to walk and Gernade jump throughout the rest of the mission. Is this a common bug or one that has existed for a long time?
MCC HALO GAME: Halo Combat Evolved/Anniversary
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The shotgun at touching distance is inconsistent
REPRO STEPS: this works with any level with a shotgun (best on The Library) get very close to the flood (unsure if this affects the covenant) and the weapon will miss at touch range
ADDITIONAL INFO: I also think the assualt rifle and pistol are affected but i am usure. Is unaffected on the mcc. I recorded a video of the event but i dont know how to post here

MCC HALO GAME: Halo Combat Evolved/Anniversary
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Split screen co-op motion sensor is broken
REPRO STEPS: start a campaign coop split screen
Simple as that
ADDITIONAL INFO: I have a feeling it has something to do with game being 4k (have not tested lower reslolution on the X)
Game: Spartan Ops/Menu
Issue: Language issue; Main Text is set to Russian, Fallback is set to English (US). Whereas Halo 4 displayed HUD text in Russian (currently set), this is no longer the case with Spartan Ops' pause menu. Text is displayed in English, although my objective remains in Russian, as do in-game elements. (Picture 1, Picture 2). However most of the pause menu in-game is also in English.

Game: Halo 2 Anniversary
Issue: Language issue; Main Text is set to Russian, Fallback is set to English (US). Pause menu text (as well as main menu) is in Russian (although "Previous Checkpoint" is a bit crowded), however the current objectives are still in English. Picture.
I fired up Spartan Ops, and watched one of the intro videos to one of the missions. It takes me to the Halo Channel to watch the video. Once the video was done, MCC retail version was started up, and MCC Insider was closed down.

On a side note I hope that the Halo Channel will start being used again. I still prefer the Halo Reach's Waypoint, but will make due with Halo Channel if it has a lot of activity.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 4
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: When receiving transmissions and seeing the characters in the HUD, audio is muted for the duration of the conversation.
  • REPRO STEPS: Play Halo 4 and listen to the dialogue during transmissions.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Here is an example of it happening during the mission "Reclaimer".
There was also a bug earlier where my Halo 4 did not have any audio, reinstalling the whole game fixed this issue however.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Epilogue "Halo 5" cutscene doesn't play at the end of the game.
  • REPRO STEPS: Complete "The Great Journey" on any difficulty and you will not see the epilogue cutscene. Prologue cutscene still plays as normal at the start of Halo 2's campaign.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2, 3, Spartan Ops.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Unable to start the games. Screen feeze while loading (sometimes with a terrible noise) and the game send you back to the main menu or xbox home menu.
  • REPRO STEPS: I tried to quick launch Halo 2, 3 on heroic difficulty multiple times but it didn't worked. Same with the first mission of spartan ops. i don't think i tried with a lower or harder difficulty or via the mission menu though...
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Halo CE and 4 worked just fine. Audio is Eng, French subtitles On.

Here are a few issues I found playing through some Halo CE and Halo 4 campaigns on a standard Xbox One (Durango).

Halo CE - The Maw
  1. Terminal on 'The Maw' appears to have a large launch radius. The terminal in this room launched without me being very close to the terminal at all. This kicked me straight to the Halo Channel which I switched back to the MCC Insider from before it finished loading. I kept playing, but was launched back into the Halo Channel after it finished loading. After I tried to enter back into the MCC Insider, I received a "Something went wrong" error (code 0x80070bf7). I was eventually able to relaunch the MCC Insider successfully after waiting for a few minutes.
Halo 4 - The Infinity
  1. At the very beginning of the level, the Didact's ship is scanning the Infinity. The scan effect looked abnormally tacky to me, but I haven't compared it to the 360 version to tell if there is an actual downgrade in quality. EDIT: This might be a lighting issue, since the Didact's ship very obviously looks like it's just a static image with the scan animation playing from it.
  2. At the beginning of the level, while progressing into the jungle there is a gap that looks like you can jump into it but has an invisible barrier preventing you from doing it. It seems off, as if there's an asset missing from protecting that space, or as if there should be more steam coming up from the jungle to hide the gap.
  3. During a fight sequence, crawlers were highlighted with an abnormal orange glow that even flickered off at one point. Similarly in another area, grunts had cyan and orange highlights on their armor that also flickered off.
  4. Audio sequences that are supposed to play during checkpoints do not work. Here is a first and second instance of this occurring during a Lasky sequence, and one during a Cortana sequence.
MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2 Anniversary
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: 1. While playing the game it freezes then makes a horrible sound so was forced to go back to the Xbox home screen and restart the program. This happened yesterday (5th July).
2. The Covenant and the Flood didn't take any notice of me when standing in front of them even though I shot a few. Plus the spawning of the Covenant was lacking as they spawned after I got there and went past, I only notice this because of the marines or elites started shooting behind me and radar showing enemies, they weren't there before. The missions are outskirts, quarantine zone and uprising.
3. The Covenant weapons when fired the light is really bright and couldn't see what I was shooting.
I'm doing a Heroic run of each Campaign and noting down anything I come across; trying to play the levels less conventionally as well. I'll update this post as I progress.

Halo: CE Anniversary -
  • Issue: Numerous models have phasing issues.
    Repro Steps: View any remastered Cutscene, particularly those with the Pillar of Autumn.
    Additional Info: 'The Maw' - Background Glitch
  • Issue: The lighting in numerous areas of the game doesn't correspond with its location or outright breaks.
    Repro Setps:
    - Pillar of Autumn - Enter dark corridor before the initial escape pods launch - Blue lighting until next load zone.
    - Silent Cartographer - Enter Map Room - Lighting glitches on entry ramp.
    - Silent Cartographer - Enter cave leading up to Map Room - External lighting present inside cave.
    - Silent Cartographer - Enter security room - Watch 'Zealot' cutscene - External lighting present inside building.
    - The Maw - Enter access tunnel at the beginning of the level - External lighting present inside tunnel.
    Additional Info: - Lighting bug compilation.

  • Issue: Start menu appears over the intro cutscene of every level.
    Repro Steps: Start any mission in CEA.

  • Issue: Load zones on certain levels freeze the game up temporarily.
    Repro Steps:
    - Pillar of Autumn - Load zone after receiving Keyes' Magnum
    - Halo - Load zone after rounding the hill to first Marine encounter.
    - Silent Cartographer - Load zone after entering security room (first building with hunters inside).
    - The Maw - Load zone before mess-hall encounter.

  • Issue: Banshee randomly ejected pilot on 'Halo'.
    Repro Steps: Not sure, this seemed to be random.
    Additional Info: Banshee Eject Video
Halo 2 Anniversary:
  • Issue: Subtitles do not appear for contextual dialogue during gameplay.
    Repro Steps: Play any level with subtitles on.

  • Issue: Sound effect for secondary Ghost explosion plays, but animation does not.
    Repro Steps: Play any level with Ghosts present - Destroy a Ghost
    Additional Info: Ghosts on Outskirts Video

  • Issue: This Guy.
    Repro Steps: Cairo Station - Find hiding marine in Bomb Room
    Additional Info: Cairo Station Video

  • Issue: Remastered Scorpion treads stay in reverse while moving forward.
    Repro Steps: Enter a Scorpion in Anniversary mode - Reverse, then move forward.
Halo 3:
  • Issue: Subtitles for certain characters fail to appear.
    Repro Steps: Play a level with subtitles enabled. I experienced this on 'Sierra 117' and 'The Ark'.

  • Issue: Performance dropped in Floodgate. Initially after entering the Warehouse and again after firing the Flame Thrower for the first time on the bridge.
    Repro Steps: Play the mission Floodgate.
The music in Halo 2 classic is oddly quite. I just compared the original Xbox release with the MCC version and the music just seems really quite, especially during in gameplay.
Issue 1: I was playing the Midnight mission on Halo 4 and some of the dialogue for Cortana would be missing. I don’t know if this happens on any of the other missions.

Issue 2: Also I have found that music on the mission select screens would be swapped for example Halo CE’s music would be playing on Halo 4’s mission select. The music shuffle seems to happen randomly and only happens on the campaign menus. The only consistent one has been the Halo 4 mission select music change.
So far, there's been a couple of bugs and glitches during my first playthrough of Halo CEA. They are the following:

1. At the start of Halo CEA missions Halo, Truth and Reconciliation, The Silent Cartographer, Assault on the Control Room, 343 Guilty Spark, The Library, Two Betrayals and Keyes, the pause menu would pop up. I have yet to start the mission "The Maw", but I assume it'll happen again.

2. Character mouths do not move while talking in classic mode on Halo CEA. Some of these (if not all) characters include Sergeant Johnson and Captain Keyes in missions "Halo" and "Truth and Reconciliation".

3. After reaching the first facility in the mission "Silent Cartographer" on Halo CEA, there was a big shift in lighting while walking down the first ramp inside, looking darker than before. The lighting would continue to alter while walking up and down the ramp. This happened again after walking up and down one of the first ramps after activating the Halo-panel (same mission). This only occurred in Anniversary mode.

I have two Xbox recordings of these bugs/glitches, but I have yet to learn on how to add them. Don't judge, haha. Other than that, I hope I was helpful!
I have started playing the Halo 2 camapign on both solo and co-op and on co-op I noticed that my co-op buddies green arrow/indicator disappeared early on Cairo station.

In addition I noticed that the glitch with waking up sleeping grunts while beating them down has returned. It appears to be slightly random but if you don't crouch while beating down a sleeping grunt yo are likely to wake them all up. This glitch was fixed with Halo 2 Vista and on the original MCC but for some reason it appears to be back

EDIT: Here's the link to the video.
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