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OP ske7ch

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After testing one mission for each game I’ve came with a few pros and cons of my experience playing these missions on an Xbox One X. I’ll try to make this as structured and easy to read as possible to avoid any confusion. Below are some of my thoughts as well as feelings of each Halo Game as a whole.

Halo Ce:

Mission - The Silent Cartographer

Pros - Visuals looked gorgeous in 4K and seeing Halo for the first time in a higher resolution put a smile on my face. 343 did an amazing job with the updated art and sound mixing without straying too far from the source material.

Cons - Framerate and screen tearing can still be an issue along with what could be a lighting glitch which causes flickering from the shadows. This could be because the engine is running at such a higher resolution and more detailed assets than it could have ever originally handle. Also the voices can be a tad bit on the quiet side as well as the weapons and effects being much much more louder than it used to. But in all honesty it is kind of bad -Yoink- to have the Halo theme blaring in my headset as my assault rifle booms and rips and tears the convenant apart lol.

Halo 2:

Mission - Delta Halo

Pros - Halo 2 has never looked as good as before with the complimented anniversary graphics and remade sound effects and music that I have to give again 343 props on the job they did here. It really is phenomenal what a passionate group of developers can do when put up to the task of updating one of the greatest shooters, or should I say, greatest games of all time. Now Blur needs some praise as well for giving some of the best damn cutscenes I have ever witnessed in an exclusive title before. Recreating them from the ground up was definitely the best choice here because it gave them the freedom to make already iconic cutscenes into even more bad -Yoink-, adrenaline fueled, head banging, pulse elevating, epic moments when they were first witnessed all of those years ago.

Cons - As with Halo Ce: the frame rate and screen tearing is still plaguing in this as well. While not as frequent or as bad as in the original release of MCC, and can still be quite an eyesore when the graphics are so freaking beautiful. I have also noticed the same sound issues here as well. The voices are quiet while everything else is ear drum bursting loud. And the music in the classic graphics are about as loud as a mouse during Sunday church. I definitely think a little bit more polish needs to go into this title because it’s so close to being perfect that it would be a shame if these issues weren’t eventually fixed. These are the definitive editions and they need to be just that, definite. Also one thing that’s more of a request than an issue is that I would really love to see the terminals play in the actual game rather than The Halo Channel. The Halo Channel has given me issues since it first came out and I’ve never enjoyed having to go there just to watch a short video. Halo waypoint definitely needs to be brought to Xbox One as the go to halo app on console.

Halo 3:

Mission - The Covenant

Pros - Now this is where it starts to get easy to say nothing but good things about this game rather than negative details. Halo 3 as of right now in the preview is well, perfectly normal. The bump in resolution really does bring the finer details of the environment and enemies and makes it day and night compared to the 360 version I played in my youth. The frame rate is smooth except for the occasional checkpoint hitch but that’s been around for as long as Halo Ce. It’s hard to say anything bad about this really because I couldn’t find anything that was out of the ordinary so A+ 343.

Cons - Can’t really blame the game for being over 10 years old but some of the textures are a little muddy and shadows can flicker on occasion. Now only if there was some way to fix this... Cough* Halo 3 Anniversary Cough*

Halo 4:

Mission - Infinity

Pros - Soooo this game looks freaking stunning, like, I remember it dropping my jaw when I first played it on my 360 because of how good it looked for a console that was nearing the end of its life span. And now running at 4K it did the exact same thing to me. It made my jaw drop yet again. Halo 4 was a strange beast and controversial when it first came out because of how much it tried to change things. But for me, the campaign was always solid and the story really drawed me in and I wanted to know what was next for Chief after that cliffhanger ending in Halo 3. For their first time making a Halo game from the ground up, 343 definitely did some good and some bad as you would expect on someone’s very first try at a previously established iconic franchise.

Cons - Now this is what’s splitting me as of right now, the mission that I’ve played features dense foliage and effects that seem to be very limited on the 360. This is because every step I take in the jungle the plants are popping out everywhere in front of me. I’m used to this in games that have pop in or fading assets but this is on a level that can only be considered distracting and ugly from an otherwise beautiful looking game. I perfectly understand that the engine could only handle so much on the 360’s limited hardware, but these are new consoles and I’m sure that they can handle things like pop in at a much better rate than this.

Overall I am very pleased at what the small preview team has done to fix this ambitious collection of the some of the greatest shooters of all time. I hope that my feedback is proven useful for some of you working on this update and I’ll definitley keep chipping away at this game to find what else could be improved. I’ve been waiting to play this update since it was first announced way back last year while I was eating at a Waffle House at 2:00 in the morning after a long shift at work. You’ve given me the excitement to play some more Halo and any excuse to play more Halo is a good enough excuse for me :)
Completed all 4 games from start to finish. It's a treat all the time!

Only wish the hdr brightness and contrast tuners were more intuitive. Like "make x barely visible" and "turn up till both boxes are the same color" I like this because it allows me to tune it to my specific set, and its straight forward. MCC, while I love havingthe options, it's not to intuitive and I keep second guessing my settings because of it.
I did read about this before from other people about the contrast and HDR being way too bright and washed out. But for me at least it looks fine so it must be my tv handles HDR differently than other sets. I have a Sony XBR55850D and it’s held up pretty well for 2 years.
MCC game: Halo Combat Evolved
Issue: Remastered music changes back to classic music.
When you skip the first cutscene in the Pillar of Autumn the music changes back to classic music. Also when you save and quit from any mission and load back to that save, it also changes the music back to classic music. I have noticed that the issue is mostly resolved because in the current retail when you restart to the nearest checkpoint it changes the music.

Just a note, I definitely do not hate the classic score, I would never. But I would also love to hear the remastered score because I think that in some cases it is pretty good.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: I was playing "The Maw" mission (the last level of the campaign) and when I was reaching the bridge of the ship, suddenly the ligths turned darker; it looked strange, and it ruined the environment due to the poor illumination. I don't remember this happening in the Xbox 360 version or even in Halo MCC.
  • REPRO STEPS: load "The Maw", go to the place where you find two hunters, grunts with fuel rod cannons and elites. Kill all of them and pass the door as if you were going to the bridge, where Cortana should talk to you. Continue walking and pass the second door; the problem happens in that corridor, just before you reach the Ultra Elite and the third door, which leads you to the bridge.
The original loading screens aren't implemented. I don't want to see the image of the map before I play the map, it breaks the atmosphere. If it's not possible to render the original loading menus, I'd suggest creating new ones that aren't so intrusive on the atmosphere.
So i reported this as a problem on Xbox but i feel like posting it here will be useful aswell (well atleats i hope it does).
I was testing out the campaigns on Thursday i belive, i decided to play some playlists since i figured that would be the fastest way to play through the campaigns, i specificlly played the "Last 4" one:

  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo CEA & Halo 3
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: So the issue i ran into with Halo CEA was rather weird, i was playing "The Maw" and i was on the Warthog run, around the second big area you come across, the enginee sound of the Warthog just stoped, everything else was just fine, so i decided to stop and start the Warthog again, but with no sucess, it stayed that way for aprox 1 min, until it came back on it's own.
  • The second and third issues wer on "Halo" on Halo 3, the first being on the cutscene where Johnson dies, the snow particles from the map were on for the whole cutsene, and during the Warthog run some of the walls lighting was a bit off (it looked similar to the Reach wall bug where the walls flash then they stop) and some explosions appeared before the ground or structures fell.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Blowing up an enemy-controlled UNSC vehicle causes a loss of points.
  • REPRO STEPS: Destroy a UNSC vehicle occupied by the enemy. Easiest to do in Quarantine Zone
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Seems kind of unfair to lose points when you destroy something trying to kill you, no?
Halo 2 still dosent work with coop can you fix this issue please
Halo 2 still dosent work with coop can you fix this issue please
Probably need to give a little more info on this, use the template in the first post to help and link any video clips you have of the issue
On Halo 1 some enemy banshees are flying while they're open. Some have AI pilots and some have no pilots. This happened on Two Betrayals and The Maw. In Halo 2 I keep sword lunging at flood on the mission The Oracle and it flies me to my death so I can't use the best weapon up against the flood. The mission before this during the part where you fly alongside a Phantom I had lighting issues in anniversary and the phantom front lights weren't there and it looked terrifying. I can't make clips because my storage is full and I don't feel like clearing but yeh here's this reply.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 4
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The sprinting animation for the carbine is broken.
  • REPRO STEPS: Run with the carbine.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO:!AneKIse11nKIoRZd0muoKpZJTnn2 (later in the clip)
MCC Insider feedback Game Halo CE Anniversary: On the level 343 Guilty Spark at the very end of the level when you first meet guilty spark while in combat fighting the flood there were times when I was reloading the assault rifle and as soon as I was done reloading and began shooting again the light graphic/ effect that usually comes off the guns when you fire them just didn't show for the assault rifle. Then came back after a moment or so. On the level Keyes in Halo CE Anniversary there is a part towards the end of the level right before you find Captain Keyes as a proto gravemind flood form that usually is supposed to pop up on screen that says (the captain) as you walk down a hallway followed by cortana saying to you "The captain, his vitals are failing please chief hurry!" This didn't happen for me for some reason and instead it was triggered after I got the neural implant codes from captain Keyes head and walked down the same hallway it was supposed to be triggered in. Also across the entire Halo CE Anniversary game there is a big issue with the night vision on the sniper rifle. I don't know if it's because of the updated graphics engine or lighting for Halo CE anniversary but the night vision on the sniper rifle is so darn bright that it's uncomfortable to use and makes it difficult to see enemies on levels like the truth and reconciliation. That seriously needs to be addressed.

Halo 2 Anniversary: On the level the Armory after Sgt. Johnson shows up and talks to the marine about chief being ready to go you usually have to get on the elevator lift and proceed. But after Johnson says "Don't worry I'll hold his hand." You'll get a checkpoint and if you reload the game to that checkpoint the energy shield testing station will glitch and show particle effects from when the marine tests your recharging energy shields. Ally Elites that are supposed to be duel wielding plasma rifles and needlers don't duel wield at all what so ever. I went back to my original x box copy of halo 2 to double check and when I played that version they do duel wield. Same goes for some enemy elites. This needs to be addressed for sure and fixed. When you look down as the arbiter at your feet in the anniversary graphics your hand and weapon glitch through your leg making it feel like your leg really isn't there and it breaks the immersion so that definitely needs to be looked at. Also when I save and quit out of the campaign in Halo 2 Anniversary there's a bright white light screen that shows up for a moment before you return to the main menu/ level select screen. I'm not sure if 343 added this or if it's a glitch. I need some answers for that one.
Halo CEA:
Truth and Reconciliation. When get to the terminal to open the first shuttle bay door is not working. Hit B and nothing happens.
Intel terminals not working.
Skulls not showing on the counter. It says you unlocked them when picking them up.
halo 3 halo 2 and halo 4 all have audio compression issue.
the sound of each weapon is a lot quieter than than og version.

all four game still have the lighting issue.
halo 2 anniversary :a mystery shadow on my plasma rifle all the time. really annoy , flicker
halo 2 classic: maps look too bright than og halo 2, flicker
halo 3 : texture or lighting flicker , black footprints
halo 4 : also flicker when u move forward , the final cutscene of 5th mission reclaimer looks totally different from og version

Other: God plz make the all the terminals and cutscenes ALL IN GAME , halo
channel is not good to use
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Combat Evolved
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The charge audio for the plasma pistol seems to linger even after the charged shot has been fired or cancelled.
  • REPRO STEPS: I’ve noticed that it happens often when charging the plasma pistol then switching to another weapon or killing a jackal that has their plasma pistol charged.
  • MCC HALO GAME: HALO 2 (Campaign)
  • Issues/ Feedback Post.
1. Metropolis
Mostly every marine won’t jump back into warthog either after the user has equipped marine with different weapon,Honks at marines and still don’t jump in.
issues with Gauss turret Rounds PHASING through Wraiths, and phantoms with no impact effect such as explosions but still destroys wraith.

REPRO STEPS: Give a marine a Rocket launcher AFTER he’s already been in the passenger and drive right next to him or multiple marines.
(Glitch 2)

Also hop in the gauss Turret then shoot the wraiths before you meet with Sergeants Banks.

2. The Arbiter.

while plasma rifle or almost any weapon is equipped, if player looks downwards towards legs of The Arbiter, the weapons phase through him causing the weapon to almost not seem physically present (but obviously it’s there). (REPRO STEPS: Simply look down with plasma rifle or energy sword, put crosshairs on leg of Arbiter)
Issue where first encounter with Heretic Grunts & Elites, killing ANY one of sleeping GRUNTS AUTOMATICALLY alerts enemies WHILE in camouflage..
(REPRO STEP: approach any grunt in camo then kill with energy sword or melee)

after phantom drops reinforcements in hanger bay, and player continues onwards towards, some Weapons in areas have delayed and/or late spawning. (REPRO STEP: as you descend towards the banshee area, ammo cache with 2 needlers & energy will respawn a bit late after checkpoint)

After user destroys Sentinels with a plasma grenade or explosive weapon, the sentinels lights tend to stay on for a delayed second or 2 after initial explosion.
(REPRO STEP: simply destroy any sentinel with plasma pistol, Fuel Rod Gun, Grenade, any weapon that is instant kill & look at the last position the sentinel was in after it explodes to pieces.)


More to come, Thank you guys for reading!
  • MCC game: Halo 4, infinity
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: foliage pops in as you move closer. The trees and tree structures are all present, but as you walkforward, the foliage and vines and weird red plants, etc, suddenly pop in. I'm used to some pop in in general, and it doesn't generally bother me much, but thithis is suddenly jarring.
Same here, except I think it is unacceptable. I have an Xbox one ☓, this shouldn't be happening.
a thief wrote:
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Combat Evolved
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The charge audio for the plasma pistol seems to linger even after the charged shot has been fired or cancelled.
  • REPRO STEPS: I’ve noticed that it happens often when charging the plasma pistol then switching to another weapon or killing a jackal that has their plasma pistol charged.
I feel ya man! That plasma pistol delay is quite noticing & irritating.
-H3 first mission opening cutscene, when Johnson appears for the first time on scene, around here I noticed a slight glitch or laggy frame rate drop, you should notice it if you look at his face the entire time of you start up the mission. I was playing on heroic too.
-H3: When pressing B to detach a turret in the campaign, in the past the B button UI that gets displayed with text in the top right corner was red and not this silver/clear color, only the B button was red of course, I don’t know if it’s clear instead of red on purpose, but I thought I’d mention it.
Halo 2 Classic Audio Issues.

Hi, I noticed while playing Campaign on Halo 2 when your playing on Classic graphic the music and audio seems more lower than H2A audio, while playing H2 on the classic graphics I notice the orginal classic soundtracks is very low compared to H2A soundtracks, and that kinda bothers me I wish it could be as loud is the anniversaries soundtracks, wish there could be a fix for this, it be pretty nice cause me and a lot of others love the classic Halo 2 experience and would love to have a near experience to the original, thank you for your support I appreciate your time and effort in fixing the MCC.
I am currently playing Halo 2 classic on a friend's Xbox One. I have been trying out the MCC insider program on my own Xbox One at home. Something I have noticed in the past is while playing Halo 2 with classic visuals, the cutscenes with elites have a small bug. Half-Jaw and other elite characters' mandibles seem to be locked in a crooked/open animation. It's very noticeable and just looks silly. I will have to check this out on the MCC insider version, since I am currently playing the retail version on a friend's console. Just figured I would bring it up. Thanks!
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