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MCC Halo Game: H2A
ISSUE/Feedback: On level Outskirts, Metropolis, there appears to be no controller vibration when driving the warthog (or scorpion on the level "Metropolis" (unless getting shot at or while shooting). Is this intentional? I don't remember it being like that..
REPRO STEPS: Drive around and see (feel) for yourself :)

MCC Halo Game: H2A
ISSUE/Feedback: On level Outskirts, Delta Halo (maybe others) Sound volume/mixer is messed up. Music is too loud on Anniversary and too faint on Classic. Music seems very faint compared to Cortana's and the marines' voice when playing on classic mode. In some cases (eg. in the beginning of Delta Halo on anniversary mode) the SFX are very faint. This includes sounds from the Needler, plasma pistol. The sounds are very faint although the grunts are standing relatively close. You have to be right next to them to be able to hear the gunshots/screams. It does not appear to be an issue when playing in "classic" mode.
Comments: Music and SFX cannot be adjusted separately, although it would be nice if it was possible. It would also be nice if H2A was playable with the classic soundtrack.
REPRO STEPS: Issue is apparent in most of "Outskirts" and in the beginning of "Delta Halo"

MCC Halo Game: H2A
ISSUE/Feedback: On level Outskirts. When immediately skipping the cutscene, cortana never says "Talk to me" but starts with "should I start CPR or ..." which is a bit funny. This doesnt happen on the "classic" mode but only on the "anniversary" mode.
REPRO STEPS: Start level and immediately skip the cutscene.

MCC Halo Game: H2A
ISSUE/Feedback: On level "The Arbiter", "Delta Halo", "The Great Journey" (others?). The english subtitles are off when watching the initial cutscene before the game starts. This doesnt happen on the "classic" mode but only on the "anniversary" mode.
REPRO STEPS: Start level and watch the cutscenes. The subtitles start going out of sync very quickly

MCC Halo Game: H2A
ISSUE/Feedback: On level Outskirts, The great journey" (others?) When pausing a game during rain, flickering lights etc. the light will continue to flicker and the rain will continue to pour in the background. Kinda odd when the game is supposed to be paused. This doesnt happen on the "classic" mode but only on the "anniversary" mode.
REPRO STEPS: Pause the game while looking at flickering lights, rain etc.
MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2 Anniversary

ISSUE: On the Level High Charity at the very end of the level after you ride the gravity lift up Cortana will talk to you briefly about how the covenant used the forerunner ship to power high charity then she'll say "stopping truth that's all that matters." Afterwards the prophet of truth will come on the intercom speakers of high charity and usually he will say some propaganda stuff about the great journey such as "Now is the time of our un worlding a moment we shall all become as god's." This specific line of dialogue repeats itself over the next dialogue he is supposed to say if you stay at the gravity lift you just came up. I have video clip footage on my x box if you require it.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 3
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Regenerator not working while using the turret
  • REPRO STEPS: I was playing Floodgate co-op, split-screen, and we arrived at the section were the Pure forms appear for the first time. I threw the regenerator near the machine gun and started to using it. After few shoots and few moments I noticed that the regenerator wasn't working, my shields didn't start recharging even if I wasn't being shot anymore and I was in its radius! When I detatched from it it started working proprerly.
Really hope to see these two fixed, they’ve been broken since the start of preview and really don’t want to see them make it into retail.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2 (Anniversary graphics)
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: When looking up and down there is no animation shifting the perspective of the gun. This is only broken in Anniversary graphics, still works in Classic graphics. This is definitely not broken in current retail build of MCC.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 4
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The LoD Fade in transitions are no longer working, new geometry now pops in instead of fades in. This makes LoD transitions much more noticeable and jarring. Especially in the level Infinity while walking through the forest, this applies to all of the game however. Again, this LoD fade in effect is definitely not broken in current retail MCC.
  • MCC game: Halo: CE (cross game playlist)
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: On the first cutscene as the camera focuses/ moves towards the bridge, the words Pillar of Autumn is floating off the side of the ship.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Mission 343 Guilty Spark - After cut scene with Pvt Jenkins log, all weapon audio is cut. Reload mechanics make noise but grenade bounces and all weapons fire is muted completely.
  • REPRO STEPS: Restarted from checkpoint and the problem was fixed. Was not able to reproduce issue.
MCC game: Halo 2/Halo 2A
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: When I dual wield two needler rifles and reload both at the same time Master Chief/Arbiters shoulders glitch out.
REPRO STEPS: On any level where there is needler rifles pick up two and fire both of them then reload.
MCC HALO GAME: Halo CE Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Music from certain sections of a level overlap into the next section without stopping. This usually occurs while loading a new area of the map and can be fixed when I reset to the latest checkpoint. Additionally, in Combat Evolved Anniversary, the music continues playing through the cinematics, and overlaps with the track that normally plays during the cutscene.
REPRO STEPS: Only requires playing the game and hitting loading points. It was most notable to me towards the end of The Pillar of Autumn, throughout Halo, and Cairo Station. Note that I did not switch to classic graphics at any point while the bug was occurring.
I want to first preface this by thanking everyone at 343 for not only keeping this game alive, but going back years later to place heavy updates to it to make it a great experience for everyone. I wish I had more time to play recently and provide more feedback, but I did notice something strange when I played the other night...

  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo CE Anniversary
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: I was in the campaign lobby and signed in a guest account and second controller to play split-screen co-op. I booted up the Maw, and as I went to start it gave me some strange error about how to wrong account was signed in and didn't own the content (Keep in mind my account was the only one online, the guest account was just Invader2010{1} ). It froze the game, booted me to the dashboard, wouldn't let me restart or even manually quit the game from the Xbox Home. Upon trying to quit the game, my Xbox shut down. After a few moments I rebooted the console, restarted the game, and tried for round 2, which was successful. Just thought this might be worth noting in case anyone else had an issue that was similar.
  • REPRO STEPS: I was short on time and didn't attempt to reproduce this one, though it did not occur again after console restart and playing.
* MCC game: Halo 2 Classic.
* Issue: when you pick up a skull in every mission, it gives you an achievement, then the screen turns white and the skull should give its effect (for example, infinite ammo) to the player, but it doesn't. However, as far as I'm concerned it worked like that in the original game, aside from getting an achievement.
* Repro Steps: load any mission in legendary. Look for a skull and take it; you will get an achievement and the game will turn white for a second, but without giving any effect at the end.
* Additional info: H2's skulls are suppossed to give its effect when they're taken. At least it worked like that in the old version. So, to keep the game as equal as possible to the original one, and to provide a new campaign experience, make skulls like that again.

I don't see any problem if we make it like the original (remember, exactly as it was 14 years ago), because now you can disable and enable skulls in the menu before you start a mission. So, please try to do it. And if there's an issue, you could add a "disable skulls" menu that only removes the effect of a picked up skull while you're in game.
Most voices are missing or quiet in cutscenes.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2 Anniversary (Although the glitch happened in CE on regular MCC)
    • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: During cutscenes, the voices of characters are missing. Music and sound effects are still at 100%. Cortana seems to be the only acception. Some voices are quiet and I think it's because echo voices are still playing.
    • REPRO STEPS: I can't remember. It did, and I think still happens in regular MCC, I know in CE, I could check the other games too. I have a youtube video that has this glitch happening in regular MCC.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Here's two clips from the Insider program of this glitch in Halo 2 Anniversary: | And here's a clip from regular MCC of this same glitch:
*Just ignore my dorky typing in the bottom of the videos lol!

I'm a forum noob and idk how to make links sorry!
HALO 2 Anniversary:
Playing on Quarantine Zone with on Herioc with no skulls on. At the third section of the level, taking the long elevator up towards the index, none of the Elites are fighting back/moving.

Also on the same level, when destroying standard sentinels with the Scorpion in the H2A graphics, the Sentinel stays for around for about second after being destroyed and then it vanishes.

Graphics failing to load properly on Forward Until Dawn.
Ex, part of the phantom on the boarding party looked great while the nose of it has a flat lo-res texture in place. The same applies to all of the shots of the exterior of the forward Until Dawn before going outside of the ship to launch the warhead. For example. Opening the blast doors revealed some 3d structures with most of the background looking very flat and low resolution. I've played that level so many times but this is the first time I ever noticed it.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: when reverting to last checkpoint or skipping a cutscene, the classic soundtrack will play instead of the remastered one
  • REPRO STEPS: set the music to Remastered before launching any level, then skip a cutscene or revert to your last checkpoint. This might not happen 100% of the time
One thing I would really like to see implemented into the campaign settings, is the ability to turn off the music, for montage and machinima purposes.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2 Anniversary
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: When a Sentinel is destroyed it's lights remain on for about a second after its destruction.
  • REPRO STEPS: Destroy a Sentinel in the Anniversary graphics.
  • MCC game: Halo 3
  • Issue/feedback: the battle rifle ammo icons have a graphical glitch where the top of the bullets will still be lit when shot. This graphical glitch will only appear when there are several bullets remaining in a magazine.
The campaigns still have peer to peer connections and it makes it hard to pay regarding lag and such. Hopefully these issues will be fixed with the upcoming release patch.
I reported this earlier, but noticed it's still an issue (and a major one at that), so here it is again.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Confirmed for Halo 2, though it may affect other games as well (Halo 4?)
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Playlist progress does not track certain missions correctly when playing in co-op. This is evident if you try to do co-op on a halo 2 full playthrough playlist (easy/normal/heroic/legendary/laso). The first 2 missions get skipped in co-op, and it does NOT count them as completed. Thus, when you finish the playlist, it will NOT award you completion. Even if you go back and do those first 2 missions solo, you can get your progress to go to 15/15 missions complete, but it will NOT award the playlist completion until you play the last mission again (which consequently requires you to do the entire playlist over again).
  • REPRO STEPS: Start the halo 2 easy playlist in co-op (suspect this would be an issue in the halo 4 full game playlists as well, but have not confirmed)
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Screenshot:
The most significant consequence of this would be those players that try to tackle the LASO playlist in co-op -- they would be very disappointed to spend 40+ hours completing it, only for it to not count and need to be completely redone. Not game-breaking, but would be a huge inconvenience for a select few.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Issues with cinematic cutscene for mission 14: High Charity.
  • REPO: Cutscene ends right when pelican crash lands in from of the master chief (no buttons where pressed). Playing on normal mode with no skulls. Tree leafs glitch right at start of mission. Restarting mission cutscene played fully, and no leaves.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Mission 2: Halo, Skulls did not appear
  • REPO: Skulls located at waterfall, and above tunnel didn't appear while playing through on normal difficulty with no skulls using remastered graphics.
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