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OP ske7ch

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  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo:CE Anniversary
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: It seems like during my casual play through, on the map The Silent Cartographer I had stuck one of the elites of the beginning of the level, Then the plasma grenade mysteriously vanished, No indication that it exploded, No indication that it even made the noise when it goes off.
  • REPRO STEPS: After Landing on the beach, grab a plasma from one of the many grunts or elites in the near beginning of the level, And then throw it at one of the elites at the end of the area where foe-hammer drops the warthog. I don't actually know if it can be recreated, But it is possible for this to happen in game.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2: Anniversary
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Sometimes when switching to classic mode, The Music and weapons sound levels appear to be lowered to the point to where you cannot hear it at all. I honestly don't know if this has been happening since day one, But it has happened multiple times.
  • REPRO STEPS: As you switch graphics, If you do this multiple times, The music lowers each time you do so.
Yes. Heres one more. Not much of a bug.

  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 3
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK:As Missions Start, The FOV seems to be screwed up beyond my point of view.
  • REPRO STEPS: I cannot actually explain this one. Sadly.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2: Anniversary
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Black screen when resuming Campaign (happened on Delta Halo when resuming the campaign at the part where you get the Scorpion)
  • REPRO STEPS: One time issue, was not able to reproduce.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2: Anniversary
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The Covenant Carbine would skip its reload animation on occasion inconstantly.
  • REPRO STEPS: Could not figure out any triggers, it would just happen on occasion.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2: Anniversary
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Lighting issue once the gondola segment has finished; when exploring the gondola that Miranda and Johnson took, the lighting becomes oddly dark and glitchy.
  • REPRO STEPS: Could not be fixed, may just be poorly implemented lighting.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2 Anniversary
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Shoulders Bug Out and go through the players pov when reloading Dual Needlers in Splitscreen Co-Op.
  • REPRO STEPS: Halo 2A, Splitscreen, Reload while dual wielding needlers.
In Halo 4 on the mission “Reclaimer” at the ending cutscene there is still an issue with lighting and detail in the cutscene. When Chief and Rio are arguing they entire background is bland and grey. The darker and warmer colors that were shown when Halo 4 came out are gone. I also had this problem in the original release of Halo MCC. Besides that the mission itself played fine and the detail looked great. Just the ending cutscene was the only problem.
Mcc Halo Game: Halo 4
issue/feedback: graphical error with fire effects on requiem. Red box appears around the fire.
Repro Steps: at the very beginning of the mission requiem walk up to the fire effects in the middle of the first area. I have videos on my game dvr if you cannot see this.
issue. and feedback: Halo CE Music cuts in and out and changes randomly. Controller configurations changed also. grapics looked good but switching to old i dont remember it being so bland on original xbox. Few minor lighting issues but could only play short while as new grapichs made me feel ill the same as D2 and black opps 3, an excuse for new tv i feel.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: halo 2 co-op campaign crashed on the second cutscene on the mission regret
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: When trying to load the Pillar of Autumn Mission, the Xbox One X freezes and crashes back to dashboard half way through loading screen
  • REPRO STEPS: Trying to launch Halo CE with either Quickstart or from the MIssions menu causes the same crash
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Halo CE campaign through intelligent delivery and the same crash happens. Game is installed on internal hard drive. No other missions appear to cause this issue from Halo CE or any other Halo game campaign included in this flight, just the very first mission.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4. (Campaign and Multiplayer)
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Consider Add this options or Edit to game settings like Gamma/Contrast, Audio Levels, and Weapon Shade/Material quality.
  • REPRO STEPS: To cover this topics:
  • Gamma/Contrast: Contrast are very low, especially in Classic Halo 2 and Halo 3 where the image its gray and its not enough dark for items like Flashlights.
  • Audio/Levels: Edit the audio levels in order to reduce the louder sounds like BR, SMG, Pistol and increase sounds like Plasma, Footsteps, Ambiances, etc.
  • Weapon quality: This on games like Halo 2A, consider edit or tweak some of the color of textures of Covenant weapons to be Bluer than only purple tones.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Also possibilities of Edit Weapon Damage Balance, in order to make Covenant Weapons as useful like Humans weapons would be.
This is to cover general aspects of gameplay! Thank You.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 4
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: playing the game with german language; in Level Infinity AI marines speak english; all other characters (cortana, Chief and so on are speaking german)
Game: MCC Halo 3
Platform: Xbox One X on 65'' 4K OLED TV w/ LG soundbar and surround sound

Issue / Feedback: I'm kind of hesitant to make an issue of this, so I guess it would be more of feedback. But going from COMBAT EVOLVED and HALO 2 on my platform, I noticed how lackluster HALO 3 looks and sounds. COMBAT EVOLVED and HALO 2 look absolutely amazing in their anniversary editions, but HALO 3 kind of feels... dated? I understand it came out in 2007, with CE ANNIVERSARY releasing in 2011, but the graphics overall look quite blurry, especially for a game that is supposed to be enhanced for Xbox One X. The sound design is also lacking. In the previous games, especially in COMBAT EVOLVED, I could feel each shot from the guns with intensity. Even having to turn down my soundbar from how loud it was.

But with HALO 3, the sounds from the guns are almost mute with the music blaring over it. I think this was an issue with the original HALO 3 when it came out, but would there be any way to give it a slight polish and re-design with its graphics and sounds? I know there are several issues to take care of that are obviously much more important, but it would be really nice to play through HALO 3 and have the same experience I've been having with COMBAT EVOLVED and HALO 2. If not, it's okay. Just thought I would offer my experience playing HALO 3 so far.

Edit: I just watched a video on YouTube from DigitalFoundry about HALO 3 for Xbox One X. The commentator said that as of that video (November 2017) while HALO 3 was Xbox One X enhanced (with the gameplay looking really good in the video he showed), it's not Xbox One X enhanced for the MCC Collection yet. So maybe this is why it doesn't quite have that punch?
MCC HALO GAME: Halo Combat Evolved
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Sound mixing seems to be off. The music sometimes drowns out dialogue during gameplay. Specifically after exiting the control rooms in "Two Betrayals". Cortana can barely be heard over the music
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Nothing too crazy but on Truth and Reconciliation after rescuing Captain Keyes, there's a glitch where if a marine gets blown up by a Needler and he's standing next to Keyes the marine will die but it will make it seem like Keyes dies as well when he doesn't. Not sure if this is a glitch that has been around from the original or not.
  • REPRO STEPS: Just get a Needler and try to have a marine stand next to Keyes and shoot the marine full of rounds (it's mean I know) and you will see.
  • MCC game: Halo 2/Halo 2A
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: While playing through several levels of the campaign to test it out, I began to notice a more frequent drop in frame rate regardless of playing in new or old graphics mode. This occurred spontaneously in the levels Metropolis, Delta Halo, and Regret. I haven't checked out the other levels, but I'm sure it probably occurs there as well.
  • REPRO STEPS: Simply load up any Halo 2 mission and play through it at any section. You will begin to see the frame rate drop in a noticeable fashion. The area where it occurred the most was Metropolis.
Bug report. Grunt birthday party not showing confetti in first underwater area of regret in halo 2A
Little bug on Halo 2: It's really hard to explain the problem, I have clips on my Xbox to better explain the problem both on the retail MCC and the insider. Has anyone noticed while you look up with your weapon in Halo 2-5, the gun gets closer to you as in looking like its changing the field of view? Same with looking down, the weapon starts look farther away? That's the problem in the insider (including in multiplayer) but the weapon in both anniversary mode campaign and classic multiplayer is stuck in one place as you look up and down. Better describe, don't know how to send clips through here but check on my Xbox for more info.
Bug report: in halo two anniversary on the mission quarantine zone after you get the scorpion tank and when you’re going past the elevated huge doors where the huge setinals with the shields in front go through, the big setinals get stuck on the doors as they are retracting and clip in to the wall. I’ve seen it twice in the same play through. I don’t recall this bug at launch.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 2
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The weapon models in first person remain stiff when looking up or down with the Anniversary graphics enabled. Especially noticeable when swapping between the old and new graphics.
  • REPRO STEPS: Load up Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign. I found this on High Charity.
Clip for reference.

  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Sound distortion, especially when sitting in the passenger seat of a Warthog looking either to the far left or far right.
  • REPRO STEPS: Load up The Silent Cartographer on Co-Op, and sit in the passenger seat of the Warthog, while the other player drives.
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