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OP ske7ch

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One if the cool things about ranked MP is being able to see your opponents ranks. I don't like how you can't see anyone else's rank except yours.
I don't know if he have to only use the MP when the times tell, but, for some reason, in this moment Halo 2A MP has a lot of lag.
It's unplayable. Also, so much time to found a game. In some cases it didn't found any!
Unable to get into multiplayer - received message that I'm not connected to Xbox live. Tried restarting game, restarting console, and unplugging console with no results. I tried the retail version of MCC and was able to play a few games of BTB, went back to the insider build and was unable to get in multiplayer (same message). I was able to play some campaign on the insider build without issues. I did report the issue through the console.
Only managed to find a game in the Halo 2 1v1 mode so far. Tried all the other playlists and found nothing so far.
Played 1 match of Halo: CE 2 vs. 2 and 1 match of H2A. Both games seemed like there was a lot of latency and lag. Consistently felt like I was a few seconds behind the other players. H2A felt the worst with the most noticeable lag.
Halo 3 melee doesn't work at all, and every Playlist takes lot of time to get to a game.
Every game that you got in has so much lag that the sound and the gameplay get really separated one each other.
Update as of 08/01/2018
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 4
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Issue seems to be with all Halo 4 multiplayer maps and game modes. The map has abrupt texture / foliage pop compared to the current retail version of MCC. This even happens in the Halo 4 campaign.
  • REPRO STEPS: Boot up MCC Insider - Multiplayer - Halo 4 - Forge - Exile - Once in game, texture / foliage pop is clearly visible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: I am playing on Xbox one X. The only visual settings I have changed is Brightness to 6.
On foot:
Clip 1) Retail MCC:
Clip 2) Insider MCC:

In Worthog:
Clip 1) Retail MCC:
Clip 2) Insider MCC:

If individual links do not work then use this link instead:
You can also run both videos at the same time by playing one in chrome and the other in chrome incognito.

08/01/2018 Update: Issue seems to be with all Halo 4 multiplayer maps and game modes. This is even an issue in the Halo 4 campaign.
It seems alot more difficult to doubleshot in h2c. Probably due to the decreased rate of fire. Anyone else notice that?
Yeah it has to do with the tickrate. Upside is people can't SuperBounce to get out the map in matchmaking. Downside is the window to Double shot is super narrow. But to be fair this has always been the case on MCC.

Side note - shooting a BR in H2 feels absolutely awful, literally worse than retail MCC. Nothing connects and nothing registers past 10 feet.
1. I am liking how fast games are starting, but it doesn’t make since that you can’t see the game type before you spawn. That should come up sometime before or while the map is loading.

2. What happened to voting? You should at least get a veto. I had to play The Pit 3x in a row with no veto option.

3. In the post game carnage report, there is no screen where you can you the final score. You need a calculator to figure it out.
Played 1 game of Halo CE doubles and the connection felt great! It was easier to get 3 shot kills which was refreshing to see. I was curious if you will be implementing Halo CE Team Arena soon?
So I just downloaded the insider a few hours ago, Now that it’s apparently we’re in the 3rd flight and everyone can participate can you change the restrictions so parties match parties and solos match solos?? Just played 3 matches in a row of team arena where it was parties vs solos every time, one objective match the other team chose to spawn kill instead of scoring the last bomb...really this obviously needs to be fixed, I’ve played about 9 arena games so far and about half have been complete blowouts because it’s party vs solos. Not gonna lie, I was pretty psyched to play insider today now that I finally can, then it’s a bit of a let down to see this is how it is at least in arena.
thank you for reading
Please decrease the frequency of team snipers in h2c head to head an team arena, I’ve played 5 snipers in a row, please make a snipers playlist
Played a few rounds of head to head h2c yesterday. Connection felt great but i was still getting trades in my br duels which never happened in h2c maybe something to look into. Also i had a few melees cancel out yesterday on h2c which i know you added but i was wondering how it works with the large lunge box h2c has. Can the person block a melee if your already mid lunge? Thanks.
I played during the official play hours last night(7/31/2018 7pm - 10pm PST). During those hours, I only queued up in the H2c BTB playlist. Wait times were very inconsistent throughout the entire session. Some games took around 15 minutes to match(I watched the clock and timed them). Other times, I would get matched in just a few seconds. Is this simply because of the small player pool? If that's the case, then this isn't actually an issue. A difference that drastic just seemed a bit odd.
Played 15-20 games of Halo CE 2v2 and the hit registration is SIGNIFICANTLY better, 80% better! Very impressed!
Pistol has become extremely deadly, and going through portals has become much easier and more consistent, the time to find a game is very very fast and everything is just perfect!

There was maybe 2 games where one of the players were skipping around from lag but 95% perfection.

It seemed like it's harder to snipe and the hit registration is maybe 25% worse with the sniper, shotgun is a little funky too still.

Good freaking job guys. Keep it up, the Halo CE competitive community is looking forward for this stuff and it is greatly appreciated.
Played a few matches of halo 3 team arena. Noticed that every time I was matched it instantly starts loading the game without getting to see who I’m matched against as well as the map, game type and veto/voting option. Hopefully that changes.

Two out of three of my games were team snipers. As much as I like team snipers it looks like the weighting on that might be a little high judging from other people’s posts as well.

Noticed the addition of 1 flag BR which was a breath of fresh air from all the ar starts in the current retail.

Overall felt wildly better than the current retail.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 3
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: both games have random hiccups. Almost looks like box lag from xbox360. Game slows to a halt for a second then resumes back.
  • REPRO STEPS: Just play a game, it happens in random places. Nothing to do with objects on screen, random.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Onedrive Clip:!AmzuyQoKgEB6jH4EdStQ_LrDK1jr

edit: had the issue before on H2 as well in a previous build. Will update again if H2 does it as well.
People wants to know what they are going to play. 1/3 slayer 1/3 sniper 1/3 objective is a very bad idea because if you want to play only sniper you may quit if you get the others 2 and so on
EU UK based player here, I cannot get a match in H2 BTB at all, Have searched for over an hour both yesterday and today!

Is this possibly due to low population? I'd quite happily play with 100ms of ping and connect to a US server.
No one wants to play the Halo 2 playlists, why?
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