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OP ske7ch

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Im having an issue since I downloaded the MCC Insider regarding the nameplates.
Everytime I enter the build, my nameplate and other players nameplate seems to be like static, I can barely see my name on it. I've been watching streams from other people whom I encountered on matches but from their perspective, it all seems normal.
Having a bit of a silly issue and I am sure I am just missing something.

I enrolled to the MCC Insider Program through the Xbox Insider app a week or so ago.. I went through and installed the MCC Insider content but I cant seem to find it listed anywhere in the my games and apps section.

I have also tried just loading up Halo MCC to see if the MCC Insider content just kicks in but nothing has changed.

Just look for some help or info incase I am doing something wrong. Should I try taking myself out of the MCC Insider Program and then try enrolling again??
Can the penalty for quitting a match be removed if there's only one person left on the team? It just turn into a game of hide and seek and waste everyone's time
stckrboy wrote:
I have an issue where my build wont shows the title thumbnail comes up then it goes back to the dashboard.
Try doing a hard reset of your console:
  • Close all open apps and games
  • Hold the button on the front of your box until it turns off
  • Unplug the power cable for 30 secs
  • Plug back in and turn back on then try opening the game
If that fails, you may have to uninstall and reinstall the latest build
How can I support them so that this is more effective I can post videos or animations here on the blog?
You can add a text link here to any video clips you have. Alternatively if it's an issue you want to report, you can use the feedback hub - hold in the Xbox button on your controller, as if you were turning your Xbox off, but select "Report a problem". You can submit video clips there as well. There's a video tutorial here on how to submit feedback clips for MCC Insiders:
Thanks, I have videos of how there is a bit of lag in some games that could work or is it normal for being a pre-release ???
I've got an issue with Halo 4 Spartan Ops but I wasn't quite sure where to post it... so I'll just start here.

1. On the 1st mission of H4 SO I discovered that only the lines of the AI marines in battle where in English while the main language is set on German.

2. I am missing an overview of missions I've successfully played through on any difficulty directly in the SO menu.
So basically I wish to see every difficulty level (easy, normal, heroic, legendary) shown under every episode or under the description of every episode (there is enough room for that) where non-completed missions are grayed-out while completed missions are being highlighted. Just like in the campaign.
I don't want to switch around to another menu to view my progress. Simply the same idea you have for campaign copied for Spartan Ops. That would be great.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Cross-Game Playlist "Tanks, Tanks, Tanks"
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: This campaign playlist uses the wrong rally point in Halo 3's "The Ark," skipping the tank section entirely. (It should be using Bravo, not Charlie.)
  • REPRO STEPS: Main Menu > Playlists > Cross-Game > Tanks, Tanks, Tanks > Play to the third level in the playlist.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: This bug also exists in the original release of MCC.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 4, all game modes
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: AUDIO BUG: The audio for the Scorpion's main gun fails to play about 25% of the time that it fires. You can still hear the impact on the receiving end of the shot, but the tank cannon is completely silent.
  • REPRO STEPS: Happens in Halo 4's campaign, multiplayer and Spartan Ops. Just get in a Scorpion and start firing.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Video of bug:!ArfIsL0khoaqk95P5ZFxIonchNM-2w
In the customization menu, I would really like to be able to preview colors when you change them for each game. Instead of just showing them all as grey with a box at the bottom showing the colors
  • ISSUE: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Campaign (Possibly other campaigns/multiplayers too, which is why it's posted in Misc. thread and not Campaign)
The frames per second are drastically lower after this most recent build update while playing in anniversary graphics. Switching to classic graphics shows at least 60fps. Again, not sure if this affects any other MCC games.
Launch Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary campaign on anniversary graphics. FPS with be much lower than in retail or previous MCC builds.
Build just downloaded, playing on Xbox One S no previous framerate issues prior to now.

EDIT: I tried to reproduce this bug in other missions and other parts of MCC and can't get it again. Hopefully just an extremely rare one time thing. If it's any help, the only time it happened was on The Library.
I played some local custom game in Halo CE, Halo 2 and Halo 4 (2 players). Everything works juste fine. The games launched pretty fast, no noticeable framedrop, good hit detection. And when I say pretty fast, it's very fast. Playing on Xbox One X. Good job to the team
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The insider build is a massive improvement over the base game on the whole. Few bugs. H2c shield recharge sound effect is broken still. Hit detection is still spotty in all games but is much improved.

I noticed while I was playing Quarantine zone last night sometimes the Flood AI in the first on foot section would just stand there and do nothing. I watched as sentinels killed them but after I moved past them they would start working again.
John Rmx wrote:
I think it's the 3rd time I report that from 4-5 builds ago. A very silly bug, maybe just some texture or id missing like already happened with previous, already fixed, bugs.

  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo3
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Black footprints/pieces of ice in snowy levels, both multiplayer and single player.
  • REPRO STEPS: Start any multi or campaign level with snow and jump or do anything to "move" some snow
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: MCC ->!AjQ2hdoGWFvOgch9juBj-_9rbvgqyA Halo3 original ->!AjQ2hdoGWFvOgch-fZKNN6UoB2pTcA
This is still to be fixed in 1.507.0.0
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 3 Anniversary
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: It's not there
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: PLEASE add Halo 3:A as well as a Reach remaster and ODST Firefight with matchmaking! PLEASE
As a lifelong, rabid Halo fan since 2001 I'm literally begging you to add these.
I am too. I'd wish for ODST Firefight and H3A as well but Reach I'd leave away. Rather have Reach come as a new stand alone HD/Anniversary title.
Keep in mind that with every new title added to the game more problems will occur ... and 343 still hasn't fixed alle present bugs.
Besides, the game is called The MASTER CHIEF Collection and not The Halo Collection. Relating to the name ODST should have never been part of the collection.
I know I am saying I want 343 to add FF but only since ODST is part of the collection anyway so they might as well just round the game out.
Can the penalty for quitting a match be removed if there's only one person left on the team? It just turn into a game of hide and seek and waste everyone's time
I hate quitters as much as the next person. By the way, just downloaded the beta with zero issues. I'm a old school halo guy. My gamer tag is 12+ years and I was there Day 1 of the H2 release. I hope that this can bring some of the old school players back because nothing would make me happier then to see Halo thrive again and to play with my old friends all over again.

That being said and back to the topic at hand. I hate quitters but I will not quit even if it's 4v1 because it's engrained into my DNA. I think the quitters should be pentalized because it's a huge issue now days with all the other games allowing a failed system of drop in drop out. As a personal testimony I've played a total of 2 matchmaking games and both games had quitters in the HE doubles playlist. It sucks playing against 1 and it really sucks playing by yourself while the other team still there but we need that as a reminder of how detrimental quitting is. I would rather play with less people who finish their games then with a bunch of wishy washy bunch of cry babies.

We have this final shot to bring back the old school community and it needs to be done the right way. God bless the good ol banhammer and let your judgment be swift and to the point. You started that matchmaking game and I'll be blammed if you do not finish it!
Last night (8/14) while playing MCC insider I tried turning down the main menu music but it did not work. At the time I was in party chat and in a lobby with one other friend. Later on while playing on my own I tried it again and it worked. When you join a lobby with someone else the volume already fades some. This seems to be interfering with the volume function.
Finally I have access!!!!!!!!!!!! I was getting anxious waiting so long.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 3
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: The game doesn't count my kills in the Halo 3 playlists Leadboards
  • REPRO STEPS: Press Start, go for Leadboards, Halo 3 "point based" playlist Leadboard, any playlist I've played
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: I'm currently #1 in Heroic/Legendary Campaign and Explosive Mix playlists, so it' easy to look up for me. I can see the total kills of other players, but not mine (neither my deaths). I can see them if I search for mission per mission instead.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Italian subtitles are desyncronized using English voice language.

MCC HALO GAME: HALO 2 (at least)
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Italian subtitles for dialogues in game, not showing.
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