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[Locked] MCC Insider: 12/15 & 12/16

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Hey MCC Players,
This weekend we have a critical MCC Insider flight that we need the public’s help to meet our deadline for shipping the next December update on 12/19. We need help stress testing the next release build in matchmaking and with our newest features. Please take some time this weekend and hop into the action. This includes new modern aiming features for Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2 Classic, and Halo 3, and many bug fixes across the board. All social, ranked, and custom multiplayer will be available including forge and theatre. Campaign and Spartan Operations will not be available in the build. The total size of this download if from scratch will be 48.8GB. A lot of behind the scenes changes are being made so we really need the help stress testing this build.

Who can access the Halo: MCC Insider build?
Anyone who digitally owns Halo: The Master Chief Collection and those who were previous members of the MCC Insider Program will have access to the build which is planned to be updated on Friday, December 14.

How do you acquire the Halo: MCC Insider build? If you meet the requirements above, you’ll have two different options to access the MCC Insider build: Navigate to the “Ready to Install” portion of “My Games & Apps”. You may see “Halo: MCC Insider” there and will be able to select “Install.” If you do not see “Halo: MCC Insider” available in Ready to Install/My Games & Apps, navigate to the store and search for “Halo: MCC Insider” and select Install once it appears.
When should we play?
  • Dec 15, 11:00AM PDT - 2:00PM PDT, 6:00PM PDT - 9:00PM PDT
  • Dec 16, 11:00AM PDT - 2:00PM PDT, 6:00PM PDT - 9:00PM PDT
Goals of Flight This MCC Insider build will reflect the next update in terms of bug fixes, new features, and changes being implemented. The content of this Insider build will make its way to the full version of MCC on 12/19 if we can stress test it enough in the next few days.

Where to give Feedback
We are making many of the changes to MCC based on the feedback from members of the community. Please take some time to stop on by Halo Waypoint and tells us what you think about the latest update. See you all online this weekend!

Ugly Sweater Nameplate
As a special bonus, everyone who plays at least 12 complete matches in at least one of the official Insider sessions this weekend will get early access to the 'ugly sweater' nameplate! These will be granted in the regular Halo: Master Chief Collection Build after our December update next Wednesday, 12/19..