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[Locked] MCC Insider Flight #3

OP ske7ch

MCC Insider

Welcome to MCC Insider Flight #3! (EARLY ACCESS)

UPDATE 7/9: Thank you to our MCC Insider participants for your play time and feedback thus far during Flight #3 Early Access. Please note that due to the Intelligent Delivery issue that was uncovered by our early access players, we will NOT be moving into "Phase 2" and expanding the participant audience this week. The team is investigating this issue now and working to expand the player audience as soon as possible. Thank you!

Beginning today, 7/2, the current MCC Insider build will receive a hefty update that will include the entirety of MCC. We're considering PHASE ONE: EARLY ACCESS for Flight #3 and as such, only those participants who are already active in the flight ring will be able to play. With your help, the team hopes to validate this build and assuming everything goes according to plan, we'll move into PHASE TWO - which could be as early as next week. PHASE TWO will then open up to EVERYONE who is registered with the MCC Insider Program. To those of you who've been patiently waiting on the sidelines - your time is almost here!

Your feedback is extra important this time around - we need our current group of active MCC Insider flight participants to help us dig into the build this week so the team can identify and address any issues that may arise so we can open the program up to everyone.

Please use the following official threads to share your MCC Insider Flight #3 Early Access Feedback:
Additionally, if you encounter an issue during the game, we encourage you to use the "Report a Problem" functionality of the Xbox Insider Program. Hold down the Xbox jewel, select "Report a Problem" and follow the on-screen prompts.

Remember to keep an eye on the in-game Message-the-Day ("MELD") as well as the Xbox Insider HUB for the latest flight info and known issues.

This latest build will include ALL of MCC in its current, work-in-progress state. Work continues and there are sure to be issues that arise - both known and unknown - but we're excited to finally get the entire product out into the wild for Insiders to get hands-on.

For this flight, we're asking our participants to please focus on the following:
  • Campaigns & Campaign Co-op
  • Custom Games
  • Forge
  • Theater
Feel free to play and spend time in any/all of these modes - none of which are dependent on matchmaking.

We do have a few official play times scheduled to help get players into matchmaking. A limited number of playlists will be available and the offerings are subject to change depending on overall player engagement and population levels.

Please join us online for the following official multiplayer matchmaking play sessions:

UPDATE: The official play sessions for the week of 7/3 have concluded. Thank you to everyone who played! Please watch this space for updated play sessions for the week of 7/9.
And remember, you're free (and highly encouraged!) to play as much as you want across the entire MCC product offering any time you want outside of the official MP times above.

Just like last time, we're easing the restrictions on this flight and participants are free to stream, post screens and videos, and discuss on social and on forums. However, just like last time, please note that all email communications and official surveys are STILL CONSIDERED CONFIDENTIAL.

This latest MCC build is huge - it's the entire game! - which means there's a lot more for players to dig into and a lot more for the team to monitor. As of today, 7/2, we are aware of the following key known issues:
  • Intelligent Delivery - We are aware of some issues where players may receive "corrupted chunks" of games when opting to install pieces via the new Intelligent Delivery feature. If you find that maps/modes are missing in custom game menus, languages change unexpectedly when navigating through menus, or are unable to launch customs or matchmaking period, you may have a corrupted installation. The first thing you should do is try to re-install the respective game component from the Intelligent Delivery menu. If you're unable to do this, or it doesn't solve the issue, you will need to remove/reinstall the entire MCC Insider build. The team is working on this issue now and will push an update as soon as a fix is in place.
  • Halo 3 ODST is NOT included in the MCC Insider Build (it will be back in the game by the time the retail update is released)
  • LAN - The new LAN functionality is available in this Insider build and we'd love to get your early feedback on this new feature! Please Note: For these flights, players will still NEED TO BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET IN ORDER TO PLAY LOCAL LAN GAMES. Any internet connection will NOT be required once the update arrives to retail MCC.
Here's some additional info and insights for MCC Insider Flight #3 Early Access!

This new feature is now included in the flight build and allows players to choose which components of MCC they'd like to install. You can read a bit more about this in the MCC Development Update #4 blog. Intelligent Delivery is accessible via the "Options & Career" page, located under "Settings."

By default, MCC will update and install the ENTIRE package (approx. 70GB) but Intelligent Delivery lets you customize your installation. Once the game has reached the "Now Playable" state during installation, if you launch the game you should then be able to pick the Intelligent Delivery options and opt-out of specific content you may not want. For the purposes of our Insider testing, we'd love folks to eventually install the entire game but we also want folks to experiment with Intelligent Delivery configurations and let us know how it goes!

Intelligent Delivery includes the following options:
  • Halo: Combat Evolved = Campaign + Multiplayer
  • Halo 2 = Campaign + Multiplayer (includes Halo 2: Anniversary MP (w/ Forge) & Halo 2 Classic MP)
  • Halo 3 = Campaign + Multiplayer (includes Forge)
  • Halo 4 = Campaign + Multiplayer (includes Spartan Ops & Forge)
Intelligent Delivery also includes the option to choose which language you want to use for all games, including audio and text. If the default language isn't supported by some games, players will have the option to select the fallback language they'd like to use.

Language options include:

        • English
        • French
        • German
        • Spanish (ES)
        • Italian
        • Japanese
        • Korean
        • Polish
        • Portuguese (BR)
        • Russian
        • Spanish (MX)
        • Traditional Chinese (TW)
        • English
        • French
        • German
        • Spanish (ES)
        • Italian
        • Japanese
        • Korean
        • Polish
        • Russian
        • Simplified Chinese (CN)
        • Spanish (MX)
        • Traditional Chinese (TW)
This is a new feature that allows players who are on the same network to play with each other via a local connection with minimal latency. LAN is accessible via the "Options & Career" page under "Settings."

The "Network" tab will show a module where players can navigate from "Xbox Live (Default)" to "LAN." When set to "LAN", this will populate the Roster to display all players who are on the same network.

NOTE: For the MCC Insider build only, LAN play will still require all players to be connected to the internet. An internet connection will NOT be required once the update is released to retail MCC.