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[Locked] MCC Insider Focused Test: 8/10 – 8/12

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South Korea
Friday 4:40 PT
No match found for 15mins
West Japan 40ms
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South Korea. Fri 5;30pm (pt)
10mins No match.
west japan 35ms
let me try 1 hr later.
  • Where: FLORIDA
  • When: 2PM- 6PM EST
  • Duration & Outcome: Search times are fastest ive seen yet. most <1 minute. So ive played for about 4 hours so far today and in this time i have played maybe 4 HALO2 games and ONE H1 game. The rest have all been HALO3. WAY too much H3 especially when it seems like every game is AR starts. Not to mention i havent played a single guardian or narrows game but ghost town seems to be rockin heavy as always (why...)
  • Local server Ping: US EAST 48ms (wi-fi)
    EDIT: as someone else mentioned the heavy h3 weighing makes sense since it is the most broken of the 3 games. just played another few hours and it seems like my 48ms response time on wifi is the biggest issue. i can tell the registration is improved in h3 but something seems slightly off for me hence my connection. Other than that my melees in h3 and alot of times in h2 lunge but dont connect or dont lunge at all and whiff completely even at melee range. search times have still been consistently great tho
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  • Where: North America
  • When: 10:00 PDT - 7:00 PDT
  • Duration & Outcome: Found matches within 30 seconds, every time. Played the entire time other than a 20 minute break.
  • Local server Ping: ~30 ms
South Korea
fri 7:00pm PT
Match found finally!!!! aftet 10mins wait.
and immediately 1 more round!
west japan 40ms
South West, England.

Played for 2 hours on 6/08/18 and 07/08/18, around 20:00 GMT. Played Halo 2 Campaign, 2 Spartan Ops campaign, all Solo with No problems. Played Team slayer matches both days, found all games in under a minute with no drops or lags.
wirebox wrote:
South Korea
fri 7:00pm PT
Match found finally!!!! aftet 10mins wait.
and immediately 1 more round!
west japan 40ms
No more match after 2 rounds
Agony ...
England, United Kingdom
2:30-3:15 GMT on Saturday morning. 6:30 - 7:15 PST Friday evening.
Managed to play 5 games.
First match make session took around 10 minutes. 2 play sessions took less than a minute each to match make. Other 2 match make sessions took around 5 minutes each.
When looking at my networking page in settings for ping – North Europe was 19.

Halo 3 maps/matches always get steam rolled by I assume veteran players and what seems like awful spawn locations. Halo 2 maps always better and balanced matches.
  • Where: USA
  • When: 8-10-18 8:45 CDT - 9:45 CDT
  • Duration & Outcome: Played with a party of two. We found games repeatedly and quickly... Lots of the same people. It was a bit laggy, but very bearable. Just wish we could play H2A. :)
  • Local server Ping: 47 ms
  • France / Hautes-Alpes
  • 6:PM PDT to 7:32PDT
  • On this 1:32hour session i've waited approximately 35 minutes. Waiting time varied between a few seconds and more than ten minutes. I played 8 games.
  • Ping on the West Europe was 40ms most of the time.
This session was surprisingly a lot better than the last one (except for the waiting time, but that's normal), a lot less lag, people were playing the game and not leaving, we had one uneven game (7 players). One thing i forgot to mention earlier is the stuttering on Zanzibar from Halo 2 Anniversary, still happening in this session.
That's it for today.

Good night.
All the time
NEVER find a game
East Asia, around 10ms (it doesn't make sense though)

Most of the time we Asian players have to play with North American players in previous Halo games because there aren't enough active players in Asia. Due to physical distances our ping to NA ranges from 100ms to over 220ms. According to someone on Twitter, the matchmaking limit of MCC Insider is 60ms. It's impossible to connect to US servers with the filter. We were forced to play on local servers and that's why we had a difficult time finding a game. If the final patch doesn't change it, I doubt whether you could sell a copy in Asia.
  • Where: Massachusetts, United States
  • When: Friday, 9:30 PM - 11:45 PM Eastern Time
  • Duration/Outcome: Found games within seconds of previous ones ending. Zero performance issues, just have an issue with the weighting of Halo 3 being so prominent in the playlist, which I believe somebody said was intentional.
  • Local Server Ping: East US 22 ms
  • Where (your location / region): US Northeast
  • When (day time): 9:15pm-12:00am ET
  • Duration & Outcome (how long you searched / played and the outcome): Search times were generally <15 sec, never was booted/disconnected, finished every match. Game seemed to favor Halo 3 over all else. Very few games felt close matched; most were landslides, one way or the other. Melee detection was an issue in Halo 2 matches; also noticed some lag in Halo 2. Halo 3, shot registration felt off, but could have been due to projectile instead of hitscan.
  • Local server Ping: 62 ms
  • Arkansas / United States
  • Friday 8:45 to 11:00 pm CST
  • Played for a little over 2 hours and played 15 matches. Finding each game within a few seconds. I did notice in the first minute of some games a lag but only lasted 1-2 seconds.
  • North Central US 27ms
  • California, United States
  • Friday, August 10, 2018. 5:45pm PDT to 9pm PDT
  • Average search are 45 seconds. Min: 30 seconds and max 5 minutes (due to "player found" left while searching, extended time.) Played some matches. No complain other than reported quitters and afkers on either side. Played across of maps on HCE, H2C and H3. However, I noticed there no H2A map not come up so far but last match of night happened to be H2A map. RNG :)
  • Pinged West US 7 ms
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • When: 11th August 2018 - 1:50PM to 3:15PM AEST
  • Duration & Outcome (how long you searched / played and the outcome):
Looking for my first game lasted for roughly 5 minutes and after the first match, all later matches were found in less than a minute.
No. of games played: 7 - 3 were Halo 2, and 4 were Halo 3
Average time to find game: 30 to 45 seconds
Average match length: 12 minutes

5 out of 7 games were close with both players, from both teams evenly matched. No issues with lag and the hit detection in H3 is far superior than in retail MCC, even though there were a few cases of bloodshots and ghost melees in both H2 and H3.

  • Local server Ping: East Australia - 7ms
Edit: Forgot to mention there was the occasional moments when players quit or AFK during the match.
-Started Searching around 6 PM EST,6.10 EST.
-I found a game of Halo 2 during my first 10 seconds of searching,did not encounter any lag spikes,rubber banding,lag and finished the match.
- My ping was 36ms, this could be wrong but next time i get on my Xbox i will look again at bandwith usage if thats the correct place and edit this post further with more info from maybe other matches as well.
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