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Posted this on the wrong post yesterday, so I’ll repost here.

General Matchmaking issues from earlier today.

Played earlier today from 1:00-2:00 EST and again from 3:00-4:00EST. First issue I had was that I had a couple matches start right away with uneven teams. It tended to make the matches feel quite lopsided. The other issue I had was not one of matchmaking, but player behavior. I encountered many players who left matches, were betraying on purpose (ie. jumping in a warthog and gunning it straight for me to splatter me) and players who showed other unsporting types of behavior (ie.Shooting me down to a sliver of health when I grabbed something they wanted, refusing to play if losing). I did report these behaviors, but I hope something else is being done to help discourage them as well.

Matchmaking was typically quick. Eastern Canada with a ping of 40-50ms and I was getting into matches in about 20 seconds. Really nice!
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Do not post spam.

Do not post spam.

  • Where: Massachusetts, United States
  • When: 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM Eastern Time
  • Duration/Outcome: Found matches within seconds of the previous one ending. Team balancing felt very one sided for a good amount of matches in the H3 Hardcore Playlist, but all in all, no other issues aside from the extremely close spawns.
  • Local Server Ping: East US 22 ms
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  • Italy
  • 10am - 1pm
  • Playing from 19:20 (GMT) more or less, again searching with a group (3 this time) doesn't work, I don't think this radical division between randoms and teams will be good in the long run, as we already are. We were in 3 and we had to split. Today was worse than the other 2 days, grenades with at least a second of delay, bloodshots, ghost melees (H2 like), lots of shots not even hitting, double respawn-animations, lift lag and all these kind of lag related problems. Not related to network: seems in-game stats are broken (at least kills-death counters).
  • ping 60 more or less as always, could be better since I'm with FTTC (fiber)
  • Arkansas / United States
  • Sunday 2:15 to 3:00 pm CST
  • Managed to get in 45 minutes and 6 games. Most of them were slayer which ended fairly quickly. Being rank 12 and in a party of 2, I found/connected most games on average of a minute. I didn’t notice the one lag that was happening in the first 10 seconds which was a plus!
  • North Central US 30ms
If you're not leaving the feedback requested in the OP, you need to move to the appropriate thread.
  • California / United States
  • Sunday 10:30 AM to 12:45 PM PDT
  • First of all, I wasn't the best at Halo 3 (Aiming skills), but I did had fun while I was able to play for almost an hour and a half, had a couple of breaks in between and managed to enjoy a number of good games. I'd like to point out that in some of the matches I noticed that some certain avatar bodies when the player is killed tend to slightly glitch out from one spot to another. Perhaps a Network Error? Also, another important point is that whenever I enter the playlist for the first time or return playing from break, there seems to be an increased wait/load time in the lobby. Not sure if this would be of any help for networking debugging purposes but here is the wait time example:
- Game 1: 3 Minutes
- Game 2: 35 Seconds
- Game 3: 10 Seconds
- Game 4: 20 Seconds
- Game 5: 2 Minutes
- Game 6: 10 Seconds
- Game 7: 5 Seconds
- Game 8: 10 Seconds
- Game 9: 1 Minute and 30 Seconds
- Game 10: 15 Seconds
  • West US 15 ms
Where: Ohio, USA
When: 8/12/18 from 1:00 - 4:00 EST
Duration and Outcome: I played the entirety of the first test hours for Sunday. Slightly longer search times then previous focus tests (from 20 second search times to up to 1 minute) I did experience a single black loading screen near the end of a match (my first one in the MCC insider).
Local Server Ping: 25 ms North Central US
Pennsylvania, United States, 3:30AM EDT on Sunday, searched for an hour and found 6 matches. East US ping was at 19 ms.

Overall matchmaking was solid and had no problem getting into a match.
Sanana94 wrote:
Sanana94 wrote:
Report for friday
  • Where: ireland
  • When 6.30PM BST to 9.30PM BST
  • Duration & Outcome: Solo matchmaking resulted in very fast matchmaking. Usually i managed to find games in 10-20seconds. 2players lobby (SS) resulted in slightly slower matchmaking times... around 30s. Tried matchmaking with a party of 3 people ( cross country italian/ireland) and matchmaking was slower. Spent 3-4 mins to find a game. Tried in 4 people (2 ireland 2 italy) zero matchest found.
  • Ping: North Europe -12ms | west europe 38ms
I actually was with John Rmx. Nice to see you here buddy!
Report for saturday.
Where: Ireland
When: from 9.50 AM PDT to 11AM PDT
Duration & Outcome: played some solo matchmaking. Super fast matchmaking times and super stable connection in-game. Still found several players quitting or doing nothing instead of playing.
Ping: north europe 12ms
Report for sunday. Unfortunately I had few connection issues caused by my ISP.
Where: Italy
When: 12PDT
Outcome: unfortunately I played just one match just to try and provide more data for you guys! The matchmaking time was around 45-50secs and the game connection was great even if i was lagging hard. The hit registration worked in a terrible situation like mine today and I could manage to get some great kills anyway.
Ping: when I was playing, because of a very high jitter, my ping was from 14ms to 110 in northen europe. From 37 to 180 to west europe.

Sorry I couldn't provide more data. :)
  • Finland
  • 11:45AM PDT on Sunday
  • Played four matches. Search time for the first match was 5 minutes, others less than a minute.
  • West Europe 35 ms
  • California. United stated
  • Random times actually. 8am Friday 3pm Saturday. Randomly again saturday
  • Duration & Outcome took maybe a minute total to find first match after that was maybe 20 seconds if I stayed in the lobby, another minute at most if I left the lobby. Those are higher ends oftime, usually was shorter though. Turned out pretty good. I stuck at halo 3 in general due to leading shots and how inconsistent it used to be on 360. This felt more consistent. ,
  • Local server Ping. I dont honestly know. I forgot to check.
  • New York
  • 9-10pm Saturday,1pm-2pm EST Sunday
  • Duration & Outcome: Played 10 matches. Longest time to find an individual match was ~30 seconds, very stable gameplay throughout. Quickly filled in players as needed as people left between matches.
  • Ping: East US 23 ms
AceMcCloud wrote:
AceMcCloud wrote:
  • Surrey / United Kingdom
  • Friday 7:00 to 11:00 pm BST / 11:00 am to 3:00 pm PDT
  • Initially only found 5 or 6 players for a few minutes but then found 8 and only very brief or hardly any wait between matches since.
  • North Europe 16ms
Pity about the idlers and one or two betrayers (*sigh* even in a beta/insider) sullying the experience.
  • Surrey / United Kingdom
  • Saturday 7:30 to 9:00 pm BST / 11:30 am to 1:00 pm PDT
  • Only very brief or hardly any wait between matches since.
  • North Europe 17ms
No problems and players pretty well behaved compared to yesterday.
  • Surrey / United Kingdom
  • Sunday 9:00 to 11:00 pm BST / 1:00 to 3:00 pm PDT
  • Took a few mins for the first match and maybe one or two others quite far apart, mostly only very brief or hardly any wait between matches.
  • North Europe 16 or 17ms
No problems and played variety of maps and game modes compared to previous days.

Hope this was helpful, I tried to play during the times you mentioned (although says an hour different in-game on playlists) or as close as life would allow me to and for as long as I could. Can’t wait to see what the nameplate is and hope I get awarded it.
  • LOCATION: Gloucestershire, UK
  • TIME: 10AM PDT - 2PM PDT
  • OUTCOME: Played about 15 games. Matchmaking times mostly 1 - 2 mins between games but had a couple of 5 min waits. Occasionally would say it lost the connection and would return me to the playlist select screen. So mostly very good.
  • EXPERIENCE: Mostly very good. Only had a couple of noticeably laggy games. Player base very good and seemed to be roughly my level. Good fun was had by all. :)
  • PING: North Europe 26ms, West Europe 36ms, East US 89ms, North Central 117ms :) , West US 161ms.
A vastly better experience than Saturday Evening's session where I only had 2 games before it couldn't seemed to find anything for the next 1 1/2 hours with simillar server pings as listed above. Hope this helps in some small way.
Location: Eastern Canada

Ping: 40-50ms

Time played: 1:00PM EST- 2:00PM EST; 3:30PM EST- 4:00PM EST

Experience: Connections were great with no noticeable lag; matches we're always found and launched into in under a minute, sometimes less than 30 seconds.

Other Notes: I ran into alot of people today who were idling/afking on teams in order to get the special profile unlock from playing. It was extremely frustrating to be on a team with them and have 15+ points be given to the opponents team since they would just stand in spot and be killed without any reaction. Honestly, I reported them all when I came across them, but I hope 343 will take these reports seriously. Reward the people who actually took the time to participate and not disrupt others games.
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